Wilko Fruits Bath & Body Range

I don’t know about you, but in my family we don’t always buy our recurring beauty/cleaning groceries in our standard weekly shop – we often do a Wilko run! They’re such great value and always have better offers on.

I was wandering into Wilko to actually buy some candy – I was going to watch Antman at the cinema (awesome film by the way) – when my attention was caught by the super bright and fun Fruits range. I mean, look at how colourful and beautiful they are!

Fruits body care and skin care range at Wilko

These are available in the following scents, some novel and others rather familiar:-

  • Coconut and Vanilla
  • Lime and Ginger
  • Blueberry and Grape
  • Lemon and Black Pepper – I bought the Shower Gel
  • Strawberry and Pomegranate
  • Passionfruit and Melon – I bought the Soap
  • Orange and Pomelo – I bought the Shampoo
  • Rhubarb and Vanilla – I bought the Bath Foam

In each fragrance range there are a whole bunch of products for your skin and your hair:-

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Hand Soap
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Butter
  • Soap
  • Bath Bomb
  • Face mask
  • Lip balm
  • Body Scrub

You can also get matching shower puffs for your favourite colour! Not all of these products are always available in store, a rather helpful person told me on Instagram, but you can get them online! and a 95p each per item (Yes, that cheap!) and using sustainable palm oil, you can feel guilt-free!

Look how they can add a splash of colour to a white bathroom. The Rhubarb and Vanilla Bath Foam smells exactly like it’s candy counterpart, and I absolutely loved using it! My skin was not irritated at all by the formula and it was a delight to use!

Wilko fruits range
the shampoo was really pleasant smelling and left my hair nice and clean!
Fruits body care and skin care range at Wilko
Rhubarb and Vanilla smells absolutely divine!

Fruits body care and skin care range at Wilko


Puntastic Greetings Cards by NYC-based Alacarde

puntastic greetings cards by alacarde etsy

Happy Saturday all! Hope you’ve got some exciting things planned for the weekend! Today I’d lvoe to introduce A La Carde to you, a small business based in NYC founded by Nova and Hea-Mi, two fantastically talented artists. I could NOT resist these cards when I saw them; I mean puns are great at the best of times, but these are food related puns! Double win!

I did a short interview with Nova and Hea-Mi about their A La Carde. You can shop their items in their Etsy shop!

A La Carde Contact card

1. What is the main inspiration behind alacarde & tell me about yourselves!  

We met at Parsons our freshmen year and have always looked up to each other’s superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Throughout our college years, we have always made each other handcrafted cards. Also, both of us love food along with sharing a slightly quirky & dorky sense of humor. We went to the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade hosted by Etsy New York a few years back, and we were instantly inspired to start our business. We were confident in our skill sets and felt both of us shared the passion and dedication. 

Tying the Knot pretzel Card

2. How are you inspired to create new designs?  

We look through Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Etsy, basically any source you can think of. We do several sketches for each pun and then pick out the ones we feel are strongest. 

3. How long does it take to create a unique design from sketch pad to print?  

HeaMi: It takes about half an hour to sketch and measure the coordinates for each design. Each card takes a different amount of time depending on the food but usually no more than half an hour.  

Nova: Half an hour sounds rather lengthy but we handcraft each card and sleeve and that makes each card very special. 

4. Future exciting plans for alacarde? What goals are you aiming towards?  

N: Totes magotes! I’m just saying that because we will be selling punny totes soon. Shh, it’s still a secret! But it was something we mentioned during our initial brainstorming process and we’ve discussed about extending the variety of our products. 

H: Sell at stationary stores, craft fairs, and hopefully one day having our own workspace!  




Nice to Meat you greetings.thank you card
Nice to Meat you too!

Massive thanks to Nova and Hea-Mi for taking the time to speak with me about their amazing cards Рcheck out the rest of their range on Etsy or give them a follow on Instagram @_ALACARDE.

chocolate eyeshadow pallette

Makeup Revolution Chocolate eyeshadow pallette


So makeup Revolution really have got me sold on their eye pallettes. Not only are they super affordable, but actually the quality of the pigments is way better than¬† one would expect of a brand that doesn’t charge over the moon!

At £7.99 they are perfect dupes for the Too Faced Cosmetics equivalent, which comes in at around £32!

There are 3 to choose from within this range – milk, white or dark. I’m going to swatch the
milk chocolate pallette!





Aren’t they the most amazing nudes and chocolates you’ve ever seen? Looking at the pallette makes me feel hungry too!

