A Lush Life (And Its Hefty Price Tag)

A like minded blogger speaks sense about Lush and their creeping price tags


One of my presents from my recent birthday was a lovely Halloween set from Lush Cosmetics. Inside was a Lord of Misrule bath bomb, Lord of Misrule shower gel, a Halloween scarf and a bat shaped shower jelly. I was ecstatic with the gift. I absolutely adore Lush products and stand by them on the majority of their views on the world. They’re an excellent company making some excellent products.

But as I later lathered up in the shower, enjoying my zesty smelling shower gel and watching my skin turn momentarily green, I couldn’t help but wonder why my whole bathroom wasn’t filled top to bottom with these ‘do-good-feel-good’ products. And then I remembered…I can’t afford it.

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