Baby Powder perfume!

Hi everyone!

What scents relax you? For lots of people, that scent might be lavender,  rosemary perhaps,  even camomile. For me, right now it’s baby powder!

No,  I’m not feeling broody (OK maybe slightly after those Kensington palace photos), I really do love the scent of this library of fragrance cologne.

imageIt’s so evocative of cleanliness and warmth and comfort. So after I’ve showered and dried my hair and moisturised my skin,  I apply a little spritz of this to the back of my neck beneath my bath robe and just go “ahhhh”.

You can’t beat feeling squeaky clean,  right? My other favourite products for that right now are this Liz Earle polish and clinique rinse off facing cleanser


I use the Liz Earle to remove my makeup and calm my skin after my commute home,  then wash again before bed or in the shower.

What smells relax you at night?

Don’t forget! You still have time to get 20% off online in The Library of Fragrance store,  by entering Thrifty15062015 at the checkout!


Posted by Jess
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