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Pre-Loved – My top tips for selling your clothes

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Selling on some of your old/unworn clothes can be an excellent way to rake back a little extra money, while doing your bit for the environment (after all, it’s a bit like recycling, right?). However, you shouldn’t try to sell your clothes without reading through this post first. If you jump in the deep end without the basics, your items will sit there unsold and gathering dust!

Use the Right Platform

The first thing you need to know is that there are multiple platforms you can use to sell your old clothes. There’s eBay of course  but you probably already know there are easier and simpler fashion-focussed apps you can use. There’s Depop, which is fairly new on the scene and is a little bit like Instagram for selling clothes. There are sites for designer garments, too. My personal favourite is Vinted though, which is an online fashion marketplace, Think about what you’re selling and do your research on the most suitable platform to sell on.

Use Accurate and Enticing Descriptions for More Interest

When selling online, you need to write a description on the item. It isn’t compulsory, but you’ll only get asked a ton of annoying questions if you don’t succintly and accurately descrive what you’re selling – Include Size, colour, length and width measurements, and fabric type. Accuracy is important, otherwise the buyer has rights to expect a refund from you.

Use Good Quality images

High quality pictures showing off the cut and color of the item is very important. They can be taken with an iPhone or another bog standard camera, but you need to be sure the lighting isn’t misleading your viewers. Multiple pictures is always going to be a better idea than just one picture – Apps like Vinted have a great walkthrough for uploading your photos for an item – front, back, on and off the hanger. Also, don’t forget to include photos of any flaws (see above re accuracy!)

photography is important!

Styling is Important

Styling up the clothes might be an effort, but you’ll get so much more attention on your items, and increase you chances of selling. People will be able to see how they would wear the item(s) you’re selling, and this will make them more likely to buy. If the reason you’re selling is it doesn’t fit, you can always ask a friend to model, or style them on a mannequin from a place like It’s worth the extra effort you go through to get a little more money from selling on!

Customer Service Matters

Make sure any communication you have with an interested buyer is clear and quick. Concentrate on offering great customer service, even if this isn’t really a ‘business’ to you! People will be more likely to look again if you sell anything else, and feedback is very important. You don’t want to put people off buying from you if you take too long to reply, or worse, you’re snotty with them.

Be Realistic

You might want more than what you paid for an item, but this isn’t always realistic. Know that you probably won’t get as much as you want unless the item is very special. You can set a reserve price, but be cautious. This can put some buyers off.

Ready to make some extra cash on your old clothes? Use these tips and see what happens!

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