What irritates me in Beauty Blogging

Good morning, or not, as it may seem for me today with this slightly ranty post.

Please take this post in the spirit in which it was written – we all love a good moan from time to time, and while I’m aware there are flipsides to each point I make below, it’s just a bit of fun and isn’t intended to upset anyone or refer to any individuals.

I get tired of seeing certain sorts of posts all the time in my bloglovin, wordpress and Twitter Feeds. This isn’t to say that I don’t like the bloggers who post them, but I feel they are either so overdone or so utterly pointless that if I see a post about these things, I never read them; or if a post that I read contains an annoying habit, I nearly always stop reading it.

Let me know if you agree, disagree, or have any annoyances yourself in the comments!!

1. MAC lipstick collections

Ok, everyone loves their lipsticks, including me. I own two – Chilli and Speak Louder. They’re great colours, long lasting, beautifully scented.

But who cares about MAC collections?! The packaging doesn’t really inspire, and we all know that MAC lipsticks are a little on the expensive side. So you showing your massive haul of MAC either means your flaunting your wealth or you’re just really irresponsibly buying overpriced lipstick!

2. Lipstick swatches on people’s arms

I get that it’s difficult showing what colours look like when it comes to eyeshadows. Palettes often contain more shades than you can ever wear at once. (While I’m on the subject, Colour Pop cosmetics get high marks in my books for swatching their eye makeup against 3 skin tones; pale, olive, and dark).

But Lipsticks being swatched on people’s arms tells me absolutely nothing. I WANT TO SEE THE LIPSTICK ON YOUR FACE! I can’t  count the times that I’ve clicked on a post reviewing a lipstick I’ve been coveting in the vain hope that the blogger who has similar skin tone to me will look good in it, giving me hope the lipstick will suit me and is worth buying.

More often than not there’s a pretty photo of the lipstick with some flowers, and a smear of lippy on a wrist.

I can feel my blood boiling in frustration even as I write this!!! I want to know if it will look good on me for crying out loud. It could be bright blue and look absolutely wonderful on your pale, elegant arm, but on your face? Nope!

3. Lush Hauls

see number 1. I adore Lush as much as the next person. I love going in and picking up all the same things I always pick up just to smell them and get my hands covered in glitter. I always end up buying the comforter bubble bar because it lasts me 4/5 baths.

Prices of lush have crept up in the years since I started going there. So I feel aggrieved by Lush Haul blog posts/youtube videos. We all know what they sell, and they rarely launch new products. So why do I want to read about which bath bomb you chose?? (Lush posts are best confined to Lush addict Instagram accounts. That way ‘fans’ can perpetuate their own obsessions and not bother everyone else….

4. Pastel Filters

This one is specifically an Instagram-related irritation. I HATE these “Cute girly pastel” accounts that spring up, and although completely devoid of any photographic talent, have thousands of followers. Basically, take  photo of something with polka dots or floral paper in the background, whack up the brightness and turn down the contract ridiculously low, so it looks like the person’s bedroom is pervaded by a thick fog.

It hurts my eyes, and p***es me off that accounts which don’t put any effort in get more followers than other lovely accounts (including mine of course…!)

5. Really Unhealthy Breakfast

Lastly, and probably again Instagram specific….

WHAT’S WITH ALL THESE BLOGGERS EATING ABSOLUTE CRAP FOR BREAKFAST?! Dougnuts? Candy? Are you SERIOUS? If your waistline is anything to go by then probably you’ve just taken the photo and actually you were munching muesli; Or you are blessed with a fantastic metabolism (for now at least…).

I do not condone the eating of high sugary foods for breakfast, though a little treat in a while is fine.

6. Apologetic posts about not posting

We know you have a life. You have holidays, family, friends, partners. Stop grovelling for our forgiveness. The sad reality is people probably didn’t even notice you were gone, such is the fickle world we live in. Stop apologising to people you don’t know, about not typing up some words about makeup on a blog.

I blog in my spare time (when I get any), fitting it around my full time job as a business development manager. I work hard! I go to the gym, I spend nights working away, or spending time with my husband. I will never let blogging feel like an obligation, and the second it does, I won’t do it.

7. Emtpies posts

Would *you* like to see the inside of my recycling bins? No? WELL WHY THE HELL DO I CARE ABOUT YOUR EMPTY BOTTLES?!?! WHY IS THIS A THING?

and…. breathe.

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My New Joy Louche Dress!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my outfit with you today because I am super in love with my new Joy Louche dress! The sale in there at the moment is amazing! This dress cost me £24.00. I’ve been a fan of Joy for ages, and when the opened in Manchester recently I was really excited!

I chose this dress because it flatters my shape and gives me confidence. I really wanted to wear more dresses with summer being here. What do you think?

joy the store, dress, fit and flare, nautical, ootd, wiwt

You can shop the sale here – I couldn’t find this particular dress though!

This style of dress (fit and flare) is flattering for all body shapes, and I like the way it’s not too short. I can’t stand too short dresses. Calf length is king!

