Gig Review : Cattle & Cane at Gulliver’s Mcr

This is something I normally post about, but actually I don’t care! It’s my blog (ner ner!)

Cattle & Cane were a band that I had been peripherally aware of for a number of years, but had never, for whatever reason, explored in any great detail. Purchasing three tickets was a reaction to finding their gig pop up into my email account from a music events round up mailing list, and with it being close to Christmas. The tickets were for my Dad, you see, as a gift!

I’d plonk them into the folk camp (if forced to by my own self-inflicted rigid Spotify categorisation laws) though that in itself would be a gross misjustice. They’re so much more than that.

The band is made up entirely of the Hammill siblings (except the drummer) and their close ties as a family drives perfect synchronous harmonies across tracks like ‘We were Children’ and ‘Home’ and the off-album track ‘Infant Hercules‘, penned about the industrial rise and fall of Teeside (their home county).

Their debut album ‘Home’ contains a mixture of uplifting and foot-stomping tracks that will have you imagining you were driving along a dusty track road in central America, not Teeside or Manchester!

Cattle & Cane were captivating, energetic and perfect in their harmonies, comfortable on stage and engaging with their very close knit fan-base (it seemed many had followed them from Teeside to Manchester!).

The venue was Gulliver’s, on Oldham Street, a renowned indie venue in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.


Top marks, I look forward to tracking this band and watching them perform again soon. Learn more about them here.

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Disaronno Terrace at The Oast House w/ All We Are


Hello everyone!

Yesterday evening I was invited to attend a special summer event held at The Oast House,  a beautiful rustic countryfarm-esque food and drink venue nestled in the heart of Spinningfields, Manchester’s financial district.

I was really excited for this,  as All We Are were playing a live set –  this trio, describing themselves as “Bee-gees on Diazipam” are really making waves in the music scene and I sense big things will come of them. I was lucky enough to get to see them perform at a small intimate gig at Manchester’s Deaf Institute in March of this year, and I jumped at the chance to see them perform here.

The Oast House is a really unique venue in Manchester, boasting a spacious open area with wooden tables scattered beneath a high-peaked canopy. This canopy came in rather useful,  as typically for a Manchester summer it began to pour it down! Guests were provided with big squashy outdoor cushions to furnish the steps around the periphery of the venue, lending it a cosy atmosphere all round.




I could have drank so many Disaronno sours, too – So delicious!

At this event I also met with a fellow Manchester blogger,  DromomaniaMCR! Roisin was so lovely,  and while were waiting for the band we shared thoughts on all things to do with blogging in Manchester,  the North’s power house!

In spite of the terrible weather, All We Are rocked out a 45 minute set including ‘Ebb/Flow’, ‘Feel Safe’ and concluding with my favourite ‘Keep me Alive’. Norwegian Guro Gikling’s voice was absolutely on point all the way through, smashing out high warbling notes that seriously compromise spinal integrity. The handsome Irishman Richard O’Flynn took to the drums with zeal and energy, with Brazilian Luis Santos focused and zen-like as he created trippy echoing guitar loops and switched it up with the tambourine from time to time.

I was not disappointed with these guys, and would gladly watch them perform again and again.

All We Are on Set


All We Are on Set
Final song for the set, “Keep Me Alive”.


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A Beautiful Day out In Cheshire

My husband and I had taken off the same day from work to spend together, and after much deliberation following meteorological consultation, we opted to go to Tatton Park in Cheshire at my suggestion.

The weather wasn’t meant to be great,  and indeed most of the morning and early afternoon was overcast with only a gentle amount of rain!

Tatton Park is a stately home with sprawling national trust grounds in Knutsford, Cheshire. It boasts a number of attractions aside from the natural charms of the parkland itself, which cost £6 single entry,  or £11 for entry to 3 of the main attractions (Manor, Farm, Gardens), therefore worth doing at least 2 of these!

We did all 3 as it happens.  I highly recommend the beautiful onsite tea room ‘the Gardener’s Courtyard’, tucked away behind brick wall just off the main courtyard.

Tatton Park : Gardener’s Cottage

We were seated tucked amongst the rockery and flower beds, and were joined for our cherry scone and tea by a friendly Robin!

gardeners cottage menu and table tatton park hall chesire

gardeners cottage table scone and tea tatton park hall gardens
Cafetiere for one, breakfast tea and a cherry scone!


Tatton Park : The Gardens

The gardens are sprawling; whether you want to seek out rare exotic specimens (redwoods, spruces, etc) or view the kitchen garden (rhubarb envy!),  or stroll through manicured gardens with secret hidden pools, then there’s something for you.






Top Tip: get a map.

Tatton Park : The Manor House

The house,  whilst not being the most beautiful to my taste,  is fairly interesting to view. It’s the usual hotchpotch of added wings by succeeding family members of the Edgerton estate, with a fabulous Hall bedecked with taxidermy specimens from all the continents added by one Lord of the manor; a large collection of art and beautiful pieces of commissioned furniture.

Worth a browse for an hour. I’d suggest paying an extra £3 pp for the guided tour,  I’m sure there’s much more to learn about it.

I have to say that some of the room were spoiled by the presence of a modern art exhibition. The pieces were not to my taste nor dare I say to the taste of the demographic of the visitors. One lady and I expressed mutual distate for the display in the dining room. Modern art has a place,  and it is not alongside priceless pieces of furniture from the 1700s.





Tatton Park – The Farm

We paid a short visit to the farm,  where we spent a goodwhile laughing at the pigs. It’s really unbelievable how large they get! Each pig had a bio and a short ‘character description’. All I’d say is,  none of the m seemed particularly energetic! They have lots of great things for kids to do there,  though it was amusing enough for us,  with the rowdy chickens and Cockerells strutting about the place!



Knutsford Town Centre : King Street


We drove across the grounds South, passed the Mere and the supposedly haunted tutor manor to have our lunch in Knutsford. The main high street runs parallel with King Street, the smaller, narrower and older part, which is home to loads of boutiques, charity shops and places to eat.

We ate at Jack Rabbit’s on the terrace outside –  really impressed with the food here, American Smokehouse style food.


The South Carolina Burger : Adouble burger with applewood cheese and puled smoked pork. I upgraded to sweet potato- cause why wouldn’t you?! Their homemade sauces are also DELICIOUS!

Really great price too! Thank you for looking after us!

We has a great browse in a 3 floor antique shop as well that was just across the road from here. I was in heaven!

Thinking of going out for the day in Chester? Have any cool ideas to share? Let me know!

Love!  Xx

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