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Tips to cut down the cost of your makeup addiction!

If there’s anything I like better than beauty products, it’s saving money on them.

Wearing and sometimes reapplying your makeup more than once a day, I can quickly begin to run out of makeup staples – I know for me, face powder is a prime example of this (though weirdly I always have at least 2 mascaras rattling about at any given time in my makeup drawer!)

Makeup addict as I am, I probably do have far too many eyeshadow palettes than I will ever use.. But I have a tendancy to run through out of my basics pretty quickly. I thought I’d share with you some tips, whether you are looking to stock up on makeup bag staples or looking out for something new or special to try, in order to save a bit of money!

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Find Bargains Online

The internet is the best place to find bargains for pretty much anything you can think of; you’re favourite candy, clothes, and costume jewelry. Makeup is no exception, and you can find some incredible bargains online. You’ll be able to find low-price alternatives for your favourite beauty products in many places (I love Bodycare for trying something new, for as little as 99p!)

You can also discover high-end products at great prices by looking for out of season products -. You can look for websites that specialise in discount makeup deals, or just take to eBay – Illamasqua nail polishes can be snapped up for well over 50% off.

Of course, there are also some budget brands that have fantastic products to rival the high-end brands – I adore Makeup Revolution!

green nail polish collection

Buy in Bulk

One trick that can help you save money, especially online, is buying several lots of your favourites at once. If you have a product you know you love and will buy over and over, you can save money by purchasing in bulk. For example, you can get some Revitalash products to last you three or six months. Amazon is a great place to buy your favourite designer haircare products in packs of 6 – Tony & Guy, Argan Oil products &  Tigi Bed Head to name a few.

This is only a good idea if you’ve actually used the product before –  Don’t buy a year’s worth of something you’ve never tried!

Look in Unexpected Places

When you’re shopping for beauty products, you probably go to Boots, Superdrug or a department store. But you could find some fantastic bargains in places you don’t think to look. Take pound shops for example. You can find all kinds of things for only £1 (or sometimes a little more or less), and things that you would expect to cost a heck of a lot more! Go and have a rifle through their makeup and beauty products. Supermarkets are another place you might not think to look. But they can have excellent beauty sections. I love Beauty at Tesco found in the large superstores.

going bare makeup

Seek Out Freebies

Of course, the best bargain is a complete freebie. But how can you get hold of them? One way is to enter competitions with prizes you’d love to get hold of. There are also lots of websites that tell you where to find the latest free samples. For example, if you visit freestuff.co.uk, you can find tips on where to find freebies. Some of the offers come straight from beauty companies. They often look for people to trial a new product and give their opinion – if you’re a blogger you can sign up to resources like BloggersRequired.com to receive products directly from brands who want to use your blog as a marketing platform.
You don’t have to spend a fortune on your makeup. With my money saving advice, you can feed your beauty obsession for less!

Keep Thrifting!

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