My Review of the Boots No7 Match Made Service – Ta-dah!

I’m sure you must have seen the adverts on TV by now for Boots, but in case not, have a peek. They’ve really ramped up their marketing over the past couple of years and I have to say I’m impressed- they use real ladies in their adverts, no flashy models with impossibly perfect features. They also do not airbrush.Β 

On a whim last week I stepped into Boots – I often do that to cheer myself up – and sat myself down with the lovely Diane at Boots No7 Counter on Manchester’s Market Street store. They were very busy but she made me feel very welcome and that she had time to spend with me.Β 

I told her I wanted a neutral shade, but also that I was looking for something a bit more daring, as I always tended to stick with rosy pinks etc.

She cleansed my face and used the nifty little machine (pictured) to match my skin tone to a foundation shade – Calico, if you were wondering! Then she recommended a number of shades to me, and I chose Β 605 Brick Red from the Stay Perfect range or lipsticks for my daring shade, and 730 Soft Tulip, a pretty rose shade from the Moisture drench range.Β  Each lipstick comes in at Β£9.95. There were many more shades I could have chosen from, too!

I love both of these shades, and the red one I am actually going to wear for my wedding!!!

photo 4
605 Brick Red – Stay Perfect
photo 3
730 Soft Tulip – Moisture Drench


Top, Brick Red, Bottom, Soft Tulip

They also have a promotion on at the moment; buy any two items, and get a free gift!The gift contained a plum eyeliner with sponge to smudge and create a smokey eye effect, a lilac eye shadow, a brush and a mini-mascara- perfect for your handbag!

photo 1


No7 have upped their game, and I say well done to them and I look forward to using more of their products from now on!

What’s your shade? xo

7 thoughts on “My Review of the Boots No7 Match Made Service – Ta-dah!

  1. Ive been debating whether or not to try out the colour match service as I just cant seem to find a different lipstick shade to my usual choice of nude! I’ll definitely give it a try now after reading this! Xx


      1. Oh earthy browns sound good for me. I find that with my already pinky skin tone reds/bright pinks tend to clash too much. I shall have to let you know!

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