I paired the dress with my new New Look ballet pumps – an absolute steal at £7.99! I opted for Nude pink for maximum co-ords with my current wardrobe, but they have some other lovely colours – at that price you can afford to get a few!

New look, ballet flats, pumps, shoes, library of fragrance uk, gypsophelia, flowers, flatlay, cherry blossom

To accessorise I wore my Aubergine Fox cloud brooch, and my Oh Kuol Druzy necklace. I’m so happy that brooches are making a real come back as an accessory! Aubergine fox are one of my favourite Etsy shops, and their Instagram feed is an absolute dream.

druzy, necklace, etsy, handmade, brooch, aubergine fox, oh kuol, jewellery
Oh Kuol Druzy Necklace and Aubergine Fox brooch. The lipstick in Clinique

My Clarks leather handbag also made an appearance!

clarks, handbag, leather

It may be raining outside but I am dressing for the weather I want not the weather I have! Thank fully my bag is big enough to hold my brolly!!

Clinique Colour Pop Lipstick in Cola pop

I’ve been trying to resist buying too much makeup, but the pull of this lipstick was too much to resist. I wanted something neutral, something that complemented my pale skin but dark hair and eyes – I spotted something that suited the bill from Clinique’s new Colour Pop collection.

The collection ranges from pale nudes to candy pinks, plums, and marsala browns- it’s really varied and it was honestly hard to choose one. I eventually settled on Cola, which is one of those beautiful reddy-browns. It’s got wonderful warm undertones, and the formula is wonderful- really smooth and easy to apply.

Clinique colour pop lipstick

Clinique colour pop lipstick

Cola Pop
Cola Pop

I absolutely adore this colour, and I’ve been wanting to post this for a while but didn’t want to until I had some lovely photos- the last one I took in a coffee shop!! I have to say as well that the packaging of these lipsticks is beautifully design.

Aside from the basic aesthetics, the formula of these lipsticks is a dream – really moisturizing and easy to apply.

cola pop swatchisn’t it lovely? Have you seen a shade that you like from this collection? I also really love Grape pop, as well as pretty much all of the beautiful colour-pop blushes.

I got mine from Boots, but you can buy the lipsticks for £16.50 from any Clinique counter.



May glossybox content flatlay

Beauty : May Glossybox Contents

Good morning readers!

It’s Saturday morning and I am trying to avoid the towering pile of ironing I know is waiting for me downstairs… instead I am sat by the large window enjoying the breeze and the sun and writing about my glossybox contents, which arrived not 10 minutes ago as I write!

May Contents
May Contents

This month is my last month- I decided that £13-something a month was a bit much and as every penny counts at the moment with moving into a new house in July… you get the idea. I’ve enjoyed it for the 6+months I’ve been a member, with some of my favourite items being the Royal Apothic Lip balm, and the Color Club Nude nail polish in April’s box.

This month is all about the approaching Summer, and from looking I can tell they may have had festival goers or holiday makers in mind.

Contents are:-

  • MeMeMe Dual ended eye pencil in blue. RRP £6.95
  • Etre Belle Aloe Vera Moisturising gel RRP £15.93
  • Zerreau Towel off shampoo foam Full size RRP £7.95
  • SASS intimate perfect skin concentrate RRP £12.00
  • Collection Cosmetics Field Day lipstick RRP £2.99

Firstly, MeMeMe. Glossybox have in my memory send 1 item by this brand before, and I was as equally impressed then with the colour and application then as I am now. They swatch beautifully. I will definitely be wearing this.

mememe, eyeliner, eye crayon, makeup, eyes
lipstick swatch, eyeliner, swatch, blue
Double ended crayon swatch for day vs night or bright vs bold.

I’ll talk about the lipstick next seeing as I swatched it together. It might just be me but I struggle to wear these pop coral colours. They never cover properly. It’s a beautiful colour, but it remains to be seen how it wears- I’m not wholly confident for the price but then again I could be proven totally wrong. BarryM, case and point.

Collection Cosmetics in Field Day
Collection Cosmetics in Field Day

The Zerreau beauty shampoo foam – now this sounds interesting to me. I am the world’s biggest advocate of Batiste Dry Shampoos – my hair is fine and silky and thus gets oily and lank quick. I try and avoid overwashing but you know how it is when your hair feel gross. You just gotta wash it! Especially if you swim or exercise regularly. I’ll be very keen to try this, but I have to say it sounds expensive so it won’t replace Batiste in my hair routine.

2015-05-16 10.19.20

Etre Belle – never heard of them – Aloe vera moisturising gel comes in at the most expensive of the products in this month’s box. I’ve had a number of water-based facial gels from Glossybox and to be honest I’m never quite sure where it fits into my skincare routine! The box’s insert simply suggests applying to the face in an upwards, circular movement to hydrate and sooth. Well I sure need that- I’ve been getting lumps like you wouldn’t believe along my jaw line and suffering from awful skin coloration right now. I’m keen to try anything out that might help. This product has a masculinised scent but is fresh and clean feeling, with a cooling effect.

