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Ranting: Why I’m mad at YSL

photo credit: Really Ree Beauty Blog
photo credit: Really Ree Beauty Blog

You may well have seen me blog before about my YSL nail polish, and how much I love the colour.

I also posted photos of it on instagram.

2015-04-30 09.47.11 2015-04-30 09.47.18 2015-04-30 09.47.23 2015-04-30 09.47.30

Don’t get me wrong, I love the colour. I am obsessed with it actually. I get so many compliments when I wear it. BUT- and this is a massive but for me –  it chips like hell! Considering it costs £18 for a bottle, this is just not acceptable. I can deal with a polish of BarryM’s price range chipping, and they do. It’s to be expected. But after 1 day…? No.

I also bought one of their lipsticks recently, mainly because they were the only brand I could find that had a shade of purple that I wanted. Now, it smells nice, and the packaing is lovely, but it claims to last 6 hours. No way! The formula is far too creamy, and again I paid a lot of money (£25 ish) for this lipstick.

YSL lipstick - Copy

I won’t be shopping with YSL again because of these 2 negative experiences. When you pay a lot of money, you expect a lot in return. I didn’t get it.

So if anyone knows a good budget alternative for the polish and the lipstick, talk to me!!

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Fashion : pastel loveliness

I adore pale subtle colours, especially in spring. Recently I’ve been on  a bit of a pastel binge,  so I thought I’d share some with you!

Clarks handbag



This is my adorable Clarks handbag. I decided to look for something paler as the summer was approaching and found this beauty.  It was 20% off £50 at the time,  too!

Barry M Speed dry collection

Lap of honour

I couldn’t resist this collection. I always smudge my Polish because I am impatient and can’t wait for things to dry properly! This collection is so adorable,  with pastels through the spectrum.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Facewash

Not exactly wearable but it’s cute and pink all the same!

I picked this up because although their tea tree stuff is amazing it has a tendency to tighten and dry if used too often. This baby is soft and gentle and just lovely,  I use it everyday.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried the Barry M speedy dry collection?



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Food : Propertea tearooms Manchester

Today I went out for a spot of tea and cake with a few friends to Manchester’s Propertea tearooms. Situated by the beautiful Manchester cathedral,  Propertea is a bright airy cafe,  a patchwork of reclaimed beautiful furniture, expansive white walls and filament bulbs.



It prides itself on its teas, brewed from the leaf and served with a separate empty vessel to pour out your tea to ensure that it does not overbrew past your taste.




At the counter there is a selection of cakes, behind which are the teas,  available also to buy to take away with you to brew at home.



Each table has beautiful fresh flowers,  and the cakes are served on cute blue China plates.




Have any of my Manchester based readers visited Propertea?

Jess xx

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Beauty : Haul from Beauty at Tesco

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just to share my weekend haul from my local Tesco.  It’s is one of the larger superstores and has a very well stocked beauty section.  I was actually wanting to pick up the daylight curing nail polishes from Barry M but they’ve not quite hit that store yet!

Instead I picked up 4 beautiful shades,  3 from the gellyshine collection and 1 from the speedy dry collection.

barrym, nail polish, Kiwi, dragonfruit, lap of honour, satsuma
Kiwi, dragonfruit, lap of honour, satsuma

From left to right we have Kiwi,  dragonfruit,  lap of honour,  and satsuma,  a fantastic orange shade I just couldn’t resist!!!

I’ve swatched dragonfruit,  a cute candy pink that doesn’t appear too pale against my skin which is prone to redden.

dragonfruit, nail polish, barryM,swatch
swatch in natural light


I also picked up a bright orange Blush that caught my eye immediately (shade is called apricot) from Sleek makeup, having seen it out on display.  I only picked up a single,  but they were available in a pallette with 3 shades,  4 different collections which now having used the Blush I would definitely be tempted to try out.


cat eye, red lipstick,selfie, blusher
life goal- do a cat eye without wearing it all over the rest of my ace : Achieved!

Here I am wearing it on the apples of my cheeks –  its soft and buildable. I also really like the packaging,  it reminds me of NARS.

Hope you had a lovely weekend –  I did a cat eye red lip look to go to the cinema to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Had to look my best in case Thor showed up!!

Have you tried sleek makeup?

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Makeup: A few of my favourite things

I have been revisiting some old photos from my blog and marvelled at some of the amazing things I’ve used. Below is a gallery of some of my favourite products from this year.

Beauty : Rimmel lasting finish collection

So it’s finally feeling like winter is a distant memory. The sun is out,  dewy mornings with criss-crossed clear blue skies…

Proof is in the ah... Ice-cream

I’ve been using Rimmel’s lasting finish foundation paired with the powder for a couple of weeks now ; enough that my skin can get used to it and to see how it performs overall.


Firstly I’ve had terrible skin recently due to stress.  The formula of the foundation is very kind on the skin and delicately Scented of Watermelon. Yeah! Who doesn’t love that?

The colour (I’ve used 100 ivory for the foundation and 01 light porcelain for the powder)  is perfect.  It blends nicely with its creamy formula. It isn’t as thick as I was expecting for a foundation that claims to be long  lasting but I don’t feel that that is a bad thing.

Warm weather means you don’t want thick and overbearing product on your face –  almost forgot to mention it’s SPF20 too! Protection as well as everything else!

After a long day at work my skin still looks relatively flawless,  and the creases I usually get on my eyelids if I don’t bother with eyeshadow don’t exist when I use this foundation,  set with the powder using my body shop kabuki brush.

