Brow pencils – beauty review

A decent brow Pencil is a makeup bag must for me.  I’m very dark,  but my eyebrows grow thick and long but few! A pencil comes in very handy then,  for filling areas of over plucking and to give them a little more definition.

I’ve used many different varieties,  a few of which are knocking around still in my makeup bag.  So here’s the rundown. I’ll rate them on transferability (how hard you have to press to get colour), value,  and appearance.

So first up is the Soap and Glory “arch do triumph”. A double ended product  one for highlighting and the other for filling in brows.

The highlighter itself if very good and effective at lifting  the arch of your brow.  But the pencil is probably better suited for those with much finer eyebrows and with much lighter ash-hair tones.  Transferability is 2/5, cost is pretty reasonable,  and the product has pretty awesome packaging and design. 
Now onto the higher end product,  Clarins.


This is was an airport buy,  en route to holiday. I didn’t really use it till I got back,  and I must say I was really disappointed with it.  Transferability is a 2/5 –  I felt as if I had to press down really hard to get the product to show at all. Value,  given the high price tag (if I recall around the £20 mark)  is very poor.  In terms of design product does have an eyebrow brush on the other end which is useful,  and the lids are sturdy and good for protecting the pencil.

Now onto the Eyelure pencil.


This is much much better in the transferability and value for money departments ,  though I noticed the colour was slightly more reddy than the others (see below for swatches). It came with an eyebrow spoolie on the end but it only took a matter of weeks for it to come off- I always use those to shape my brows first and I now buy them separately.

But it’s still not my favourite…  The reason I have tried so many others is because it’s not easy to come across the best eyebrow pencil I’ve ever used. 

I didn’t take a separate picture of it (its in the photo at the header of the blog) as I have sharpened it so much it’s almost smaller than the lid! This mini eyeliner/brow pencil comes from No7, and can *only* be obtained in the free gifts they often do. I’ve even tried the full size No7 eyebrow pencils /eyeliner in apparently the same shade and they are nowhere near as good!  I just don’t understand it.  The colour is perfect,  the transferability is exactly right without looking good fake or heavy,  and I cant really attribute value for money to it seeing as I cannot purchase are it conventionally! 

Here are the colour swatches,  in order of mention (from top,  S&G,  Clarins,  Eyesore,  and No7):

With flash
Without flash

Hope you found this post useful! 

Jess x

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