Have you tried makeup Revolution yet? You can order directly off their website or they are stocked in Superdrug if you’re the sort of person who likes to try before they buy makeup!

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going bare makeup

Tips to cut down the cost of your makeup addiction!

If there’s anything I like better than beauty products, it’s saving money on them.

Wearing and sometimes reapplying your makeup more than once a day, I can quickly begin to run out of makeup staples – I know for me, face powder is a prime example of this (though weirdly I always have at least 2 mascaras rattling about at any given time in my makeup drawer!)

Makeup addict as I am, I probably do have far too many eyeshadow palettes than I will ever use.. But I have a tendancy to run¬†through out of my¬†basics pretty quickly. I thought I’d share with you some tips, whether you are looking to stock up on makeup bag staples or looking out for something new or special to try, in order to save a bit of money!

makeup base

Find Bargains Online

The internet is the best place to find bargains for pretty much anything you can think of; you’re favourite candy, clothes, and costume jewelry.¬†Makeup is no exception, and you can find some incredible bargains online. You’ll be able to find low-price alternatives¬†for your favourite beauty products¬†in many places (I love Bodycare for trying something new, for as little as 99p!)

You can also discover high-end products at great prices by looking for out of season products -. You can look for websites that specialise in discount makeup deals, or just take to eBay – Illamasqua nail polishes can be snapped up for well over 50% off.

Of course, there are also some budget brands that have fantastic products to rival the high-end brands – I adore Makeup Revolution!

green nail polish collection

Buy in Bulk

One trick that can help you save money, especially online, is buying several lots of your favourites at once. If you have a product you know you love and will buy over and over, you can save money by purchasing in bulk. For example, you can get some Revitalash products to last you three or six months. Amazon is a great place to buy your favourite designer haircare products in packs of 6 РTony & Guy, Argan Oil products &  Tigi Bed Head to name a few.

This is only a good idea if you’ve actually used the product before –¬†¬†Don’t buy a year’s worth of something you’ve never tried!

Look in Unexpected Places

When you’re shopping for beauty products, you probably go to Boots, Superdrug or a department store. But you could find some fantastic bargains in places you don’t think to look. Take pound shops for example. You can find all kinds of things for only ¬£1 (or sometimes a little more or less), and things that you would expect to cost a heck of a lot more! Go and have a rifle¬†through their makeup and beauty products. Supermarkets are another place you might not think to look. But they can have excellent beauty sections. I love Beauty at Tesco found in the large superstores.

going bare makeup

Seek Out Freebies

Of course, the best bargain is a complete freebie. But how can you get hold of them? One way is to enter competitions with prizes you’d love to get hold of. There are also lots of websites that tell you where to find the latest free samples. For example, if you visit freestuff.co.uk, you can find tips on where to find freebies. Some of the offers come straight from beauty companies. They often look for people to trial a new product and give their opinion – if you’re a blogger you can sign up to resources like BloggersRequired.com¬†to receive products directly from brands who want to use your blog as a marketing platform.
You don’t have to spend a fortune on your makeup. With my money saving advice, you can feed your beauty obsession for less!

Keep Thrifting!

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Manchester Bee Company
manbeeceThe worker bee was adopted as a symbol of Manchester during the industrial revolution, when it was leading the way for the rest of the country in mass production techniques. In fact, you can find bees everywhere in Manchester City Centre to this day!

ManBeeCo is a Manchester-based company(obviously) and they¬†create cool items inspired by Manchester’s history, and the symbolism of the worker bee.

Anita, the busy Queen of the hive at ManBeeCo, very kindly send me this cool bee pin (I absolutely love bees, I was so excited about this!) and a custom hotel room key keyring- they offer a custom service to have anything you like written on one, and in a range of colours.

I opted to have something made that incorporated both my blog name and some of that good old Manc cheekiness. I think I managed to nail it with “Thrifty So + So”. Thanks Anita, it’s awesome!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Manchester, you can shop their items at the exclusive stockist the Royal Exchange Theatre¬†Gift Shop, on St Anne’s Square!

custom keyring manbeeco

I absolutely love the attitude of some of the designs! It’s so Mancunian- If you’re a proud Manc then there’s definitely something here for you at ManBeeCo.

Visit their website, Etsy Shop or Instagram page!

manbeeco bee pin
isn’t he adorable?!

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Thanks for reading xx

MyPerfumeSamples.com sample order service

Hi everyone!

A bit of perfume thrifting for you today!

Now as you know I am addicted to scent. I own FAR TOO MANY Library of Fragrance Colognes¬†and I have begun to have a taste for artisan perfume, too.¬†But let’s face it, it’s an expensive luxury to indulge in.