2015-05-16 10.19.35

Now lastly, SASS’s intimate perfect skin concentrate, aimed at those of us that wax in intimate areas. I guess we forget that waxing effects the skin’s hydration level significantly. I do sometimes forget to moisturise afterwards. The formula is supposed to aid in the prevention of ingrowing hairs. Hurrah, if so! The packaging of the product is sleek, clean and professionally appealing.

2015-05-16 10.19.30

Anyway I hope you liked this review of the Glossybox contents, and it will be my last until the day I retake up my subscription!

May glossybox content flatlay

Nail Polish : Barry M nail polish addiction

Hey ladies, happy Sunday! What have you got planned today? I’ve scheduled this post because I am actually down in London for the VE day 70 years on concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to dress up!

Sundays for me are generally lazy,  though I might well be preparing for a new week ahead with a manicure.

This weekend I swatched one of my new polishes (need for speed) from my latest Barry M haul. This one comes from the speedy dry collection  and I honestly can’t endorse it enough.  It works,  and it’s great value from money. I’ll never stray from this brand.  Ever.

It might replace the matte collection in terms of best application… Might..

Quick Dry BarryM
Barry M speedy quick dry polishes…

I bought these 4 together as they were bright and summery.

I thought I might also share with you some pictures of the rest of collection.

Matte collection

BarryM Matte Collection

Particular favourites are the lime and the red Polish.

Speedy dry collection

my BarryM Speedy Quick Dry Collection
my BarryM Speedy Quick Dry Collection


Gelly shine collection

BarryM gelly hi-Shine Nail Paint Collection
My Gelly hi-Shine Nail Paint Collection

Assorted standard collection

BarryM standard polishes
BarryM standard polishes

Sunset daylight curing collection

BarryM Daylight Curing Nail Polish Fushia Generation
Yet to be swatched, can’t wait to try! BarryM Daylight Curing Nail Polish Fushia Generation

Do you have a collection like this? It can’t just be me!!


YSL bleu Majorelle

Ranting: Why I’m mad at YSL

photo credit: Really Ree Beauty Blog
photo credit: Really Ree Beauty Blog

You may well have seen me blog before about my YSL nail polish, and how much I love the colour.

I also posted photos of it on instagram.

2015-04-30 09.47.11 2015-04-30 09.47.18 2015-04-30 09.47.23 2015-04-30 09.47.30

Don’t get me wrong, I love the colour. I am obsessed with it actually. I get so many compliments when I wear it. BUT- and this is a massive but for me –  it chips like hell! Considering it costs £18 for a bottle, this is just not acceptable. I can deal with a polish of BarryM’s price range chipping, and they do. It’s to be expected. But after 1 day…? No.

I also bought one of their lipsticks recently, mainly because they were the only brand I could find that had a shade of purple that I wanted. Now, it smells nice, and the packaing is lovely, but it claims to last 6 hours. No way! The formula is far too creamy, and again I paid a lot of money (£25 ish) for this lipstick.

YSL lipstick - Copy

I won’t be shopping with YSL again because of these 2 negative experiences. When you pay a lot of money, you expect a lot in return. I didn’t get it.

So if anyone knows a good budget alternative for the polish and the lipstick, talk to me!!

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Beauty : Haul from Beauty at Tesco

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just to share my weekend haul from my local Tesco.  It’s is one of the larger superstores and has a very well stocked beauty section.  I was actually wanting to pick up the daylight curing nail polishes from Barry M but they’ve not quite hit that store yet!

Instead I picked up 4 beautiful shades,  3 from the gellyshine collection and 1 from the speedy dry collection.

barrym, nail polish, Kiwi, dragonfruit, lap of honour, satsuma
Kiwi, dragonfruit, lap of honour, satsuma

From left to right we have Kiwi,  dragonfruit,  lap of honour,  and satsuma,  a fantastic orange shade I just couldn’t resist!!!

I’ve swatched dragonfruit,  a cute candy pink that doesn’t appear too pale against my skin which is prone to redden.

dragonfruit, nail polish, barryM,swatch
swatch in natural light


I also picked up a bright orange Blush that caught my eye immediately (shade is called apricot) from Sleek makeup, having seen it out on display.  I only picked up a single,  but they were available in a pallette with 3 shades,  4 different collections which now having used the Blush I would definitely be tempted to try out.


cat eye, red lipstick,selfie, blusher
life goal- do a cat eye without wearing it all over the rest of my ace : Achieved!

Here I am wearing it on the apples of my cheeks –  its soft and buildable. I also really like the packaging,  it reminds me of NARS.

Hope you had a lovely weekend –  I did a cat eye red lip look to go to the cinema to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Had to look my best in case Thor showed up!!

Have you tried sleek makeup?

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Makeup: A few of my favourite things

I have been revisiting some old photos from my blog and marvelled at some of the amazing things I’ve used. Below is a gallery of some of my favourite products from this year.