All in all,  this is a perfect all-day wear everyday foundation that smells great  applies well,  is gentle on the skin and is also easy on the pocket at around £7.99. I’m very happy with this product and give it 5/5. Yep.  Full marks!

The powder comes in a nice case with the mirror underneath the powder with a sponge for application –  this is a nice touch seeing as (and I don’t know about you) but I get sick of product smearing on the mirror inside compacts and rendering them unusable! I liked the powder as it’s not too powdery – by that I mean when you touch it with a brush it doesn’t puff up everywhere and go anywhere except in the brush and onto your face!

Thanks for reading,  let me know if you’ve tried it!

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Dry Shampoo and Headbands

I’ve ran out of money this month. I’ve also ran out of dry shampoo, so how, I ask, do I keep my fine silky hair out of my damn face?

For years, I hated my hair. It’s sort of flat and unassuming. Hairspray can only do so much. back combing makes my hair stick up in odd plains and peaks because the top most layer is so soft is flattens to match the odd terrain beneath.

Then I discovered dry shampoo, and my world changed. My hair was made to stand to attention. For the first time in my life I found out what ‘volume’ meant. Batiste and their XXL volume is my top ever beauty product for the discerning 21st century woman woman with fine hair.

So when I run out of the good ol’ DS… I feel naked and incomplete. It’s my go to product to feel human.

I went on an outing with a friend to dutifully window shop due to aforementioned lack of funds, and in desperation with my flat hair, i touched something I had stayed away from since my pre-teens.

A headband. Yes, those things that used to scrape back your hair from your face as a child (a look my grandmother insisted suited me), that used to dig into the bone behind your ear and leave dented impressions.

I was relatively happy with the results, given the circumstances. This band was bought from Claire’s accessories for my flapper hen party back in September last year for a few pounds. Thankfully this one is elastic, and doesn’t dig in, as per it’s 90s counterparts

2015-04-19 11.47.08

You’ll be pleased to know pay day is friday – so dry shampoo is at the top of my list!!!

This photo isn’t clear enough to show that I had had a crack at contouring too. I was terrified to go anywhere near my pasty face with brown powder, and I have to say that I have a lot to learn. Perhaps a creme contouring product would be best?

Take care beauties!

Nautical AND Nice! : my Anchor and Crew Bracelet

Hi guys, or should I say, “Ahoy!”

For a month or so I have oggling at Anchor and Crew over on InstagramBased in the UK, they design and hand-make jewellery inspired by nautical mechanical objects – think Anchors and Rope pulleys!(Or most astutely as their website states, Naval Heritage with a modern Style.) 

I was super excited when head Shipmate Andrew contacted me and asked if I would review one of their pieces. 

My first challenge was to decide which one! Their pieces are real silver, combined with ‘rope’ in varying colours combinations, silver chain or leather. I decided I was fixed upon getting something with an anchor at the very least, and so that narrowed it down. I eventually settled on the Admiral Bracelet in Yellow – What better colour to choose for Spring/Summer?!

The bracelet arrived in a beautiful presentation tin perfect for makeup brushes, and comes also with a 1 year guarantee and care booklet.

med_25 2015-04-10 13.00.06


I even wore my Yellow Henry Holland sandals for the occasion!! I popped down to the Riverside by my work place to take a few photos in the sunshine as well.

DSC_0501 DSC_0498


I would like to thank Andrew and the lovely Mateys (I need to stop with the nautical puns…) over at Anchor and Crew, and wish them all the luck in the world launching their beautiful products in the UK and beyond. I could easily build a massive collection of these, if they’d let me…

I was quite taken with the Mauve Leather anchor band as well as this all black number

alt_162_958 med_68

You can explore their shiny and sleek website here, and follow them on Facebook here!

Lucy Loves Vintage : Tea Dress Review

I was so excited last week to receive my gorgeous vintage tea dress from Lucy Loves Vintage, an independent vintage e-retailer owned by Marie (the store is named after her daughter, Lucy!)

I was selected to choose a dress from their website so I could show it off to you, my readers! I chose the  Josie Royal Blue Tea Dress by Lindy Bop. Lucy’s have a beautiful range of prom,rockabilly and tea dresses in vintage styles- 40s – 50s mostly. I understand they also have shoes to offer also… I need to bat my lashes at Marie! 

I had great fun shooting this outside by myself using odd household objects to prop my camera and creative use of the timer…

2015-04-07 06.32.50Thankfully the weather was lovely enough yesterday for me to take some nice photos in the garden!

As you can see the dress fits rather nicely (it’s a size 10) though a little snug on the bust (I’m a 32D). The hips measurements were ample, though.

2015-04-07 06.38.55

2015-04-07 06.37.28

2015-04-07 06.39.52

I paired this dress with my grandmother’s vintage (and sadly broken) Rotary watch and my vintage RAF sweetheart badge (Psst, this was because I stupidly smudged my lipstick on the dress while pulling it on, too lazy to undo the buttons!!!)

2015-04-07 06.45.18

My lipstick is No7, and my nail polish is Barry M.

2015-04-07 06.44.48

2015-04-07 06.43.48

2015-04-07 06.42.56

2015-04-07 06.24.41

You can follow Lucy Loves on Twitter and on Instagram @Lucylovesv.

The dresses are all very reasonable in price, with this one at £29.99. I quite fancy this flared Jenna Dress for £19.00.

A HUGE thank you to the team at LLV — I’d certainly be interested it working with- and shopping with- them again in the future.

Love xxx