Library of Fragrance : Classic Combinations

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone! What have you been up to so far – I have been running errands all day, gladly so in the sunshine. I hope the sun has been out wherever you are today.

I am writing to tell you all about some more beautiful fragrances from the lovely folks at Library of Fragrance, as hinted at earlier this week. I have been waiting all week with excitement to try out some new scents, both alone and in combination to tell you all about, and hopefully recommend.

Firstly, just a photo to show off how beautiful the weather was while I was outside ‘shooting’.

glorious sunshine!
glorious sunshine!


First, let’s talk about the nearest bottle in the above photo – “Grass”. This one I asked for because I thought it might be more of a novelty versus an actual wearable scent, however I was pleasantly surprised by how wearable it was. Think about the height of summer, when everyone is out cutting their grass. It’s sweet, and fresh, and somehow smells like happiness bottled. On the skin there’s almost a zesty quality to it. It’s incredibly wearable on it’s own.

Grass on grass. Original!
Grass on grass. Original!
beautiful forget me nots
beautiful forget me nots

Paired with Peony, which I will talk about later, it’s divine.

Peony smells delightfully sweet, with very high floral notes and undertones of a powder-like quality.This is again a beautifully wearable scent alone, as well as with Grass, and delightful with a hint of Musk #7.

Musk #7

This scent isn’t stand out remarkable, however it is a fundamental base to many well-known perfumes, and wears well as an undertone to all the scents featured in this post.

Quite liked the dandelion heads!
Quite liked the dandelion heads!

Black Pepper

Apparently a popular spicy note in colognes, LOFs Black Pepper is bang on. I don’t know how else to describe it, other than it smells exactly like freshly ground pepper. It hast that biting quality to cut through muskier florals, and is ideal to pair with a heady floral such as Rose or Peony.

arty focus
arty focus


I was impressed with this scent – I could immediately imagine that my nose was pressed against the juicy flesh of a real peach! As I sit here typing this, spraying different parts of my body, I can still strongly smell the pepper, and blended with the peach, it’s lovely. Another excellent pairing.

peach Cologne library of fragrance

The peach also pairs wonderfully with Musk #7.

Bulgarian Rose

I find that for a classic scent such a rose, there is a wide variation in what rose perfumes actually smell like. I will attempt to describe it here. Think wild roses that climb the walls of country cottages. It’s a sweet heady rose scent with a gentle base note of musk. It’s as realistic as can be (the roses I photographed smelled slightly sharper in their sweetness). As I’ve never actually smelled a Bulgarian rose, I can only compare it to English roses! Its stunning, though, both alone, or paired with Black pepper for a spicy hint; with Musk to deepen the underlying note; or with peach to make a beautiful flowery fruity miasm.

bulgarian rose cologne


The cologne Peony has a very powerful scent, that amplifies the more subtle scent of it’s native flower (or at least the one I had to hand to reference against anyway!) It’s truly beautiful. I would wear this alone with joy, or with Grass as previously mentioned. It could also be worn with any other perfume I’ve described, really. It’s really that versatile.

peony cologne from library of fragrance

In summary, if you’re new to LOF perfumes, I would start with ANY of these in this post. They’re for the most part strong enough to be worn in proud solitude, but are enhanced or complimented by their companions.

I had a great time using props in this shoot, and got a couple of stunning bouquets out of it! I hope if you were considering any perfumes from their range that I have helped you make a decision. Let me know if you would like to hear more about other fragrances, which I may review in the future. Play-Doh, anyone?

In case you missed it, Library of Fragrance are hosting a #BottleThis competition, to suggest fragrances to launch in their new collection. Have a look here to find out more!

2015-05-23 12.44.21 2015-05-23 12.45.20

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