Tobacco Rose by Papillon Perfumery

In my opinion every woman should own at least one Rose-based perfume in her collection. There’s a reason the flower is the basis for romantic metaphor, similie and poems over centuries. It’s beautiful in almost every possible manner, especially in its scent.

Now,  I found Papillon Perfumery on Instagram one day and when I saw the words ‘Tobacco Rose‘ I was instantly bitten by curiosity and desire. I thought of smoky whisky joints juxtaposed with the heated sweetness of Bulgarian Rose.


Let me tell you that this does not disappoint.

The scent is cited to contain the following notes :

Bulgarian Rose, Rose de Mai, Oakmoss, Beeswax, Hay, Ambergris.

The first thing that hits you is a powerful musk base, heady and full. The rose lies underneath a shroud of smokiness, nestled within the gentle spice. It’s perfect. I can also detect notes of vanilla on the nose, which I believe comes from the beeswax. Once warmed on the skin it matures and deepens.

This scent costs £94 for 50ml plus shipping.

The packaging is simple and classical with gold on black, the butterfly the logo of the maker.

I was sent two samples of their other scents to review as well. First I’ll talk about Anubis. When my parcel arrived at work I immediately danced over to share with my colleague Sarah, who instantly was besotted by this scent. Anubis is sexy. Think hot leather in a vintage car; deep heady spices, linked erotically with musky lotus flower. This scent is unisex, but personally I can envisage a very tall, dark and handsome gent wearing this enticing, errogenous scent. Wow-ee! Notes of this scent are officially listed as

Egyptian Jasmine. Pink Lotus. Suede. Immortelle. Frankincense. Saffron.

Sarah has since ordered a bottle of this for her man!

The second scent was Angelique. Have to admit I’m not keen on the name (that might be because I’ve just watched Penny Dreadful season 2…). Angelique is lighter, a spicy and woody fragrance. Described as having strong notes of the following;

Osmanthus. White Champac. Orris. Mimosa. Frankincense. Cedarwood.

The Cedarwood is the main base I can detect, (have to be honest I have no idea what some of those things are!) The Orris is a beautiful rich note throughout.

In summary, these perfumes blew me away with their complexity and power. I would highly recommend them! Find Papillon Perfumery on Twitter and Instagram, or visit their website!

Tobacco Rose papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum
Beautiful packaging

papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum


papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum
This bottle is to die for!

papillon perfumery artisan eau de parfum



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