&other stories scent reviewย 

Hello! I’ve not blogged in a long while, but a lot has gone on since my earlier post on my favourite bee items for the home.

Work work work!

Well I finally managed to get away for a holiday and thought I would share with you the bits and bobs I took with me. I enjoy going shopping for holidays, it’s extra special!

I had wanted to purchase a new fragrance but couldn’t justify spending over ยฃ40 – however ย & other stories was on hand to help! They’ve opened in Manchester recently and I’m in love with EVERYTHING!

They have a lovely range of scents, available in eau de parfum at a very reasonable ยฃ26 (from memory), however they sell body sprays at ยฃ12 for 150ml, or a very reasonable ยฃ5 for a smaller bottle at 50ml.

I chose the super sweet and girly ‘Punk Bouquet’ and the more delicate, sensual ‘Floral Momento’.

Punk Bouquet reminds me immediate ofย heady candy floss laced with vanilla for a fun, punchy scent. Top notes areย Almond, Tangerine, Green Apple, with a heart ofย Cyclamen, Tiger Orchid, Lotus Flower and a base of Vanilla, Tonka Beans and Tree Moss.

Floral momento is sweet, powdery Violet on a bed of bergamot.

I highly recommend all of their scents – ย browseย here.

Pictured is also a raw stone long necklace, from Accessorize and great value at ยฃ10!

Have you tried & other stories yet? Aren’t they amazing!