Day trip to Llandudno

I was lucky enough to have forgotten I booked a day off for today,  so I hadn’t filled it with any activities.

My grandma-in-law has recently been widowed so we have all wanted to spend time with her to help her through a very difficult time.

We went to the Great Orme in Llandudno,  Wales for a walk,  and although the weather wasn’t great we had fun making the best of our day out.


We decided to go for lunch in the main street in Llandudno,  and settled on cafe 101. This was the most hilariously badly managed place I have ever visited. Nobody greeted us and told us we could seat ourselves; our table was still full of dirty plates from the previous diners,  and the young man working there cleared all tables but ours. We were still waiting 25 minutes after arrival for our drinks,  and during that wait we witnessed the chef come out of the kitchen to argue with a diner who wasn’t happy with her meal.

They were clearly terrible task managers,  and didn’t understand that the customer is always right! We decided to leave,  as we weren’t optimistic about the rest of the dining experience.

We eventually went to Tiffany’s cafe across the road,  and were treated properly and fed! It has the feel of a dark and slightly Parisian cafe,  and has a beautiful Victorian facade with art deco touches.


I had chilli con carne with HUGE wedges, topped with cheese

We finished off the trip walking along the pier and wandering back through the historic back streets and past the Orme tram station. I saw some beautiful houses!





I hope you have a nice bank holiday planned!

View of Snowdonia from Llandudno

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