Etsy Spotlight : Midori jewelery


I’m forever amazed by the wonderful things you can find on Etsy these days. Why buy something everyone else has, when you can get something special and handmade! Not only are you unique, you’re helping a small business to grow.

In my day job I’m a business development manager so I guess that working with small businesses and showcasing them is in my nature!

Today I’m bringing you Midori jewelry,  an etsy boutique owned by Alyssa Harper in the USA. Her little shop started after she’d been inundated with requests to make pieces for friends and family. If that’s not home grown I don’t know what it!

I selected this ‘galaxy’ druzy bracelet to show off.




Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Go follow them on Instagram, to see their beautiful pieces,  or visit their Etsy shop to buy one of these yourself or browse the super cute collection.


Love x

Posted by Jess
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