Hand printed Silk Scarves by Heidi Valkola

Afternoon lovelies!

I’m a scarf lover through and through – who doesn’t love brightening and mixing up an outfit with a fun and colourful scarf? I’ve blogged about scarves before ( Celia Gould silk Scarves here, and F+F nautical scarf here!)

I discovered the Somewhere Store, Etsy store owned by Finnish Heidi Valkola, on Instagram. I love the geometric symmetry of the scarves, with designs influences by nature- plants, birds and organisms of the sea! All things I absolutely love!

I chose the Jelly Fish scarf – you cannot get cooler than this! A mixture of blues and calming aqua, it chills out a summer outfit perfectly. I selected the smaller size which is more suitable for a neckscarf, headscarf or an additional to a handbag.

large jellyfishes silk scarf from Somewhere Store
large jellyfishes silk scarf from Somewhere Store 36x36inches
small jellyfishes scarf from somewhere store, 26×26 inches

Isn’t it amazing?!

My other favourites include the Secret Garden design, which is a livlier green colour palette featuring a cool insect geometric pattern, and the flamingo scarf – because who doesn’t love flamingos?! If you want to shop these two scarves, click the image!

flamboyance, flamigos, printed silk scarf pattern
The Flamingo Scarf
moth, insect, printed scarf, geometric pattern scarf silk
the Secret Garden scarf

The scarves are on sale at the moment, with a large one coming in at £42.00 plus shipping costs! Get yours at Heidi’s Etsy store!

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