Larch Living

Anyone who has followed my blog for sometime now will know how much I love supporting small businesses. They may also know that I moved into my first home this September in Manchester, and naturally I had my eyes open for cute living items to make it feel like home.

Larch Living, a company I have been following on Instagram for a while now, really caught my eye with their eye catching Skandi-style homeware items in monochrome hues, as well as offering a delightful selection of Jewellery and miscellaneous gift items perfect for Christmas.

Who doesn’t love scatter cushions, I ask?

The Cloud and Raindrops cushion was  the one I fell for- shop it here. its a beautiful soft linen fabric, and although you can’t see in the photo, the reverse is patterned in tiny black raindrops!

Here it is in pride on place on the bed!

Seeing as I mentioned the jewellery, I thought I would show off what is by far one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery that I think I will ever own! A ceramic hummingbird. The quality of this piece is beyond what I was hoping for, with a delicate chain. The colours of the paint and the enamel glaze are really beautiful. Shop it here, it’s on sale at the moment too!

Visit their website as there’s not of items on sale right now so you can pick up a bargain in time for Christmas.

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M&S Home picks under £25

Good afternoon! You can count this my final post before I go on my holidays to Crete for my 1 year wedding anniversary!

Recently I moved into my first home, and a lot of time and money has been spent filling it with furniture and things to make it functional, and of course, pretty!

I thought I would share with you three beautiful things I found from M&S that came in at under £25 to add a special touch to a home.

Stag cushion

The stag, synonymous with Game of Thrones and it’s house Baratheon, makes me feel rather autumnal for some reason! I’ve seen it everywhere in soft furnishings, and it adds a beautiful regal touch to any room.

This one costs £25, and is super soft.

stag cushion Marks and Spencer

Bumblebee embroidered cushion

Considering how beautiful this is, it’s staggering (heh) to think that it only cost £12 for the delightful and beautifully made cushion. It’s small, sure, but the colours really pop.

bumblebee embroidered cushion Marks and Spencer bumblebee embroidered cushion Marks and Spencer

Capri Table lamp

Marks and Spencer was actually the last place we thought to  look for table lamps- we thought that they would come in too pricey, considering we only needed something simple and neutral toned.

These table lamps cost £19.50 each, which was ideally in our budget.

capri table lamp marks and spencer

capri table lamp marks and spencer

Shop these items here!

Stag Cushion / Bee Cushion / Capri Lamp

urban massage thumbnail

Urban Massage comes to Manchester

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been a bit AWoL recently sorting out the new House and all, but I am back to tell you all about my recent experience with Urban Massage, a new service in Manchester! Urban Massage is a service which allows you to book a fully qualified, insured and vetted therapist to give a spa-quality massage in 60 minutes notice, in the comfort of your own home. I’ve got a £20 off code for my Manchester based friends, so read on…

I have to admit I was super excited about this, as living in a busy city such as Manchester, spas are either few and far between, questionable in quality, and the good ones are over-the-top expensive. Going for a country retreat isn’t always an option either, with petrol costs, and overnight stays factoring in.

Without the cost of premises and all that comes with it (candles aren’t cheap you know?) an hour massage session is available for £45.00 -That is an amazing price! Simply book your treatment from the selection of massages and prepare a room of your choice for the treatment. Use your own music playlist, your own candles, and your own comfort zone within your house to receive your treatment.

Urban massage Home setup
All set up and ready to relax!

I chose to book my Swedish massage treatment online – I had a minor issue with my post code not being on the system, as my property is a new build, but using the support chat function I spoke to the wonderful Sophie over the phone who was lightning fast to rectify the issue and got me added on to the system immediately. She then handled the rest over the phone, booking in my female therapist Megan to give me my treatment.

Megan Urban Massage Therapist
The Lovely Megan

Megan arrived on time lugging her massage table on wheels – which I then rather guiltily asked her to take up to the second floor of my house. Bless her, she did this with no complaint what so ever!

Beforehand I made my room look extra pretty and relaxing using my large collection of candles (see here and here).

Candles and Roses!
making my bedroom all relaxed!

I was made comfortable and asked which areas I would like to focus on – I’ve got super tight calves and shoulders at the moment, so Megan set to work on my muscles and showing me no mercy! I love a good bit of pressure in a massage, as I see it as more therapeutic than simple relaxation. However if that’s not your style, there are relaxation massages available for those who simply need to unwind.

Want to know the best bit? If you live in London or Manchester I can get you a whopping £20 off your treatment!!! That means an hour’s massage for only £25! Simply click here to book your treatment and claim £20 off – or enter RJESSITE at the checkout.

A massage table and natural massage oils are supplied. Treatments range from relaxing to remedial treatments including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Thai Yoga Massage. Currently operating in London and Manchester, you can book online via the website, or use the iPhone & Android apps or by calling 0203 0519 021

Thank you Megan for being so lovely and patient – I’m just glad my husband turned up to take the table back downstairs for us!!!

