Anchor Organics handmade Cosmetics

I’ve been on a bit of a nautical run recently it seems, what with my Anchor&Crew bracelet and my Binky’s Trinkets necklace! I was contacted by the crew of Anchor Organics on Instagram and they send me a couple of their best selling products all the way from Canada to share with you, my readers!

Anchor Organics use all-natural preservatives and their products are paraben-free and dye-free (except for natural colourants). Their mission is to produce something that is good for you and also good for the environment. I’m a huge believer of organic skincare, and couldn’t wait to try these out. My skin has been having an absolute nightmare recently and I am trying many different things to try to calm it down.

Anchor Organics

When I received my items at my desk at work, I opened the envelope and left them to one side, but the lovely scent of the fresh organic soap was pleasantly distracting!

Along with the soap I received a lip chap in a cute little oblong tin and a sew on anchor patch!!

2015-05-28 19.16.54

This is the soap (I think it’s Message In A Bubble) and manages to be delightfully delicate and powerfully scented at the same time! As you can see from the label, It’s all natural ingredients – I plan on using this on my face to clear up my spots!!

2015-05-28 19.16.40

How adorable is the ink-stamped packaging?!

2015-05-28 19.15.35 2015-05-28 19.15.26

This is their super nourishing mardi-gras lip balm that’s hand-poured and is super nourishing to my lips.

2015-05-28 19.15.07

The necklace above is the Binky’s Trinkets anchor necklace as blogged earlier. You can get hold of their products from their website, or go over to instagram to say hi!

Thank you so much Anchor organics, I’m really enjoying these products and I’m sure my readers would too!!

Clinique Colour Pop Lipstick in Cola pop

I’ve been trying to resist buying too much makeup, but the pull of this lipstick was too much to resist. I wanted something neutral, something that complemented my pale skin but dark hair and eyes – I spotted something that suited the bill from Clinique’s new Colour Pop collection.

The collection ranges from pale nudes to candy pinks, plums, and marsala browns- it’s really varied and it was honestly hard to choose one. I eventually settled on Cola, which is one of those beautiful reddy-browns. It’s got wonderful warm undertones, and the formula is wonderful- really smooth and easy to apply.

Clinique colour pop lipstick

Clinique colour pop lipstick

Cola Pop
Cola Pop

I absolutely adore this colour, and I’ve been wanting to post this for a while but didn’t want to until I had some lovely photos- the last one I took in a coffee shop!! I have to say as well that the packaging of these lipsticks is beautifully design.

Aside from the basic aesthetics, the formula of these lipsticks is a dream – really moisturizing and easy to apply.

cola pop swatchisn’t it lovely? Have you seen a shade that you like from this collection? I also really love Grape pop, as well as pretty much all of the beautiful colour-pop blushes.

I got mine from Boots, but you can buy the lipsticks for £16.50 from any Clinique counter.



ClaynWire Etsy Store

Handmade Clay earrings from ClaynWire on Etsy

You might have seen that I’ve blogged about Etsy stores before – here, there and a bit here!

I really take my hats off to Etsy businesses and small businesses like them – these guys and gals work hard, either around their current jobs or full time, often out of their living rooms, box rooms and garages. They have a dream; they’re crafty and nimble fingered. They’re visionaries and dreamers and I support them whole-heartedly.

Today’s Etsy Spotlight on my blog shines on Kelly and her Etsy store Clay & Wire (Claynwire on Instagram).

Clay & Wire
Clay & Wire

All Kelly’s Items are handcrafted from polymer and clay, and were sent all the way from Portland, Marine, USA. I was really taken by her gold-tipped pink spike earrings when I went through her shop catalog!

She sent a pair especially to me, along with a brand new design of navy blue oblong diamonds with a gold stripe across them.

2015-05-27 19.51.45
2015-05-27 19.51.01 2015-05-27 19.51.09

I actually cannot decide which are my favourite! The pink ones are a really lovely pop of colour, and both pairs are very lightweight. I usually have trouble with earrings of this size being heavy, but it’s just not the case with these two pairs. The clay is very light!

2015-05-27 19.53.042015-05-30 10.51.40 2015-05-30 10.53.552015-05-28 08.02.112015-05-28 08.01.36

She has some other great items too, and the greatest bit is in my view the price is really reasonable for a really individual piece of lovingly handmade jewellery, supporting a small business to boot! Pop over and say Hi to Kelly- I’m sure if there was a piece you liked but in another colour she would be happy to make it for you!