I was asked by MyPerfumeSamples.com to review perfume sample ordering service.

They have a wide array of fragrances, from new and popular scents to older, or more obscure classics! You are able to search by type (Daytime, evening, romantic, Casual) and you can order in 1ml, 3ml or 5ml measures, atomised or vials.

Atomisers are the best in my view, but everyone has a preference!

My perfume samples

I got four fragrance samples – Jimmy Choo Blossom, Si by Giorgio Armani, Daisy Sorbert by Marc Jacobs and CK one Summer 2015 by Calvin Klein. All of these are perfect fragrances for Summer!

I was pleasantly surprised by Si, I wasn’t interested by the bottle alone in stores, but it smells absolutely divine when worn! I really consider buying this when I run out of the sample. Marc Jacobs always delivers, Daisy Sorbet is fresh, cute and as summery as you can get; CK One Summer 2015 is the most disappointing fragrance of the batch. It’s a bit more zesty than I am used to wearing, and a little cheap. Jimmy Choo’s blossom is lovely though, VERY fruity and ultra feminine.

Best part is, use code INSTA15 for 15% off!!! Follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with new fragrances available on their site!

Thanks for reading!


sunshine fragrance from LOF

Summer Fragrance by Library of Fragrance UK

Hi Everyone!

Summer is the perfect time of year from fragrance for me – there’s nothing better than getting up in the morning, sitting at your dressing table in the sunshine with makeup freshly applied, and spritzing yourself with your favourite fruity summer scent! I’ve blogged about some of my Library of Fragrance collection before ( here, here and also here!) and often post what scent I am wearing on Instagram!

I’ve got some weather-themed scents to share with you today from the wonderful Library of Fragrance UK – Rain, Thunderstorm, Sunshine and Salt Air.

Rain Cologne from Library of fragrance
Rain Cologne

Rain reminds me of wet grass, heated tarmac when it starts to spit, bringing much needed relief from an oppressive summer heat and the promise of a storm. I can detect geranium, juniper and dewy ferns.

Thunderstorm Cologne from Library of Fragrance
Such a sultry scent

Which leads nicely into Thunderstorm. I can detect patchouli and peppercorns, something earthy like tree sap. I honestly don’t know HOW this manages to smell like a thunderstorm, but it does. That tension in the air? It’s like that!

Salt air cologne from Library of Fragrance UK

Salt air – I was really excited about this! Any nautical lover should own this in their collection. It screams ‘seaside’! Salt, seafoam, handfulls of seashells… There are musk and amber notes interlaced with this scent. It’s a lovely soapy scent, fresh and clean. Highly recommend this!

Sunshine cologne from Library of Fragrance

Sunshine comes out of top as my favourite of these summer fragrances. Vanilla, candyfloss, sun cream, baby powder,warm and freshly washed cotton. It’s a sensory delight. It’s divine. I LOVE it!¬†I love this sunshine one so much that I posted this photo on instagram!

Sunshine cologne from Library of Fragrance UK

What’s your favourite summer fragrance? Do you fancy trying one of these?

Demeter Fragrance, library of fragrance flatlay frangrance colonge summer perfume, rain, thunderstorm, sunshine and salt spray
Libary of fragracnce

A Beautiful Day out In Cheshire

My husband and I had taken off the same day from work to spend together, and after much deliberation following meteorological consultation, we opted to go to Tatton Park in Cheshire at my suggestion.

The weather wasn’t meant to be great,¬† and indeed most of the morning and early afternoon was overcast with only a gentle amount of rain!

Tatton Park is a stately home with sprawling national trust grounds in Knutsford, Cheshire. It boasts a number of attractions aside from the natural charms of the parkland itself, which cost £6 single entry,  or £11 for entry to 3 of the main attractions (Manor, Farm, Gardens), therefore worth doing at least 2 of these!

We did all 3 as it happens.¬† I highly recommend the beautiful onsite tea room ‘the Gardener’s Courtyard’, tucked away behind brick wall just¬†off the main courtyard.

Tatton Park : Gardener’s Cottage

We were seated tucked amongst the rockery and flower beds, and were joined for our cherry scone and tea by a friendly Robin!

gardeners cottage menu and table tatton park hall chesire

gardeners cottage table scone and tea tatton park hall gardens
Cafetiere for one, breakfast tea and a cherry scone!


Tatton Park : The Gardens

The gardens are sprawling; whether you want to seek out rare exotic specimens (redwoods, spruces, etc) or view the kitchen garden (rhubarb envy!),¬† or stroll through manicured gardens with secret hidden pools, then there’s something for you.






