Dry Shampoo and Headbands

I’ve ran out of money this month. I’ve also ran out of dry shampoo, so how, I ask, do I keep my fine silky hair out of my damn face?

For years, I hated my hair. It’s sort of flat and unassuming. Hairspray can only do so much. back combing makes my hair stick up in odd plains and peaks because the top most layer is so soft is flattens to match the odd terrain beneath.

Then I discovered dry shampoo, and my world changed. My hair was made to stand to attention. For the first time in my life I found out what ‘volume’ meant. Batiste and their XXL volume is my top ever beauty product for the discerning 21st century woman woman with fine hair.

So when I run out of the good ol’ DS… I feel naked and incomplete. It’s my go to product to feel human.

I went on an outing with a friend to dutifully window shop due to aforementioned lack of funds, and in desperation with my flat hair, i touched something I had stayed away from since my pre-teens.

A headband. Yes, those things that used to scrape back your hair from your face as a child (a look my grandmother insisted suited me), that used to dig into the bone behind your ear and leave dented impressions.

I was relatively happy with the results, given the circumstances. This band was bought from Claire’s accessories for my flapper hen party back in September last year for a few pounds. Thankfully this one is elastic, and doesn’t dig in, as per it’s 90s counterparts

2015-04-19 11.47.08

You’ll be pleased to know pay day is friday – so dry shampoo is at the top of my list!!!

This photo isn’t clear enough to show that I had had a crack at contouring too. I was terrified to go anywhere near my pasty face with brown powder, and I have to say that I have a lot to learn. Perhaps a creme contouring product would be best?

Take care beauties!

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