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Ranting: Why I’m mad at YSL

photo credit: Really Ree Beauty Blog
photo credit: Really Ree Beauty Blog

You may well have seen me blog before about my YSL nail polish, and how much I love the colour.

I also posted photos of it on instagram.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the colour. I am obsessed with it actually. I get so many compliments when I wear it. BUT- and this is a massive but for me – Β it chips like hell! Considering it costs Β£18 for a bottle, this is just not acceptable. I can deal with a polish of BarryM’s price range chipping, and they do. It’s to be expected. But after 1 day…? No.

I also bought one of their lipsticks recently, mainly because they were the only brand I could find that had a shade of purple that I wanted. Now, it smells nice, and the packaing is lovely, but it claims to last 6 hours. No way! The formula is far too creamy, and again I paid a lot of money (Β£25 ish) for this lipstick.

YSL lipstick - Copy

I won’t be shopping with YSL again because of these 2 negative experiences. When you pay a lot of money, you expect a lot in return. I didn’t get it.

So if anyone knows a good budget alternative for the polish and the lipstick, talk to me!!

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9 thoughts on “Ranting: Why I’m mad at YSL

  1. I love both Wet n Wild and OPI. I agree, if I’m going to shell out for a fancy nail polish then it should least give me a solid work week of everyday use (I won’t blame em if I do something crazy like put up shelving or something). Or at least 3 days sans topcoat.


      1. When I get a polish with a crappy formula I try to take it to the salon with me when I get my nails done instead of picking one of their colors. Salons are magical and can make even the worst of formulas look good. That way my money isn’t wasted and the bottle gets used up, without the hassle and annoyance =) not that I get my nails professionally painted oh so often! Haha

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  2. I don’t normally like blue nails but that shade is gorgeous! I prefer nail polishes that dry quickly because I’m always changing up the color so I don’t mind too much if it chips after a day or two.. but for that price I would be mad too! Love your blog btw:)


  3. As you’ve mentioned above, you have to go a long way to beat the quality and price of Barry M. You could try a using the Sally Hanson Miracle Cure as a top coat on your YSL – that stuff takes some chipping! x

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