Last week in pictures

Ok, so I don’t normally like using selfies as a word in general – we’ve been taking photos like this since smartphones got cameras and they were never always called that! So I’ll stick with the rather archaic term ‘pictures’.

I’ve had a really turbulent couple of weeks and the storm is still passing so bear with me on the post quality side of things. I thought I would share 3 photos taken last week, where somehow I manage to look totally different in each one – I hope to look even more different still as this Saturday I am finally going blonde! Ok, not peroxide, just a few highlights, but understand this is a big move for a lifelong brunette.

2014-11-17 20.55.29-1

I’ve recently decided, after seeing the wonderful effects of black and white photos in my wedding album, that I should use it more. Sometimes cameras don’t always capture colour to the best effect, and in actual fact its the emotion that is more key to the image. I’m wearing a simple black long sleeved top from M&S with my Aubergine fox necklace (see my last blog post!)

2014-11-19 09.17.29

I’m still new to short hair – getting it cut this short was a big move for me as a girl that’s always had long hair, but I like it. It takes more maintenance funnily enough, and even here a month after the first cut it really needs cutting. I’m planning on going even shorter, around the jawline. I have a heart shaped face, I’ve learned after years of thinking I was oval, so I can embrace the bob wholeheartedly!

2014-11-21 16.49.29

I actually bothered to do my hair properly on Friday night! I was taking my husband out for a meal to celebrate…. well, just in general! We don’t always get the chance to go somewhere really special – we went to Australasia in Manchester’s snazzy Spinningfields – and I bought a indigo blue dress from Mango for the occasion. It wasn’t anything super flashy – a silky effect skater dress with a little missing diamond at the base of the spine – I always get compliments from my other half when I wear blue, and that night was just for him!

So next time I post I’ll either have blond hair and love it, or have green hair and be panicking! Get your tips ready girls!

Jess xo

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