My new holo bag!

Hello everyone,  hope you had a fabulous Guy Fawkes Night!

While many of you were no doubt out enjoying bonfires,  fireworks and other seasonal treats,  I was stuck in. I made the best of it though,  by watching  Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  and writing a new blog post!

Last weekend during my long overdue shopping spree,  I headed over to Thunderegg in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  I had one item in mind and that was those really cute holo shoulder bag!


It’s by LYDC,  and has amazing colours – I think of it as a mermaids tail, call me odd!

It was £24,  but you can get it online for a little under 20.


If you would like your own,  head to Thunderegg in Manchester (Oldham Street),  or you can buy direct from Ebay.


Happy shopping! X

3 thoughts on “My new holo bag!

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