Bath & Body Product Review – Dead Sea Salt & Shave Gel

Spa Products at home

Hello readers!

The wonderful folks at the Spa PR company sent me some bath & body products to review and share with you all.

I bring you Dead Sea Salts, and Organic Lavender Shaving Gel today, two simple and honest ‘what it says on the tin’ style products that for me have been drastically overlooked over the years.

Dr Bronner's magic shaving gel!

When I first started shaving my legs as a teen, I had enormous trouble with nicks and cuts, hence the move to guarded razor blades (but for some reason no razor blade is ever as good as your husbands!), and I experimented with various soaps and shaving lubricants i.e. foams. Soap was a little drying, and Shaving foam was impractical to use in the bath (swathes of stubble filled white foam bring back any memories?) and forget it using in the shower.

Dr Bronner’s Lavender Shaving gel is the first foray into a proper official shaving product in years. Firstly, this is BUAV approved – no animal cruelty – and it’s organic. Ticks the ethical box then. Secondly, it smells GREAT. Calming and soothing lavender in the form of a cool purple gel applies beautifully to the skin, doesn’t lather too much so as to spoil your bathwater, and it honestly left my skin feeling soft and soothed after shaving.

These are currently on offer on the Dr Bronner Website reduced from £7.29 to £5.29.

2015-08-01 21.53.23

Now for the Dead Sea Salt.

I came across something about putting magnesium into your bath as this is great for muscle recovery and for reducing tiredness and fatigue. These contain a high content of magnesium, and are good for sufferers of eczema and psoriasis. Being an occasional sufferer of eczema, and prone to fatigue/tiredness, I was keen to try this out.

I didn’t notice a difference in how I felt to be honest. Maybe you need to use for a prolonged period of time  (I usually shower all through the summer months as its too hot for a bath, so perhaps I will get the most out of these when it’s winter and my eczema flares up!) however I will say my skin was left feeling really soft. I used a couple of handfuls of salt (@~150g) but you can use up to 500g-1kg for a treatment bath and soak for 20 mins (that’s up to two bags!!) For a 500g bag, it’s only £3.99.

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Treaclemoon Bath & Body Range

Hi everyone!

Have you spotted these products at the supermarket before? If you haven’t, meet Treaclemoon, a small ethical business selling delicious scented bath products. These are available in the UK from Tesco stores (and online) as well as being shoppable on Amazon.

Their range of scents is quite big, so I’m just going to share a few with you today. All of their products are cruelty-free, no ingredient is derived from animals and are suitable for vegetarians!

Being a complete Coconut addict, I had to own a few items from the range – body wash, scrub, body butter and body lotion – Yummy!

treaclemoon, body butter, nivea, skincare, candles, coconut, orchid, lip balm, nivea
Coconut scrub and butter, paired with Nivea lip butter and an Orchid and Coconut candle (Tu at Sainsbury’s)!

coconutty goodness

The ginger shower gel was a real hit with my husband. It’s such a fresh and zingy scent that really wakes you and energises you in the morning. It was a real joy to use.

Ginger, shower gel, treaclemoon, bath, body, skincare, ethical, vegetarian

This strawberry shower gel is an absolute dream! So girly, sweet and fresh. It lathers up really nicely, too, as do all the shower gels.

 shower gel, treaclemoon, bath, body, skincare, ethical, vegetarian, strawberry
this is delicious!
 shower gel, treaclemoon, bath, body, skincare, ethical, vegetarian, almond, library of fragrance, frangipan, LOF, perfume, cologne
here is my almond shower gel paired with its sister-scent from the Library of Fragrance UK!

They have many more scents to try- which do you like the sound of? I have my eye on their seasonal scents which are limited edition – Chocolate, cinnamon and the like for Autumn and the approaching seasonal events.

I used Lemonade days in the shower last night – it builds into a really rich lather that left the bathroom scented with sherbert-y lemon for hours! Yum!

lemonade, showergel, shower, bath, skin care, body, wash, shower gel, treaclemoon, bath, body, skincare, ethical, vegetarian
Lemonade Days in the sunshine… so pretty!