Etsy Spotlight : LouiseMacJewels

Hello readers!

I’m so excited to turning on my etsy spotlight once again to show off the cutest most delicate ring from another Etsy shop,  LouiseMacJewels.

I hope you are enjoying this series of posts as much as I am – if you want to see more or less of these,  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Scottish born,  London-dwelling Louise sounds like a rather busy lady – jewellery designer (all of her pieces are handmade), doing a BA in fine art of the Highlands while studying fashion at the same time.


I chose a rose gold dot ring to show off from her collection on the basis that I cannot get enough of rose gold – you can also choose gold or silver! The silver is robust yet delicate,  and I hardly know I  wearing it at all!





The package was cutely wrapped, though you did warn me Louise about being careful I was a bit heavy handed and managed to tear the edge! – doh!

This ring stacks wonderfully with rings from the same collection but also with some rings I blogged about earlier.


The earcuffs and the necklaces feature dots off the three metals,  and are just to die for!

Louise is also on Instagram and Facebook! Go and say hello!



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