Side note: my super relaxing Spotify playlist can be found here.

Urban Massage Table setup
Thanks for reading!

Daisy Blue Candles Review

Daisy Blue Candles Review
Daisy Blue Candles Review Daisy Blue Candles Review

Daisy Blue candles, made by Lorraine Forsyth in Scotland, are simple and elegant in design, and beautifully fragranced. One thing that never occurred to me until I received these two candles from DBC was, normally when we buy candles we have to give consideration to the colour of the tin, and therefore you are often constrained in using certain scents (Strawberry is invariably in a red or pink tin, right? And Fresh Linen is ALWAYS blue!).

Lorraine’s candles come in cool brushes steel effect tins, or clear thick glass, packaged in clean cut white androgynous boxes. The wax is a calming vanilla shade- no danger of any of her candles clashing with your interiors, thank you very much. The only thing that stands out is the tiny blue daisy logo of DBC on the labels.

Angel’s Kiss is scented delicately with strawberries and champagne, in contrast to the powerful punch packed by Ginger & Lime in the larger candle jar. Ginger & Lime would brighten any living space or kitchen with it’s fresh zesty scent, whereas Angel’s Kiss would soften and relax the atmosphere in a bedroom or bathroom.

Daisy Blue Candles Angel's Kiss

You can shop these scents and others (I’d love to try vanilla Rose, and Apple & Wild Mint!) on her website

Readers of my blog can get a whopping 20% off candles if you enter Jess01 (that’s jess zero 0ne with no spaces!) at the checkout.

Or follow her on Instagram!

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Daisy Blue Candles Lime and Ginger

Wilko Fruits Bath & Body Range

I don’t know about you, but in my family we don’t always buy our recurring beauty/cleaning groceries in our standard weekly shop – we often do a Wilko run! They’re such great value and always have better offers on.

I was wandering into Wilko to actually buy some candy – I was going to watch Antman at the cinema (awesome film by the way) – when my attention was caught by the super bright and fun Fruits range. I mean, look at how colourful and beautiful they are!

Fruits body care and skin care range at Wilko

These are available in the following scents, some novel and others rather familiar:-

  • Coconut and Vanilla
  • Lime and Ginger
  • Blueberry and Grape
  • Lemon and Black Pepper – I bought the Shower Gel
  • Strawberry and Pomegranate
  • Passionfruit and Melon – I bought the Soap
  • Orange and Pomelo – I bought the Shampoo
  • Rhubarb and Vanilla – I bought the Bath Foam

In each fragrance range there are a whole bunch of products for your skin and your hair:-

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Hand Soap
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Butter
  • Soap
  • Bath Bomb
  • Face mask
  • Lip balm
  • Body Scrub

You can also get matching shower puffs for your favourite colour! Not all of these products are always available in store, a rather helpful person told me on Instagram, but you can get them online! and a 95p each per item (Yes, that cheap!) and using sustainable palm oil, you can feel guilt-free!

Look how they can add a splash of colour to a white bathroom. The Rhubarb and Vanilla Bath Foam smells exactly like it’s candy counterpart, and I absolutely loved using it! My skin was not irritated at all by the formula and it was a delight to use!

Wilko fruits range
the shampoo was really pleasant smelling and left my hair nice and clean!
Fruits body care and skin care range at Wilko
Rhubarb and Vanilla smells absolutely divine!

Fruits body care and skin care range at Wilko


Lily-Flame : My favourite Candle Maker

its sort of a tradition in my house that my husband buys me a Lily-Flame candle from Christmas – even with frequent use it usually lasts me all year!
Stocked in John Lewis,  they are powerfully Scented candles in cute little tins. Favouring florals over fruity generally,  though there’s the odd notable candle which  packs a fruity punch!

The wonderful team down in Somerset have been very lovely to me on Twitter (follow them at @Lily_Flame)  and I recently offered to help them out in testing new scents.

This morning I received  package from them with two new scents I haven’t had before –  Daisy Dip and Rose Petals.


Aren’t they the cutest designs!

Daisy Dip has a pleasant undertone of grass,  warm floral notes and hint of something sweet that reminds me of honey!


The wax itself is a nice fresh white with a touch of pink.


Rose Petals is as you might expect! It reminds me of a freshly cut wild rose –  a very heady intoxicating scent,  there’s nothing delicate about it!



What I love about them (aside from the scent of the candles themselves,  and of course their adorable packaging and little descriptions on the tin) is how affordable Lily-Flame candles are. They come in at about £8 a candle. I believe they also sell Reed diffusers as well,  which I’ve never tried out.

Pick yours up from

John Lewis

or their online shop! Order now in time for Christmas.  Buy British and buy hand made!


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Mostly I favourite stunning or unusual jewellery,  though on my list you might find handmade leather shoes, satchels,  or things for the home.


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