All things Bridal: I’m on a countdown!

Hello everyone, me again!

For those of you that don’t know, I am getting married – and it’s only 23 days left to go till the big day!! I’m getting really excited now! Needless to say, the wedding has been the main recipient of the bulk of my disposable income, so my bargain hunting and sharing has gone a little quiet of late.

However, who says I haven’t found some good deals for the wedding?! NOT ME! 

Something Blue:

I was told that the cheap and nasty garters were traditional. Ok, but wow I didn’t realise how nasty and how cheap we were talking, so today I took to Etsy to find a solution – This stunning yet simple lace garter with a navy ribbon. Made to order depending on your measurement, this lovely item came in just under £10 including shipping. No compromise on cost for a stunning item. My dress is definitely towards cream rather than ivory, so this rich lace will look stunning. The males of the party are wearing navy ties, the same colour as the ribbon!

il_570xN.628392750_8oy0Something New:

I was really keen on this stunning bridal hair vine pictured here, but the cost almost made me choke – I couldn’t afford to spend over £200 on a headdress!



So again I turned to trust Etsy, and browsed for a good while until I found something beautiful yet affordable – I pushed the budget a teeny bit to get this one for £55, but it will definitely be worth it on the day.



Something Borrowed:

I am being loaned some cure pearl drop earrings by my aunt, and I think  my grandmother’s 2 carat sapphire ring might make an appearance as well, if I flutter my eyelashes at my mother! 

Something Old:

I guess the above could count, but really if you think about it, diamonds take millions of years to form under intense pressure and at extreme temperatures. I’m definitely a science loving-geek, so I will be able to argue that one! My ring was from Jenny Jones in Manchester, and is custom made in vintage-style.



Everything else:


If you’re feeling nosy, you can check me out on pinterest and nosy at all my wedding pin boards, but I’ve included a small gallery below of images that have inspired my wedding. Hope you enjoyed this post, and I will be looking to post images of the day after I’ve returned from honeymoon in USA!

Shops featured on Etsy : venusshop, Bewitchinglace

Crockery Hire: Sitting Pretty Vintage Tea Set Hire

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