Thank you so much Kelly For your lovely items, especially the new unique designed pair – I’m going to really enjoy wearing them and tell everyone where I got them!

I will style them on my instagram over the next few days too, so keen an eye out!



Supermarket Fashion find! Kensington rose shirt

Did you catch yesterday’s “week in pictures post?”

If you missed it, I just wanted to show off this amazing top I picked up from Tu at Sainsbury’s. I love supermarket fashion – it’s so affordable and it’s great to break up your humdrum weekly shop by popping into the clothing section!

This bank holiday weekend, Tu had a whopping 25% off clothing! I could have seriously bought more but I am on a weekly budget in the run up to moving into my first home – I am set to move in the weekend of 28th July!!!

I did allow myself to indulge in this gorgeous linen sleeveless shirt, printed with beautiful english roses. £13.50 instead of £20.


isn’t it gorgeous?! I am planning on styling with demin jeggings and my amazing Jasper James nude brogues and my Clarks Leather Handbag.

Did you get any shopping done over the bank holiday weekend?

In other news, yesteday I hit 500 followers on Instagram! wohoo! If you want to follow me and keep an eye on my feed, click the menu button and follow the social media link to the site of your preference!

thanks for reading as always,


Library of Fragrance : Classic Combinations

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone! What have you been up to so far – I have been running errands all day, gladly so in the sunshine. I hope the sun has been out wherever you are today.

I am writing to tell you all about some more beautiful fragrances from the lovely folks at Library of Fragrance, as hinted at earlier this week. I have been waiting all week with excitement to try out some new scents, both alone and in combination to tell you all about, and hopefully recommend.

Firstly, just a photo to show off how beautiful the weather was while I was outside ‘shooting’.

glorious sunshine!
glorious sunshine!


First, let’s talk about the nearest bottle in the above photo – “Grass”. This one I asked for because I thought it might be more of a novelty versus an actual wearable scent, however I was pleasantly surprised by how wearable it was. Think about the height of summer, when everyone is out cutting their grass. It’s sweet, and fresh, and somehow smells like happiness bottled. On the skin there’s almost a zesty quality to it. It’s incredibly wearable on it’s own.

Grass on grass. Original!
Grass on grass. Original!
beautiful forget me nots
beautiful forget me nots

Paired with Peony, which I will talk about later, it’s divine.

Peony smells delightfully sweet, with very high floral notes and undertones of a powder-like quality.This is again a beautifully wearable scent alone, as well as with Grass, and delightful with a hint of Musk #7.

Musk #7

This scent isn’t stand out remarkable, however it is a fundamental base to many well-known perfumes, and wears well as an undertone to all the scents featured in this post.

Quite liked the dandelion heads!
Quite liked the dandelion heads!

Black Pepper

Apparently a popular spicy note in colognes, LOFs Black Pepper is bang on. I don’t know how else to describe it, other than it smells exactly like freshly ground pepper. It hast that biting quality to cut through muskier florals, and is ideal to pair with a heady floral such as Rose or Peony.

arty focus
arty focus


I was impressed with this scent – I could immediately imagine that my nose was pressed against the juicy flesh of a real peach! As I sit here typing this, spraying different parts of my body, I can still strongly smell the pepper, and blended with the peach, it’s lovely. Another excellent pairing.

peach Cologne library of fragrance

The peach also pairs wonderfully with Musk #7.

Bulgarian Rose

I find that for a classic scent such a rose, there is a wide variation in what rose perfumes actually smell like. I will attempt to describe it here. Think wild roses that climb the walls of country cottages. It’s a sweet heady rose scent with a gentle base note of musk. It’s as realistic as can be (the roses I photographed smelled slightly sharper in their sweetness). As I’ve never actually smelled a Bulgarian rose, I can only compare it to English roses! Its stunning, though, both alone, or paired with Black pepper for a spicy hint; with Musk to deepen the underlying note; or with peach to make a beautiful flowery fruity miasm.

bulgarian rose cologne


The cologne Peony has a very powerful scent, that amplifies the more subtle scent of it’s native flower (or at least the one I had to hand to reference against anyway!) It’s truly beautiful. I would wear this alone with joy, or with Grass as previously mentioned. It could also be worn with any other perfume I’ve described, really. It’s really that versatile.

peony cologne from library of fragrance

In summary, if you’re new to LOF perfumes, I would start with ANY of these in this post. They’re for the most part strong enough to be worn in proud solitude, but are enhanced or complimented by their companions.

