ClaynWire Etsy Store

Handmade Clay earrings from ClaynWire on Etsy

You might have seen that I’ve blogged about Etsy stores before – here, there and a bit here!

I really take my hats off to Etsy businesses and small businesses like them – these guys and gals work hard, either around their current jobs or full time, often out of their living rooms, box rooms and garages. They have a dream; they’re crafty and nimble fingered. They’re visionaries and dreamers and I support them whole-heartedly.

Today’s Etsy Spotlight on my blog shines on Kelly and her Etsy store Clay & Wire (Claynwire on Instagram).

Clay & Wire
Clay & Wire

All Kelly’s Items are handcrafted from polymer and clay, and were sent all the way from Portland, Marine, USA. I was really taken by her gold-tipped pink spike earrings when I went through her shop catalog!

She sent a pair especially to me, along with a brand new design of navy blue oblong diamonds with a gold stripe across them.

2015-05-27 19.51.45
2015-05-27 19.51.01 2015-05-27 19.51.09

I actually cannot decide which are my favourite! The pink ones are a really lovely pop of colour, and both pairs are very lightweight. I usually have trouble with earrings of this size being heavy, but it’s just not the case with these two pairs. The clay is very light!

2015-05-27 19.53.042015-05-30 10.51.40 2015-05-30 10.53.552015-05-28 08.02.112015-05-28 08.01.36

She has some other great items too, and the greatest bit is in my view the price is really reasonable for a really individual piece of lovingly handmade jewellery, supporting a small business to boot! Pop over and say Hi to Kelly- I’m sure if there was a piece you liked but in another colour she would be happy to make it for you!

Thank you so much Kelly For your lovely items, especially the new unique designed pair – I’m going to really enjoy wearing them and tell everyone where I got them!

I will style them on my instagram over the next few days too, so keen an eye out!



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