I was really excited to find out about Gear4Geeks and be offered to do a collab with them on my blog.


Any gamer geek ladies out there will know what I mean when I say that geekery in fashion is definitely very one sided. From band t-shirts to slogan tees from your favourite TV show, film or Game ; they’re either made to fit men, and therefore equate to us wearing a tent-like boxy t-shirt made of thick, robust and unflattering cotton, or they’re tailored with busty models in mind, if the slogan placement is anything to go by (I mean,I bet she doesn’t know her FFVII from her FFVIII amirite?!)

Say it, Picard.

There’s a distinct lack of quality out there in the garments that are available, and often girls can’t express their passions for geekery in the same way it is so easy for men to do. (If you ask me if I borrowed this top from my boyfriend I will punch you in the face!)

Geark4Geeks are one of the few e-retailers out there who are offering high-quality and female-oriented clothing items. Batman, Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, to name a few, are represented here!

I chose a girly kitty dress, some awesome Mario colourful leggings and a Bambi vest to cover the whole range of what they offer.

Shoutout to Kallisti Jewellery for sending me this kickass Princess Peach necklace to match these leggings! Find her here on twitter, and on Etsy!


The quality of these items is excellent, and I would highly recommend Gear4Geeks! – Browse their website for yourself!

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In case anyone was wondering, I’ve listed some of my favourite games of all time below – do we have any in common??

  • Final Fantasy (7-10)
  • Elder Scrolls
  • Mass Effect series
  • Devil May Cry
  • Bioshock Series
  • Fallout
  • Crash Bandicoot

Also I take Star Trek over Star Wars, My favourite Avenger is Thor, Vincent Valentine is a way better hero than Cloud Strife, and Terminator has so many plot holes I cannot even cope.

Where we’re going, we don’t need plotholes!

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didis boutique dolly and dotty dresses

Dolly and Dotty Dress Review


Well, I feel absolved of my negativity after yesterday’s ranty post, and would like to bring you a beautiful dress review today instead!

I got this dress from Lucy Loves at Didi’s Boutique in Altrincham, which I’ve blogged about here and here. I have always loved bright Yellow, and am attracted to items of clothing or accessories that are yellow in a magpie-like manner! it’s harder to rock in such a block colour manner when it’s coming into autumn, but a yellow satchel paired with a dark toned outfit, or a yellow pair of shoes brighten up any dull day!

The Wendy dress is from the Dolly & Dotty range on the website, made from 95% cotton and is very soft and versatile. I love how well it fits (this is a size 10) around my waist without being too tight. It has a nice length, coming to just the level of my knee (i’m 5ft7), and has enough flare to the skirt to wear with a peticoat. It comes with a matching belt as well, but I chose not to wear it for the photos, as the dress required no cinching.


20150919_111651 20150919_111657

I paired the dress with my red Lotta clogs.

You can order direct from the website in other designs by clicking the links in the top of this post- hope you like it!

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boden shoes Alice heel

Boden Alice Heel

Yesterday, I posted about my Boden sale pick in the form of my Scallop Sweater. I also bought some fantastic shoes at the same time – so fantastic in fact, that they deserved their own blog post. I’m talking about the Alice Heel of course, possibly the most instagrammed shoes this season!

I can totally understand how – they’re probably the prettiest shoes I could have imagined! Polka dot, bows, tassles grouped with a cute pastel colour palette. Again, as I mentioned in my last post, I wasn’t tempted to buy the with their hefty price tag of £119.00. Yes. they are beautiful, but realistically, how often will I wear them?! Apart from this blog post and for my holiday in a couple of weeks (that’s if my husband doesn’t laugh too much when I wear them, mind) probably not very often.

Therefore, the sale price of £35.70 was a lot more palatable for my bank account. You can shop the Alice shoe in this colour and also 3 other styles by clicking here. They do a sensible black and beige pair (reduced to £47.60), but where’s the fun in that, I ask? This post serves as a shameless deposit for colour popping images of these absolutely delightful heels! Enjoy…

boden alice heel

Boden Alice Heel Boden Alice Heel Boden Alice Heel

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OOTD – Hydrangeas in the church yard!

