M&S Home picks under £25

Good afternoon! You can count this my final post before I go on my holidays to Crete for my 1 year wedding anniversary!

Recently I moved into my first home, and a lot of time and money has been spent filling it with furniture and things to make it functional, and of course, pretty!

I thought I would share with you three beautiful things I found from M&S that came in at under £25 to add a special touch to a home.

Stag cushion

The stag, synonymous with Game of Thrones and it’s house Baratheon, makes me feel rather autumnal for some reason! I’ve seen it everywhere in soft furnishings, and it adds a beautiful regal touch to any room.

This one costs £25, and is super soft.

stag cushion Marks and Spencer

Bumblebee embroidered cushion

Considering how beautiful this is, it’s staggering (heh) to think that it only cost £12 for the delightful and beautifully made cushion. It’s small, sure, but the colours really pop.

bumblebee embroidered cushion Marks and Spencer bumblebee embroidered cushion Marks and Spencer

Capri Table lamp

Marks and Spencer was actually the last place we thought to  look for table lamps- we thought that they would come in too pricey, considering we only needed something simple and neutral toned.

These table lamps cost £19.50 each, which was ideally in our budget.

capri table lamp marks and spencer

capri table lamp marks and spencer

Shop these items here!

Stag Cushion / Bee Cushion / Capri Lamp

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