New Shoes : My super flamboyant Rocket Dog Pumps!

Did you know a group of Flamingos are collectively referred to as a Flamboyance? I didn’t until recently- I’ve never heard of anything more appropriate either! Apparently most birds are given unique names to refer to them collectively… Anyway, enough Ornithology.

I won a competition over on the wonderful instagram account Labels for Lunch to win some Rocket Dog Flamingo pumps. You can buy Rocket Dogs at Schuh stores (and probably elsewhere too) and they are super comfortable footwear. I had some purple pumps once upon a time ago and I used to put them through the washing machine and wear them constantly. They honestly were so comfortable!!

rocketdog, shoes, flatlay, pefume, soap and glory
Rocket dog shoes along with some other pink goodies!

I think I am going to wear them with my super cute holo bag which I bought last year. The pink tone in the shiny shoulder bag will work really well I think! Now I just need to wait for it not to rain so I can wear them outside!

holo, mermaid, pink, shiny, bag a

Holo bag by LYDC

Wearingmyrocketdogs pinkrocketdogflatlay insidesole rocketdogflatlay

Do you like my new shoes? xx

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