What irritates me in Beauty Blogging

Good morning, or not, as it may seem for me today with this slightly ranty post.

Please take this post in the spirit in which it was written – we all love a good moan from time to time, and while I’m aware there are flipsides to each point I make below, it’s just a bit of fun and isn’t intended to upset anyone or refer to any individuals.

I get tired of seeing certain sorts of posts all the time in my bloglovin, wordpress and Twitter Feeds. This isn’t to say that I don’t like the bloggers who post them, but I feel they are either so overdone or so utterly pointless that if I see a post about these things, I never read them; or if a post that I read contains an annoying habit, I nearly always stop reading it.

Let me know if you agree, disagree, or have any annoyances yourself in the comments!!

1. MAC lipstick collections

Ok, everyone loves their lipsticks, including me. I own two – Chilli and Speak Louder. They’re great colours, long lasting, beautifully scented.

But who cares about MAC collections?! The packaging doesn’t really inspire, and we all know that MAC lipsticks are a little on the expensive side. So you showing your massive haul of MAC either means your flaunting your wealth or you’re just really irresponsibly buying overpriced lipstick!

2. Lipstick swatches on people’s arms

I get that it’s difficult showing what colours look like when it comes to eyeshadows. Palettes often contain more shades than you can ever wear at once. (While I’m on the subject, Colour Pop cosmetics get high marks in my books for swatching their eye makeup against 3 skin tones; pale, olive, and dark).

But Lipsticks being swatched on people’s arms tells me absolutely nothing. I WANT TO SEE THE LIPSTICK ON YOUR FACE! I can’t  count the times that I’ve clicked on a post reviewing a lipstick I’ve been coveting in the vain hope that the blogger who has similar skin tone to me will look good in it, giving me hope the lipstick will suit me and is worth buying.

More often than not there’s a pretty photo of the lipstick with some flowers, and a smear of lippy on a wrist.

I can feel my blood boiling in frustration even as I write this!!! I want to know if it will look good on me for crying out loud. It could be bright blue and look absolutely wonderful on your pale, elegant arm, but on your face? Nope!

3. Lush Hauls

see number 1. I adore Lush as much as the next person. I love going in and picking up all the same things I always pick up just to smell them and get my hands covered in glitter. I always end up buying the comforter bubble bar because it lasts me 4/5 baths.

Prices of lush have crept up in the years since I started going there. So I feel aggrieved by Lush Haul blog posts/youtube videos. We all know what they sell, and they rarely launch new products. So why do I want to read about which bath bomb you chose?? (Lush posts are best confined to Lush addict Instagram accounts. That way ‘fans’ can perpetuate their own obsessions and not bother everyone else….

4. Pastel Filters

This one is specifically an Instagram-related irritation. I HATE these “Cute girly pastel” accounts that spring up, and although completely devoid of any photographic talent, have thousands of followers. Basically, take  photo of something with polka dots or floral paper in the background, whack up the brightness and turn down the contract ridiculously low, so it looks like the person’s bedroom is pervaded by a thick fog.

It hurts my eyes, and p***es me off that accounts which don’t put any effort in get more followers than other lovely accounts (including mine of course…!)

5. Really Unhealthy Breakfast

Lastly, and probably again Instagram specific….

WHAT’S WITH ALL THESE BLOGGERS EATING ABSOLUTE CRAP FOR BREAKFAST?! Dougnuts? Candy? Are you SERIOUS? If your waistline is anything to go by then probably you’ve just taken the photo and actually you were munching muesli; Or you are blessed with a fantastic metabolism (for now at least…).

I do not condone the eating of high sugary foods for breakfast, though a little treat in a while is fine.

6. Apologetic posts about not posting

We know you have a life. You have holidays, family, friends, partners. Stop grovelling for our forgiveness. The sad reality is people probably didn’t even notice you were gone, such is the fickle world we live in. Stop apologising to people you don’t know, about not typing up some words about makeup on a blog.