Good afternoon!

It looked a little cool and breezy outside today so I opted for my long sleeve top from Primark –  when the sun is out its actually quite hot! I bought this huge purple-blue hydrangea bloom from an amazing florist in my local shopping centre for £3! It was so beautiful I demanded to have my husband take photographs!





Where’s it from?
Shoes: Sainsburys
Top & Necklace: both Primark
Handbag: Clarks
Sunglasses: River Island
Lipstick: Raspberry velvet matte rouge edition by Bourjois

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clothing rail

Pre-Loved – My top tips for selling your clothes

Salt Clothing Co

Selling on some of your old/unworn clothes can be an excellent way to rake back a little extra money, while doing your bit for the environment (after all, it’s a bit like recycling, right?). However, you shouldn’t try to sell your clothes without reading through this post first. If you jump in the deep end without the basics, your items will sit there unsold and gathering dust!

Use the Right Platform

The first thing you need to know is that there are multiple platforms you can use to sell your old clothes. There’s eBay of course  but you probably already know there are easier and simpler fashion-focussed apps you can use. There’s Depop, which is fairly new on the scene and is a little bit like Instagram for selling clothes. There are sites for designer garments, too. My personal favourite is Vinted though, which is an online fashion marketplace, Think about what you’re selling and do your research on the most suitable platform to sell on.

Use Accurate and Enticing Descriptions for More Interest

When selling online, you need to write a description on the item. It isn’t compulsory, but you’ll only get asked a ton of annoying questions if you don’t succintly and accurately descrive what you’re selling – Include Size, colour, length and width measurements, and fabric type. Accuracy is important, otherwise the buyer has rights to expect a refund from you.

Use Good Quality images

High quality pictures showing off the cut and color of the item is very important. They can be taken with an iPhone or another bog standard camera, but you need to be sure the lighting isn’t misleading your viewers. Multiple pictures is always going to be a better idea than just one picture – Apps like Vinted have a great walkthrough for uploading your photos for an item – front, back, on and off the hanger. Also, don’t forget to include photos of any flaws (see above re accuracy!)

photography is important!

Styling is Important

Styling up the clothes might be an effort, but you’ll get so much more attention on your items, and increase you chances of selling. People will be able to see how they would wear the item(s) you’re selling, and this will make them more likely to buy. If the reason you’re selling is it doesn’t fit, you can always ask a friend to model, or style them on a mannequin from a place like It’s worth the extra effort you go through to get a little more money from selling on!

Customer Service Matters

Make sure any communication you have with an interested buyer is clear and quick. Concentrate on offering great customer service, even if this isn’t really a ‘business’ to you! People will be more likely to look again if you sell anything else, and feedback is very important. You don’t want to put people off buying from you if you take too long to reply, or worse, you’re snotty with them.

Be Realistic

You might want more than what you paid for an item, but this isn’t always realistic. Know that you probably won’t get as much as you want unless the item is very special. You can set a reserve price, but be cautious. This can put some buyers off.

Ready to make some extra cash on your old clothes? Use these tips and see what happens!

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My New Joy Louche Dress!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my outfit with you today because I am super in love with my new Joy Louche dress! The sale in there at the moment is amazing! This dress cost me £24.00. I’ve been a fan of Joy for ages, and when the opened in Manchester recently I was really excited!

I chose this dress because it flatters my shape and gives me confidence. I really wanted to wear more dresses with summer being here. What do you think?

joy the store, dress, fit and flare, nautical, ootd, wiwt

You can shop the sale here – I couldn’t find this particular dress though!

This style of dress (fit and flare) is flattering for all body shapes, and I like the way it’s not too short. I can’t stand too short dresses. Calf length is king!

I paired the dress with my new New Look ballet pumps – an absolute steal at £7.99! I opted for Nude pink for maximum co-ords with my current wardrobe, but they have some other lovely colours – at that price you can afford to get a few!

