sunshine fragrance from LOF

Summer Fragrance by Library of Fragrance UK

Hi Everyone!

Summer is the perfect time of year from fragrance for me – there’s nothing better than getting up in the morning, sitting at your dressing table in the sunshine with makeup freshly applied, and spritzing yourself with your favourite fruity summer scent! I’ve blogged about some of my Library of Fragrance collection before ( here, here and also here!) and often post what scent I am wearing on Instagram!

I’ve got some weather-themed scents to share with you today from the wonderful Library of Fragrance UK – Rain, Thunderstorm, Sunshine and Salt Air.

Rain Cologne from Library of fragrance
Rain Cologne

Rain reminds me of wet grass, heated tarmac when it starts to spit, bringing much needed relief from an oppressive summer heat and the promise of a storm. I can detect geranium, juniper and dewy ferns.

Thunderstorm Cologne from Library of Fragrance
Such a sultry scent

Which leads nicely into Thunderstorm. I can detect patchouli and peppercorns, something earthy like tree sap. I honestly don’t know HOW this manages to smell like a thunderstorm, but it does. That tension in the air? It’s like that!

Salt air cologne from Library of Fragrance UK

Salt air – I was really excited about this! Any nautical lover should own this in their collection. It screams ‘seaside’! Salt, seafoam, handfulls of seashells… There are musk and amber notes interlaced with this scent. It’s a lovely soapy scent, fresh and clean. Highly recommend this!

Sunshine cologne from Library of Fragrance

Sunshine comes out of top as my favourite of these summer fragrances. Vanilla, candyfloss, sun cream, baby powder,warm and freshly washed cotton. It’s a sensory delight. It’s divine. I LOVE it! I love this sunshine one so much that I posted this photo on instagram!

Sunshine cologne from Library of Fragrance UK

What’s your favourite summer fragrance? Do you fancy trying one of these?

Demeter Fragrance, library of fragrance flatlay frangrance colonge summer perfume, rain, thunderstorm, sunshine and salt spray
Libary of fragracnce

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