I blog in my spare time (when I get any), fitting it around my full time job as a business development manager. I work hard! I go to the gym, I spend nights working away, or spending time with my husband. I will never let blogging feel like an obligation, and the second it does, I won’t do it.

7. Emtpies posts

Would *you* like to see the inside of my recycling bins? No? WELL WHY THE HELL DO I CARE ABOUT YOUR EMPTY BOTTLES?!?! WHY IS THIS A THING?

and…. breathe.

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32 thoughts on “What irritates me in Beauty Blogging

  1. I agree with the lipstick thing! It would be really nice if we could see the lipsticks on people’s faces with an eye look or something. I think those give a better idea on how to wear the lipstick etc.


  2. I never got the lipstick swatch thing either! I’ve never done a post on a lipstick, but do wonder why I would smear it on my wrist, as if that helps anyone? Also, I wonder if that’s what I’m supposed to do and I’m clueless, so thank you!

    I know what you mean about Instagram. Some pictures have one boring product in, and is just surrounded by pastel ‘something’ and that’s it, a blogger-worthy Instagram. I don’t want to make mine like that just to get followers, so I’ll live without! (Definitely going to have a look for yours!)

    I see the brags on Mac and Lush everywhere, and while they might be nice to own, it seems it’s just become a competition of wealth. I feel like you’ve started me off here! I’m going to stop! haha x

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  3. I’m guilty of the lipstick swatch one *holds hands up* but only because I don’t feel confidant enough to put myself in the photo, unless my boat race is completely shrouded in a fabric face mask I’m reviewing. Great post though lovely, I enjoyed reading x

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  4. I’m guilty of a couple of these, and I love looking at haul posts and unhealthy breakfasts – but I laughed, anyway! XD

    Regarding the lipstick, I do feel that it doesn’t always help more if a swatch is on the lips – because lips tend to be pigmented differently from the rest of the skin, and you don’t know what the swatcher’s natural lip pigmentation is. At least on an arm/whatever, you can tell what color the base is and extrapolate. I’ve bought lipsticks based off of swatchers wearing it on their lips, and end up annoyed that it really doesn’t look like that on me. (My lips are naturally a bit mauve-ish, whereas my skintone is warm and yellow-based.) Granted, the swatch looks better on the lips as an overall shot!

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    1. Oh my god I’d not even considered this! There are really good nail bloggers like one nail to rule them all who always fully swatch (and they don’t have really fucking creepy long nails) so I can actually tell what the colour wears like and also transpose it to my own nails easily in my head! Xx


  6. I think it’s fairly judgmental to make the comments about MAC lipstick “hauls.” Hauls at their very core are flaunting – not just hauls about MAC. And as far as being overpriced, MAC is actually on the budget side when it comes to designer makeup (anything NARS and up will outprice MAC). People should be able to love whatever brand they want – and to buy as much of it as they want! Doesn’t make them irresponsible.
    As far as swatching lipsticks on the arm – there’s actually a reason beauty bloggers do this. It’s because your arm is a clean canvas and although you personally might want to see it on their face because you have a similar skin tone – not everyone is the same shade as you! It is easiest to show the colors in true form to the masses by swatching on your arm.

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  7. totally agree with the MAC lisptick one, I don’t even own one of them, they’re just too pricey for me right now when I could get 2 different ones by other good brands.
    hate to admit that while reading this I was eating cookies for breakfast though (sorry!) I wouldn’t take a picture of it though, I’d rather pretend I’d eaten muesli or something haha
    great post x


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  8. Haha!! Loved this! Number 6 I especially agree with I always find them kind of post/videos really amusing, especially when you are at my level of basically no followers because I don’t think anyone would miss me if I didn’t post one week. I actually said to a fellow ‘small’ blogger/youtuber friend today who is putting pressure on herself to upload EVERYDAY quality over quantity and if it’s not fun DON’T do it. I work full time, husband, disabled father, shih tzu I am never going to be able to keep up with the full time bloggers and I don’t intend to try! 🙂

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