New look, ballet flats, pumps, shoes, library of fragrance uk, gypsophelia, flowers, flatlay, cherry blossom

To accessorise I wore my Aubergine Fox cloud brooch, and my Oh Kuol Druzy necklace. I’m so happy that brooches are making a real come back as an accessory! Aubergine fox are one of my favourite Etsy shops, and their Instagram feed is an absolute dream.

druzy, necklace, etsy, handmade, brooch, aubergine fox, oh kuol, jewellery
Oh Kuol Druzy Necklace and Aubergine Fox brooch. The lipstick in Clinique

My Clarks leather handbag also made an appearance!

clarks, handbag, leather

It may be raining outside but I am dressing for the weather I want not the weather I have! Thank fully my bag is big enough to hold my brolly!!

Salt Clothing Company : Cotton Nautical T-shirts

I was super happy to receive some of these kick ass tee’s to show off to you this week. Salt Clothing Company is a hand printed apparel company born in a seaside surf town in Tyne and Wear, UK.

Salt clothing company box logo
Who doesn’t love a good nautical logo?!

The brand has been influenced by travels through surf towns, cities, villages, communities and destinations across the world – but it is from the North East of England that Salt takes it’s true essence: From the beaches and rugged coastline; from the rolling hills and harsh borders to the north; from the traditional mining and fishing villages that are dotted throughout the region; from the ‘salt of the earth’ folk that strive to survive; from the salty city slickers drawn to the region’s cultural centres; the famed cities and beautiful world renowned architecture. 
Salt connects all these influences in one way or another: be it the earth; the food; the sweat; the tears; or especially the sea.

Poetic, huh?

They were kind enough to send me two t-shirts to show to you today. They arrived in a beautiful box and folded so prettily in tissue paper. The first thing that struck me was the quality. So soft!! The printing isn’t rigid like it can be on some t-shirts you get cheaply elsewhere.

2015-06-15 20.49.47

2015-06-15 20.50.05

I took photos instantly when I got them home, but I wanted to wait til I had a good way of styling them to share on my blog.

I can instantly see these appealing to festival goers, especically the black sleeveless number. So easy to wear, so soft and so versatile.

Here I am styling my Logo Boxy Tee priced at £10.00 (WOW). I am wearing it with my new favourite lipstick from the Clinique Colour pop collection, in Cola and my binky’s trinkets ship necklace. My collection of nautical necklaces from her Etsy shop make several appearances in fact!! I’m also wearing my red Zatchels Satchel. What a dreamy colour!

I also styled this Flèches Sleeveless Vest Tee in black.

I absolutely love their tee’s and highly recommend them to anyone – super soft, high quality and so easy to style.

Follow them on facebook, instagram and twitter!

Thank you Salt Clothing Company!

OOTD : what I wore to a Summer BBQ

Hi all!

Just a quick post today to show you what I am wearing to a family BBQ. I wanted to be comfortable so I choose this practical black sun dress, but wanted a pop of colour to liven up the outfit! I enjoy combining a couple or a few colours to brighten an ensemble.


See something you like?

Bag: fossil
Sunglasses : French Connection from Boots
Sandals : Henry Holland at Debenhams (past season)
Dress : New Look
Lipstick : Kate for Rimmel in Rossetto


Have a great weekend xxx

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Fossil Sydney Tote handbag

By rights I should totally avoid Cheshire Oaks Retail park because undoubtedly I will come home with something…

This time was no exception –  you might recall last time I went I came away with a Mulberry dress!

This time I popped into Fossil – I love their simple,  colourful and beautifully designed handbags. I’ve been hoping for a medium sized tote in a pretty colour to bring me into summer,  and this baby was right on the button, as well as being a complete bargain at £65.00!

fossil handbag flatlay
What’s in your handbag?

I absolutely loved it on sight – powder blue is such a versatile colour too. I couldn’t wait to get it home and style it for an instagram photo! I was really keen on the bright red tote but this one was not in the sale. They also had a lovely powdery lime colour.

Hope you’ve had a great restful weekend.

Fossil handbag baby blue