I’m Not “Beautiful”

This post is a way of expressing something I’ve felt for a long time. Sorry to use my blog as a bit of a soap box,  but I’ve rationalised that I’m an opinionated woman and I’m strong. I can say what I feel!

So the post title. I’m not “beautiful”. It’s in inverted commas because these days what is beautiful is a very firm definition,  especially in the fashion and beauty industry.


Pick a famous cosmetics brand. Go and look at their instagram account.  Duck lips? Check. Eerily symmetrical drawn-on brows? Most definitely. Skinny? Yup.

Now this isn’t an intention to rage/shame these girls for any characteristic listed above. I’m making a statement about who brands chose to represent as their ideal customer. Even brands who appear to preach about celebrating beauty in all guises (I’m talking about Benefit here specifically) only regram photos of young, slim, “pretty” girls (Not sure if you noticed Benefit’s mini scandal today over the tweeting of #makeamovieafatty, but boy did the girls bite back at the horrendous fat shaming).

I never see the gorgeous bigger girls, the beautiful older ladies or the “less pretty”  represented. That isn’t to say that these people aren’t beautiful.

The result of this is that girls who feel they fall outside of today’s beauty archetype are misrepresented. We don’t engage. We don’t relate.  We feel inadequate.

Some might say it’s jealousy,  and maybe it is. But don’t claim to be a brand that represents all kinds and forms of beautiful and ignore and alienate a huge section of women.

But today I took photo,and even with my hang ups about irregular eyebrows, my dad’s large nose and my terrible skin issues this week, I thought, “I am beautiful.”


I’m getting off my soap box now,  but I hope that what I said made sense! I realise I didn’t offer any sort of solution to the problem I feel is there : other than the obvious.

Beauty isn’t what anyone else tells you it should be. Compliment someone every day, and mean it. And most importantly, beauty is from the inside,  too.

There are brands out there who don’t discriminate against their customers and love them regardless,  celebrating uniqueness in every format.

If you have any favourites do let me know,  especially with beauty brands.

Name your real beauty champions!

Posted by Jess
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12 thoughts on “I’m Not “Beautiful”

  1. I love it! And, yes, you are beautiful! I have gap teeth (which I hated until about two years ago) and one eye that seems to droop more than the other. But in the end, those are just unique factors about myself that I’m coming to love. I’m glad that you felt beautiful today! 🙂

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  2. Thank YOU so much for this post! I didn’t know anything about that hashtag and I am researching right now about it.

    I am the first one making fun out of myself and my flaws, but that is not excuse to simply consider one type of beauty and ignore the rest. By the way, this is something that I just cannot understand: the most of the girls aren’t the skinny type, so a brand that doesn’t advertise for the average woman isn’t really going against its business expectations?

    P.S. You are really beautiful in this pic. The red lipstick suits you! 🙂

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      1. Sorry about that! I didn’t express myself clearly.

        I just wanted to say that the first and most important aim of a business is to sell. If the marketing people of a company decide to publicize just a type of woman and act like the rest types don’t exist or just they are not interested in their product, they are going against their own business. I don’t know if I made it better or if I just messed things a little more! 🙂 xxx

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      2. That’s better! Haha thanks for clarifying! I agree completely! To sell more is the goal and the public aren’t fooled these days by “if you buy this you’ll look exactly like her!” we are naturally cynical.

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      3. Yes, you are right! Thankfully, consumers don’t want to buy an unrealistic ideal of beauty. We just want to be confortable in our skin and celebrate our inner beauty! That’s why I felt the need to comment in your blog: your post is really empowering for any kind/shape/size/height of girl! Congrats!

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  4. This discussion is so relevant. The media and fashion/beauty/nearly every industry has a way of portraying beauty. A few years ago, really thin girls with a great thigh gap were the definition of beauty. And now with the rise of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, beauty has evolved into being curvy but still very slim. As a girl who is curvy, doesn’t have flawless skin, has stretch marks and is way bigger than your average model, I often feel inadequate and dare I say it ugly. And whether that’s because it’s the time of the month or I’ve been influenced to believe that my beauty and self worth is all based on whether my boobs are perky and ass is high and mighty. I don’t know. But what I do know is that this post really touched me and has inspired me to right target these issues in a similar post…

    Lauren Nicole, http://www.fashionkiller.co.uk

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