Nautical AND Nice! : my Anchor and Crew Bracelet

Hi guys, or should I say, “Ahoy!”

For a month or so I have oggling at Anchor and Crew over on InstagramBased in the UK, they design and hand-make jewellery inspired by nautical mechanical objects – think Anchors and Rope pulleys!(Or most astutely as their website states, Naval Heritage with a modern Style.) 

I was super excited when head Shipmate Andrew contacted me and asked if I would review one of their pieces. 

My first challenge was to decide which one! Their pieces are real silver, combined with ‘rope’ in varying colours combinations, silver chain or leather. I decided I was fixed upon getting something with an anchor at the very least, and so that narrowed it down. I eventually settled on the Admiral Bracelet in Yellow – What better colour to choose for Spring/Summer?!

The bracelet arrived in a beautiful presentation tin perfect for makeup brushes, and comes also with a 1 year guarantee and care booklet.

med_25 2015-04-10 13.00.06


I even wore my Yellow Henry Holland sandals for the occasion!! I popped down to the Riverside by my work place to take a few photos in the sunshine as well.

DSC_0501 DSC_0498


I would like to thank Andrew and the lovely Mateys (I need to stop with the nautical puns…) over at Anchor and Crew, and wish them all the luck in the world launching their beautiful products in the UK and beyond. I could easily build a massive collection of these, if they’d let me…

I was quite taken with the Mauve Leather anchor band as well as this all black number

alt_162_958 med_68

You can explore their shiny and sleek website here, and follow them on Facebook here!

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