Skin trouble!

I hate it when you see a blogger say the words “oh excuse the photo,  I look awful!” and they look fucking fantastic.

I am having a TERRIBLE skin week –  you know how it can get at THAT time…  So I thought well a perfect time to test how good the Body Shop BB cream is!


Here is the woeful “before” photo.


I thought it looked rather dark out of the bottle….



I really liked the consistency –  it contains Vitamin E apparently. As you can see from the photo it’s not a heavy coverage,  typical of a BB cream really,  but you can see that my complexion in visibly brightened. I could happuly use this on a no makeup day. You can buy it here – Body Shop have 40% off most of the time recently.

What do you think? Any recommendations for me?

2 thoughts on “Skin trouble!

  1. Hey Hair Twin. I so hate that when bloggers do the whole ” I look terrible thing” when they look fab. When I look terrible, it’s troll under the bridge territory 🙂
    I love the brightening effect of the BB cream on your skin, looks good for a no make up day, it really works around they eyes! But still I think you look pretty great before it anyway 🙂

    Gems x


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