Top Tip: get a map.

Tatton Park : The Manor House

The house,¬† whilst not being the most beautiful to my taste,¬† is fairly interesting to view. It’s the usual hotchpotch of added wings by succeeding family members of the Edgerton estate, with a fabulous Hall bedecked with taxidermy specimens from all the continents added by one Lord of the manor; a large collection of art and beautiful pieces of commissioned furniture.

Worth a browse for an hour. I’d suggest paying an extra ¬£3 pp for the guided tour,¬† I’m sure there’s much more to learn¬†about¬†it.

I have to say that some of the room were spoiled by the presence of a modern art exhibition. The pieces were not to my taste nor dare I say to the taste of the demographic of the visitors. One lady and I expressed mutual distate for the display in the dining room. Modern art has a place,  and it is not alongside priceless pieces of furniture from the 1700s.





Tatton Park – The Farm

We paid a short visit to the farm,¬† where we spent a goodwhile laughing at the pigs. It’s really unbelievable how large they get! Each pig had a bio and a short ‘character description’.¬†All I’d say is,¬† none of the¬†m seemed particularly energetic!¬†They have lots of great things for kids to do there,¬† though it was amusing enough for us,¬† with the rowdy chickens and Cockerells strutting about the place!



Knutsford Town Centre : King Street


We drove across the grounds South, passed the Mere and the supposedly haunted tutor manor to have our lunch in Knutsford. The main high street runs parallel with King Street, the smaller, narrower and older part, which is home to loads of boutiques, charity shops and places to eat.

We ate at Jack Rabbit’s on the terrace outside –¬† really impressed with the food here, American Smokehouse style food.


The South Carolina Burger : Adouble burger with applewood cheese and puled smoked pork. I upgraded to sweet potato- cause why wouldn’t you?! Their homemade sauces are also DELICIOUS!

Really great price too! Thank you for looking after us!

We has a great browse in a 3 floor antique shop as well that was just across the road from here. I was in heaven!

Thinking of going out for the day in Chester? Have any cool ideas to share? Let me know!

Love!  Xx

Posted by Jess
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Tobacco Rose by Papillon Perfumery

In my opinion every woman should own at least one Rose-based perfume in her collection. There’s a reason the flower is the basis for romantic metaphor, similie and poems over centuries. It’s beautiful in almost every possible manner, especially in its scent.

Now,¬† I found Papillon Perfumery on Instagram one day and when I saw the words ‘Tobacco Rose‘ I was instantly bitten by curiosity and desire. I thought of smoky whisky joints juxtaposed with the heated sweetness of Bulgarian Rose.


Let me tell you that this does not disappoint.

The scent is cited to contain the following notes :

Bulgarian Rose, Rose de Mai, Oakmoss, Beeswax, Hay, Ambergris.

The first thing that hits you is a powerful musk base, heady and full. The rose lies underneath a shroud of smokiness, nestled within the gentle spice. It’s perfect. I can also detect notes of vanilla on the nose, which I believe comes from the beeswax.¬†Once warmed on the skin it matures and deepens.

This scent costs £94 for 50ml plus shipping.

The packaging is simple and classical with gold on black, the butterfly the logo of the maker.

I was sent two samples of their other scents to review as well. First I’ll talk about Anubis. When my parcel arrived at work I immediately danced over to share with my colleague Sarah, who instantly was besotted by this scent. Anubis is sexy. Think hot leather in a vintage car; deep heady spices, linked erotically with musky lotus flower. This scent is unisex, but personally I can envisage a very tall, dark and handsome gent wearing this enticing, errogenous scent. Wow-ee! Notes of this scent are officially listed¬†as

Egyptian Jasmine. Pink Lotus. Suede. Immortelle. Frankincense. Saffron.

Sarah has since ordered a bottle of this for her man!

The second scent was Angelique. Have to admit I’m not keen on the name (that might be because I’ve just watched Penny Dreadful season 2…). Angelique is lighter, a spicy and woody fragrance. Described as having strong notes of the following;

Osmanthus. White Champac. Orris. Mimosa. Frankincense. Cedarwood.

The Cedarwood is the main base I can detect, (have to be honest I have no idea what some of those things are!) The Orris is a beautiful rich note throughout.

In summary, these perfumes blew me away with their complexity and power. I would highly recommend them! Find Papillon Perfumery on Twitter and Instagram, or visit their website!

Tobacco Rose papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum
Beautiful packaging

papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum


papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum
This bottle is to die for!

papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum