Beauty Review : Library of Fragrance

Hello readers,

Have you heard of the Library of fragrance? I only recently discovered them, and was lucky enough to be selected on their surprise Sunday giveaway to win a fragrance of my choice. I was thrilled- I never normally win anything!! I headed over to their website immediately to have a look and choose my fragrance.

Firstly, it was really hard to choose!! I was torn between selecting a scent that I really loved, or something out of
to try. Their slogan is;

“Extraordinary Fragrances. Inspired by life.”

… and boy do they really mean it! They offer scents such as Baby Powder, Dirt, Gin and Tonic…even Play-Doh!! Each 30ml bottle costs only £15.

Each scent’s page offers advice on pairings that work depending on the “feel” you are attempting to create. For Example, with Baby Powder;

  • To add a clean note, layer with Musk #7
  • To add a floral note, layer with Cherry Blossom
  • To add a fresh note, layer with Daisy
  • To add a fruity note, layer with Peach
  • To add a sweet note, layer with Marshmallow
  • To add a woody / spicy note, layer with Amber

As I said it was really hard to choose, but eventually I set my heart on Freesia (I had the much coveted Jo Malone fragrance in mind here) and also Fresh Coconut, a love of mine from The Body Shop. It was a close shave between that and Rose paired with Black Pepper.

They arrived quickly, and I have to say there is something appealing about their simplistic and clean approach to their packaging.


Freesia Cologne Spray
Freesia Cologne Spray

The scent of real freesia is an absolute delight. Anyone who has had them grow in their garden before will know that the scent is the most delightful sweet perfume that reaches you meters away if the breeze is just right.

The description for this scent doesn’t offer any pairings, nor does it describe the scent itself. It states that Freesia is often a foundation composite scent to many perfumes, though, in part I suppose due to it’s powerful floral note.

I have to be honest and say that this scent didn’t hit the mark for me. On first application the scent is a little overpowered by the alcoholic vapour tang of cheap perfume. After allowing to mellow, the scent deepens though, and takes on a muskier, more palatable scent, with deep woody notes. I was anticipating a high floral aroma punch, so this one was a little disappointing.

With florals, the more expensive perfumes get it so right because the oils of flowers are very expensive to process and refine. Anyone read ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Süskind? If you haven’t, you should – I’ve never read a book that paints such a vivid picture with the description of scents.I actually learned a lot from it too in terms of the processes involved in the craft of perfumery.

Because these perfumes don’t cost a lot I don’t believe the floral ones will be of high enough quality to stand alone. I could be wrong though, and would willingly sample some of their others!

Fresh Coconut

fresh coconut perfume

Fresh coconut– what could be tastier? I’m a massive fan; whether it’s in a cocktail (Pina Coladas are my number 1 paradise cocktail drink, and only now as I write this did I realise they sell a Pina Colada perfume!!), or in a luxurious body butter or sun cream, the scent on the whole embodies beach holidays to me.

According to the description of Fresh Coconut, the scent is ‘slightly sweet, fresh, crisp and green, rather than the sweetened, processed variety. Delightful and almost edible!’.

In reality, that fresh bite of the ripe coconut sings through as you spray onto your skin. As soon as I inhaled I could taste the watery crisp flesh, and the freshness is … refreshing! It is rather distinct from say the creamy element of The Body Shop’s Coconut products, though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

They also suggest pairing it with the following;

Vanilla icecream?!?! Yummy!!!

Perfume flatlay,coconut, freesia, cologne,spray, library of fragrance, flatlay
Isn’t the packaging super pretty?!

In summary, I’ve had one hit and one miss. I believe these are stocked in Boots though, so you can try before you buy. I really enjoyed reviewing these scents- special thanks to Clare for helping me to choose!

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