Manicure Monday – Nightshade

UPDATE: this polish chips easily! SAD FACE!


Good evening! Sorry to be blogging so late but as it was Monday and I was doing  a manicure I thought,  hey! It’s manicure Monday!

I paint my nails A LOT.  I own a lot of polishes and the vast majority of them are BarryM.

I blogged earlier today about my beauty buys from Superdrug – among them was this BarryM polish in a shade I’d never seen before,  ‘Nightshade’.


In the bottle the shade appears to have a purple tinge so I was excited to try it.  The bottle lid is matte as well which lead me to believe it was z  matte finish polish.  It isn’t.

In reality though it’s really just a black polish,  although it applied really well.  I normally have such a headache with black polish but this one was no trouble really.




I’m wearing two coats with a top coat from 17 @ Boots.

Have you got a shade that better fits the description ‘Nightshade’?

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