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Beauty : May Glossybox Contents

Good morning readers!

It’s Saturday morning and I am trying to avoid the towering pile of ironing I know is waiting for me downstairs… instead I am sat by the large window enjoying the breeze and the sun and writing about my glossybox contents, which arrived not 10 minutes ago as I write!

May Contents
May Contents

This month is my last month- I decided that £13-something a month was a bit much and as every penny counts at the moment with moving into a new house in July… you get the idea. I’ve enjoyed it for the 6+months I’ve been a member, with some of my favourite items being the Royal Apothic Lip balm, and the Color Club Nude nail polish in April’s box.

This month is all about the approaching Summer, and from looking I can tell they may have had festival goers or holiday makers in mind.

Contents are:-

  • MeMeMe Dual ended eye pencil in blue. RRP £6.95
  • Etre Belle Aloe Vera Moisturising gel RRP £15.93
  • Zerreau Towel off shampoo foam Full size RRP £7.95
  • SASS intimate perfect skin concentrate RRP £12.00
  • Collection Cosmetics Field Day lipstick RRP £2.99

Firstly, MeMeMe. Glossybox have in my memory send 1 item by this brand before, and I was as equally impressed then with the colour and application then as I am now. They swatch beautifully. I will definitely be wearing this.

mememe, eyeliner, eye crayon, makeup, eyes
lipstick swatch, eyeliner, swatch, blue
Double ended crayon swatch for day vs night or bright vs bold.

I’ll talk about the lipstick next seeing as I swatched it together. It might just be me but I struggle to wear these pop coral colours. They never cover properly. It’s a beautiful colour, but it remains to be seen how it wears- I’m not wholly confident for the price but then again I could be proven totally wrong. BarryM, case and point.

Collection Cosmetics in Field Day
Collection Cosmetics in Field Day

The Zerreau beauty shampoo foam – now this sounds interesting to me. I am the world’s biggest advocate of Batiste Dry Shampoos – my hair is fine and silky and thus gets oily and lank quick. I try and avoid overwashing but you know how it is when your hair feel gross. You just gotta wash it! Especially if you swim or exercise regularly. I’ll be very keen to try this, but I have to say it sounds expensive so it won’t replace Batiste in my hair routine.

2015-05-16 10.19.20

Etre Belle – never heard of them – Aloe vera moisturising gel comes in at the most expensive of the products in this month’s box. I’ve had a number of water-based facial gels from Glossybox and to be honest I’m never quite sure where it fits into my skincare routine! The box’s insert simply suggests applying to the face in an upwards, circular movement to hydrate and sooth. Well I sure need that- I’ve been getting lumps like you wouldn’t believe along my jaw line and suffering from awful skin coloration right now. I’m keen to try anything out that might help. This product has a masculinised scent but is fresh and clean feeling, with a cooling effect.

2015-05-16 10.19.35

Now lastly, SASS’s intimate perfect skin concentrate, aimed at those of us that wax in intimate areas. I guess we forget that waxing effects the skin’s hydration level significantly. I do sometimes forget to moisturise afterwards. The formula is supposed to aid in the prevention of ingrowing hairs. Hurrah, if so! The packaging of the product is sleek, clean and professionally appealing.

2015-05-16 10.19.30

Anyway I hope you liked this review of the Glossybox contents, and it will be my last until the day I retake up my subscription!

May glossybox content flatlay

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