Chocolate with YOUR name on it!

Hello everyone!

Hope you have been getting all organised, decluttered and prioritised as per my earlier post!

I just wanted to share with you my awesome custom chocolate!!! It’s got my blog name on it!! (Sorry I had to take a bite out of it right away… oops!) These were kindly sent to me by the lovely Melissa at Tailored Chocolates and Gifts, who had my blog name and tag line printed on it!

She also threw in a laundry bag with ‘Faye’ on it, so if you’re name is Faye drop me a message – You’ve won a cute linen laundry bag with your name on it… LITERALLY!

custom chocolate names personalised tailored chocolate and gifts company

I must admit, the chocolate was really yummy too, though I had to be careful not to eat the whole bar before Dinner!

You can get something special made for a friend, a teacher or a family member, or even get chocolates made as wedding favours to bestow on the guests of your special day!

Whatever you want them for, or if you need something different, take a peek at their website! Find them on Twitter and Instagram too!


customised chocolate gift tailored
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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