boden shoes Alice heel

Boden Alice Heel

Yesterday, I posted about my Boden sale pick in the form of my Scallop Sweater. I also bought some fantastic shoes at the same time – so fantastic in fact, that they deserved their own blog post. I’m talking about the Alice Heel of course, possibly the most instagrammed shoes this season!

I can totally understand how – they’re probably the prettiest shoes I could have imagined! Polka dot, bows, tassles grouped with a cute pastel colour palette. Again, as I mentioned in my last post, I wasn’t tempted to buy the with their hefty price tag of £119.00. Yes. they are beautiful, but realistically, how often will I wear them?! Apart from this blog post and for my holiday in a couple of weeks (that’s if my husband doesn’t laugh too much when I wear them, mind) probably not very often.

Therefore, the sale price of £35.70 was a lot more palatable for my bank account. You can shop the Alice shoe in this colour and also 3 other styles by clicking here. They do a sensible black and beige pair (reduced to £47.60), but where’s the fun in that, I ask? This post serves as a shameless deposit for colour popping images of these absolutely delightful heels! Enjoy…

boden alice heel

Boden Alice Heel Boden Alice Heel Boden Alice Heel

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Bernese Mountain Dog

Lovingly Handmade handbag Charms by MisHelenEous

Cupcake charms

Hello all!

Very excited to share with you some beautiful and specially made hand-crafted items from the wonderful Mancherster-based MisHelenEous! Mascotted by Helen’s late beautiful border Terrier Whiskey, and now by the adorable puppy Heidi, MisHelenEous is about as British Handmade as British handmade gets. She’s a crafty one this one!

Are you a Radley lover? Ever felt marginalised because although you kinda like Scottie dogs you’ve always been more of a, say, Collie person? Look no further! Helen specialises in crafting bespoke pieces – handbag charms/keyrings of our favourite dog breeds. As a cat lover (and all round general animal lover really) Britain is a nation of dog lovers and we love our pooches than much that their iconography blends easily into our fashion and into our home furnishings!

I chose this Bernese Mountain dog charm, because I of the opinion that the bigger the dog the better – but if Beagles, Welsh Terriers or Chihuahuas are more your bag, she’s got you covered! These would make fantastic gifts for friends and family (sorry to remind you but Christmas is creeping up!)

Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog keyring
hungry dog!
burnese Mountain Dog
Have dog, will travel

If dogs aren’t your thing, then surely a GBBO lover would appreciate this adorable cupcake? or perhaps this beautiful hand knitted rose brooch?

2015-08-15 09.54.03 cupcake handbag charm


2015-08-15 09.55.28

I never tire of saying that supporting small businesses is really important to me – these people are the foundation stone of our economy and of Britishness itself!

If you like what you see, or want to explore her other items (Doggie clothing, bunting and much more) please visit her Etsy shop or contact her on the details below!

misheleneous contact details

Nautical AND Nice! : my Anchor and Crew Bracelet

Hi guys, or should I say, “Ahoy!”

For a month or so I have oggling at Anchor and Crew over on InstagramBased in the UK, they design and hand-make jewellery inspired by nautical mechanical objects – think Anchors and Rope pulleys!(Or most astutely as their website states, Naval Heritage with a modern Style.) 

I was super excited when head Shipmate Andrew contacted me and asked if I would review one of their pieces. 

My first challenge was to decide which one! Their pieces are real silver, combined with ‘rope’ in varying colours combinations, silver chain or leather. I decided I was fixed upon getting something with an anchor at the very least, and so that narrowed it down. I eventually settled on the Admiral Bracelet in Yellow – What better colour to choose for Spring/Summer?!

The bracelet arrived in a beautiful presentation tin perfect for makeup brushes, and comes also with a 1 year guarantee and care booklet.

med_25 2015-04-10 13.00.06


I even wore my Yellow Henry Holland sandals for the occasion!! I popped down to the Riverside by my work place to take a few photos in the sunshine as well.

DSC_0501 DSC_0498


I would like to thank Andrew and the lovely Mateys (I need to stop with the nautical puns…) over at Anchor and Crew, and wish them all the luck in the world launching their beautiful products in the UK and beyond. I could easily build a massive collection of these, if they’d let me…

I was quite taken with the Mauve Leather anchor band as well as this all black number

alt_162_958 med_68

You can explore their shiny and sleek website here, and follow them on Facebook here!

Jewellery : My new Brooch

Hello! Just a quick post today – mostly to affirm I still exist, but also to tell you about this adorable wooden handmade brooch (I always want to write Broach) from Aubergine Fox over on Etsy. I have blogged about another piece from their collection before.

I decided I wanted something fairly small and whimsical to live on the breast pocket of my coat, and Aubergine fox was my first port of call. They have one remaining in Green & Gold if you would like to own one yourself!