I had a great time using props in this shoot, and got a couple of stunning bouquets out of it! I hope if you were considering any perfumes from their range that I have helped you make a decision. Let me know if you would like to hear more about other fragrances, which I may review in the future. Play-Doh, anyone?

In case you missed it, Library of Fragrance are hosting a #BottleThis competition, to suggest fragrances to launch in their new collection. Have a look here to find out more!

2015-05-23 12.44.21 2015-05-23 12.45.20

Day trip to Llandudno

I was lucky enough to have forgotten I booked a day off for today,  so I hadn’t filled it with any activities.

My grandma-in-law has recently been widowed so we have all wanted to spend time with her to help her through a very difficult time.

We went to the Great Orme in Llandudno,  Wales for a walk,  and although the weather wasn’t great we had fun making the best of our day out.


We decided to go for lunch in the main street in Llandudno,  and settled on cafe 101. This was the most hilariously badly managed place I have ever visited. Nobody greeted us and told us we could seat ourselves; our table was still full of dirty plates from the previous diners,  and the young man working there cleared all tables but ours. We were still waiting 25 minutes after arrival for our drinks,  and during that wait we witnessed the chef come out of the kitchen to argue with a diner who wasn’t happy with her meal.

They were clearly terrible task managers,  and didn’t understand that the customer is always right! We decided to leave,  as we weren’t optimistic about the rest of the dining experience.

We eventually went to Tiffany’s cafe across the road,  and were treated properly and fed! It has the feel of a dark and slightly Parisian cafe,  and has a beautiful Victorian facade with art deco touches.


I had chilli con carne with HUGE wedges, topped with cheese

We finished off the trip walking along the pier and wandering back through the historic back streets and past the Orme tram station. I saw some beautiful houses!





I hope you have a nice bank holiday planned!

View of Snowdonia from Llandudno

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Thrifty Blogger Update

Hello readers!

Just a short post today to update you on what I’ve been up to and what I’ve got planned for you over the next couple of weeks.

I am very excited to announce that I will be working closely with Library of Fragrance UK, helping them with Pinterest and also in doing more fragrance combination style posts. Watch this space for exciting fragrance news!


I am also teeing up a number of etsy stores to work with,  which is fantastic news. You might have seen me working recently with Binky’s trinkets (@binkystrinkets on instagram) in promoting her items on my instagram account. This was really successful,  and I proud to support small businesses and etsy stores that are often the realisation of a dream for many. Keep an eye on my instagram for beautiful jewellery and one off pieces. I’m delighted to be able to bring them to the fore!


And lastly, a thank you. I’ve reached two milestones recently,  of 200 followers on WordPress, 400 on instagram (now it is rocketing towards 500 and nearly 500 on Twitter). I couldn’t have done this without you!

Mwah mwah xx

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Lucy Loves Vintage : Lindy Bop Dress

A while back I reviewed this gorgeous tea dress from Lucy Loves Vintage, a new online venture launched by Marie who had a dream of running her own vintage clothing store.

tea dress from Lucy Loves Vintage
Josie Royal blue tea dress in size 10

I’ve since gone to visit her in her new digs based in Altrincham. She has taken over a store called Didi’s boutique from a friend of hers who was too poorly to continue running the store. She now has big aspirations to update the place with a 50’s diner feel, and will stock the beautiful dresses available from the Lucy Loves website.

Lucy is in actual fact Marie’s 10  year old daughter (sorry if I got that wrong Lucy), who helps her mum with the shop and has a bit of a passion for Lionel Richie! I spent an hour with them trying on dresses from the Didi’s range, as Marie is having a massive sale to clear out stock and make way for those gorgeous vintage dresses that we all love.

I had a great time trying things on, and Marie is working really hard to make her dream come true.

She generously gifted me this AMAZING ‘Lindy-Bop’ dress, available on her website. How nautical and 50’s can one dress be!?

lindy bop dress 50s victory roll vintage
I even had a go at doing victory rolls for the occasion!
lindy bop dress 50s victory roll vintage
What’s over there, I wonder?

2015-05-16 08.28.57

M&S , shoes,block heel
block heel peep toe shoes from Marks & Spencers £25.00 – click to browse!

Get on down to the store if you’re local, or just visit her website to check out her stock!

For LindyBop visit – Lucylovesvintage

For a scan of the sale visit – Didi’s Boutique in store.