Daisy Blue Candles Review

Daisy Blue Candles Review
Daisy Blue Candles Review Daisy Blue Candles Review

Daisy Blue candles, made by Lorraine Forsyth in Scotland, are simple and elegant in design, and beautifully fragranced. One thing that never occurred to me until I received these two candles from DBC was, normally when we buy candles we have to give consideration to the colour of the tin, and therefore you are often constrained in using certain scents (Strawberry is invariably in a red or pink tin, right? And Fresh Linen is ALWAYS blue!).

Lorraine’s candles come in cool brushes steel effect tins, or clear thick glass, packaged in clean cut white androgynous boxes. The wax is a calming vanilla shade- no danger of any of her candles clashing with your interiors, thank you very much. The only thing that stands out is the tiny blue daisy logo of DBC on the labels.

Angel’s Kiss is scented delicately with strawberries and champagne, in contrast to the powerful punch packed by Ginger & Lime in the larger candle jar. Ginger & Lime would brighten any living space or kitchen with it’s fresh zesty scent, whereas Angel’s Kiss would soften and relax the atmosphere in a bedroom or bathroom.

Daisy Blue Candles Angel's Kiss

You can shop these scents and others (I’d love to try vanilla Rose, and Apple & Wild Mint!) on her website DaisyBlueCandles.com.

Readers of my blog can get a whopping 20% off candles if you enter Jess01 (that’s jess zero 0ne with no spaces!) at the checkout.

Or follow her on Instagram!

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Daisy Blue Candles Lime and Ginger

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