I Am Fragrance Review

I am Hot i am good I am free

I am Naked

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m bringing you a review of a selection of fragrances from I Am Fragrance, a US based business that explores scent a little differently. Their scents focus not just on the olfactory side of things (as any perfume brand absolutely should) but on the memories and emotions that are inextricably tied in with scent in our lives. A nice idea, I have to say.

For me, the perfume business is just as guilty of misrepresentation as the beauty&fashion industry – their advertisements are abstract ideas usually, a segment of a story, that attempts to evoke an emotion that you will tie with the scent – predominantly this tends to be lust. Take Eros or Invictus for example – wear this, look like him, and attract droves of elegant and impossible beautiful woman. If we believe all this, we’ve not moved on in the slightest from the Victorian market peddlers promising tonics to cure all ills and Love Potions!!

I am Fragrance feels different to this somehow. Each scent is names after an emotion or mood (always positive ones of course – who wants to smell Angry?), and the bottles are color coordinated to match. I have to say, the bottle design is adorable. Each bottle of scent comes with its own mantra; They’re all about the power of intention,pairing positive affirmation with the memory-power of fragrance. What a way to psyche yourself up in the morning!

I received the following fragrances in adorable little roll-on minis, priced at $22 (approx £15,able to ship to UK). The range extends to include Eau De Parfum, Hand wash and skin care products – shop them all here, on I am Fragrance’s amazing website. You can read all about each fragrance, each one having it’s own image mood board- beautiful!

I am… Naked

Ylang Ylang and Violet are the predominant sweet powdery notes in the scent. Sandalwood and Oak nestle beneath, with Bergamot, Wild Berry and Geranium. A lovely light, and femimine scent.

I am… Blessed

This is gorgeous and zesty, with Mandarin, Lemon and Jasmine to blend together. Musk and precious woods complete this lovely summer fragrance.

I am…Hot

Spicy and Sexy with a hard hit of vanilla, amber and honey. Floral tea adds delicacy. Gorgeous heated scent, very evocative.

I am… Good

Honey, Jasmine, Mandarin and Mimosa make for a sweet and bright fragrance. It made me thing of cider apples and blossom, and sunshine.

I am… Free

Bergamot, Peach and Cinnamon characterise  this liberating scent. I think the sandalwood could be more powerful to tone down the sweetness, but it’s a beautiful scent all the same, with notes of vertiver.

I am…Peace

This scent is a blend of the white blossom flowers Tuberose, Jasmine and Peony, with a dash of sandalwood. To me, it smells of pears, warm fresh cut grass and daisies- a pretty good dupe for Jo Malone actually…. I’m going to be wearing  this a lot!

I am… Me!

For all you monochrome lovers out there, I am Me, has the coolest bottle! Melon, tangy apple and exotic flowers somehow blend to create something that takes me to being on holiday sipping a freshly made Mojito. It’s bright and floral and amazing – definitely my stand out favourite of the collection I’ve tried so far!

I am fragrance wheel

Well, that’s all folks! As well as browsing their website, you can follow I am Fragrance on Instagram!

I am me

I am Peace & Free


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4 thoughts on “I Am Fragrance Review

  1. These sound like a beautiful selection of perfumes and I love the little postcards that come with them. The little bottles are so cute. I like the way they haven’t over complicated the scents but put clever combinations of ingredients together. I think I am Me would be my favourite as well.

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