Fashion : J’adore Vintage Shirt

On Saturday I visited what is soon to be my local vintage shop. I am moving into a new build in July in Prestwich,  an up and coming area in North Manchester.

The shop in question is Jadore Vintage located on Bury New Road. Its easily recognisable from its bright pink frontage!


I popped inside for a quick browse –  admittedly it didn’t take long as the store is compact and well laid out.


It took me a few minutes to find this amazing embroidered denim shirt. It reminds me of a brighter take on native American Indian designs!


I wore it with black leggings and blue ankle boots. The prices seemed really reasonable too  seeing as “vintage”  these days is an excuse to hike up prices for second hand clothing.

I will definitely be popping back to Jadore Vintage in the future!

Visit them online too!

2015-05-03 11.08.21

2015-05-03 14.36.04

2015-05-03 14.36.15

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