My Top Strobing Products Right Now

Hey everyone!

So while many of us are still getting our heads around and becoming more comfortable with contouring! Personally I’ve not quite nailed it. Powder for contour powders tend to patch on my Base Layer of makeup and make me look dirty versus contoured!

I admit I need to try cream based contour products,  I. E.  From clinique. I quite fancy the chubbie sticks.

Now,  strobing. To me,  the cynical minded, strobing is no different to highlighting,  which I am comfortable with doing!

I decided to share my current highlight/strobing products.

I am so in love with these makeup organisers by the way… Ebay!

First off is makeup Revolution’s vivid baked highlighter. This is amazing and I love it. For £4 you can’t beat it!

makeup revolution vivid bake highlighter
I love the lilac finish to this product!

I love the lilac tinge,  ideal for combating your skins off-colour moments!

Second is this Shu Uemura highlighter. It’s actually from the blush range but I bought it because it was pearlescent. I apply this using the real techniques contour brush to the bridge of my nose and along my cheekbones.

Shu uemura highlighter pearlescent blush strobing, real techniques contouring brush
I love this read techniques contouring brush.

It’s really pretty! You have to buy the case separate with Shu Uemura but at least you can just refill!

highlighters, highlighting, strobing, makeup products, makeup, beauty, benefit, jelly pong
I lost the lid for the Watt’s Up! ages ago… oops!

Next Comes jelly pong cosmetics all over skimmer.  This comes in the form of a liquid  and applies beautifully  like Molton gold. Benefit Cosmetics’ “Watt’s Up!” is a solid form of this,  and is a really great product to apply to the cheekbones.

soap and glory trick and treatment highlighter concealer pearlescent shimmer
I adore this soap & glory trick and treatment highlighter/concealer, with it’s pearlescent shimmer! This eye shadow primer is also great for paler looks

Last comes Soap and Glory’s trick and treatment (shown with the eyeshadow primer though I’ve not swatched it). This product is amazing and I dab it in little circles around the eye area to gift a lift to dark circles.

highlighter strobing product flatlay makeup beauty swatches, soap & glory, benefit cosmetics, jelly pong, real techniques, makeup revolution

I use these intermittently,  and when I feel like it  as part of my daily makeup routine. Strobing or highlighting,  whatever you  call it…  For me it gets the vote ahead of contouring!

What about you?

Here are the swatches of the products;



Hope you liked this post! Shu uemura didn’t show up well I’m the photo without flash but really it’s a brilliant product.

Do you use anything else for strobing or highlighting? I’d love to see you recommendations!


Jess xx

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