It came in at just over £5 inclusive of shipping as they had an offer on at that time, and so beautifully wrapped! I totally love this little whimsical piece, it looks rather at home on my coat, don’t you think?

2015-05-11 17.10.14

Thank you for reading my blog posts, as infrequent as they may come, and feel free to ask any questions or let me know what you think.

Love, Jess

What I got for Christmas!

Happy new year lovelies! 2015 is going to be a belter,  I can feel it! I always like New Year, 17 days countdown until my birthday! Yippee!

I thought I’d share some pictures of what I got from Santa this year,  though forgive the lack of derail around the items.  Currently I am living back with my parents in law as I am saving to buy my first home with my husband, and the WiFi in the bedroom doesn’t exist. Laptop cannot cope!

Anyway,  if you do have any questions just leave me a comment!









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Shopping in the USA! – My Honeymoon bargains

Me again, this time to share with you the great bargains I picked up on Honeymoon in the states!

I’ll start off by recommending that ANYONE who likes a little luxury and has a flight that departs from Heathrow airport should definitely pay for the use of the Virgin Heathrow Clubhouse. £50 per person might seem like a lot, but when you actually think about how much you spend on food in the airport anyway and considering you can get limitless champagne, food, and cocktails, not to mention a complementary treatment in either the spa or the hair salon- it’s pretty much a bargain!

I coughed up the extra to get a haircut too – an experience I recommend whilst sipping champagne! I was so happy to finally get rid of all my hair after the wedding! Here’s a before and after shot.


Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I picked up at the Florida Mall. I did spend a few hours on fifth ave in NYC but many of the beautiful things there were either way out of my price range or would have taken up most of my budget.

I was after a handbag from Michael Kors and had a particular colour in mind – in the end I couldn’t find the colour I wanted (a bright primary green incidentally), but I found this beautiful turquoise Kate Spade tote from the outlet store in Florida mall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While I was in NYC I did pick up this super cool Formula X polish from an amazing store called Sephora- if you’ve never heard of it it’s basically a store that JUST sells makeup and polishes, but from awesome brands that you don’t necessarily stumble across in the UK, such as Marc Jacobs and this particular brand.


In Florida I also picked up some essentials – two pairs of levis, the staple black converse and some tourist souvenirs from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure and a Marvel Heroes t-shirt! Oh, also a belt from Levis, for $4!


A bit of a turquoise theme, hope you enjoyed!

Jessica J


I’m back! – And so is autumn… it’s scarf time!

You might have gathered from one of my earlier posts about bridal things that I have been off getting married! I took my honeymoon in NYC and Florida (more to follow there, as I got lots of shopping done!) When I can back it was very apparent that Summer is over and Autumn is setting in. Now I welcome Autumn – I am one of those people who revels in walks outside when the air is crisp; I enjoy the colours of the turning leaves. I have many happy memories of these times.

It also means I can start wearing scarves! I might love bags and shoes, but I might actually be more of a scarf girl! I was in Sainsbury’s restocking the fridge upon my return to the UK, when I spotted a gorgeous scarf in the TU range (again, guilty of blogging about them before!) and I had to treat myself – at £16 it was sort of rude not to!

It’s cool coloured enough that it doesn’t wash me out (I’m pale skinned and dark haired) yet the flashes of mustard and pink throughout brighten it up a little!

2014-10-07 14.32.47

Notice here that I am showing off a) my wedding & engagement ring, and b) my shellac polish, which I did myself at home!!

They always have a cute range of scarves in, and always at a great price – check them out next time you’re restocking on groceries!!

Love Mrs Jessica J!


Rainbow Jewellery : BenuShop on Etsy

I’m a huge fan of Etsy – this week alone I have bought all of my wedding favours from it (I can’t blog about that yet, as I will ruin it for the recipients of said gifts) as well as my bridal garter and headband.

When my blog lived on blogspot I blogged about MinkyKitten’s simplistic and minimal stunning jewellery. Check out her shop for more stunning items, she creates new and beautiful things all the time.

Now I thought I would blog about the latest store I am obsessed with – BenuShop. Every piece in this shop is fun, unique and handmade by Pauline, a half British & half French living in London. She primarily works with leather to create her unique and striking pieces. All of the items In her shop on Etsy are drawn, designed, hand cut and pieced together by Pauline! 

I’ve featured some images of my my favourites below, but really, I want everything! The great thing about this shop as well, along with the quality and beauty of the pieces, is the price. Most if not all the pieces I have listed below come in under £20.00.

What do you think?

A fresh slice of watermelon!!
A fresh slice of watermelon!!
Has to be favourite for any self-respecting catlady!
Has to be favourite for any self-respecting catlady!
Handmade statement gold leather and pink tassel necklace
Handmade statement gold leather and pink tassel necklace
Handmade leather little house neck lace
Handmade leather little house neck lace
Statement Leather rainbow necklace
Statement Leather rainbow necklace