I’m back! – And so is autumn… it’s scarf time!

You might have gathered from one of my earlier posts about bridal things that I have been off getting married! I took my honeymoon in NYC and Florida (more to follow there, as I got lots of shopping done!) When I can back it was very apparent that Summer is over and Autumn is setting in. Now I welcome Autumn – I am one of those people who revels in walks outside when the air is crisp; I enjoy the colours of the turning leaves. I have many happy memories of these times.

It also means I can start wearing scarves! I might love bags and shoes, but I might actually be more of a scarf girl! I was in Sainsbury’s restocking the fridge upon my return to the UK, when I spotted a gorgeous scarf in the TU range (again, guilty of blogging about them before!) and I had to treat myself – at £16 it was sort of rude not to!

It’s cool coloured enough that it doesn’t wash me out (I’m pale skinned and dark haired) yet the flashes of mustard and pink throughout brighten it up a little!

2014-10-07 14.32.47

Notice here that I am showing off a) my wedding & engagement ring, and b) my shellac polish, which I did myself at home!!

They always have a cute range of scarves in, and always at a great price – check them out next time you’re restocking on groceries!!

Love Mrs Jessica J!


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