Rosie for Autograph Lipstick

Hi everyone!

This is my first post for a while as I’ve been super busy and not found time to take, let alone edit my photos!

For me, Marks and Spencer growing up was the place my grandma bought her clothes, my Mum happily shopped for herself, and I was happy enough to wear the children’s clothing lines! It was a brand built on trust, a family business that generations remained loyal to.

Since those days it has constantly been shifting and changing to adapt to the times – I’ve been a HUGE fan of their Limited Collection (now rebranded to Limited Edition) for some years now, the younger, edgier sub-label of M&S. I’ve grown to love Autograph and it’s tailoring, though not necessarily it’s price tag! It’s a place where I go when I need a staple item I know will last and won’t cost the earth.

They’ve made huge leaps too in their beauty ranges, expanding stores to include almost John Lewis-esque skincare and makeup stands. I was wandering through the other day, actually on the hunt for a decent pair of stockings, when I found Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s beauty range, Rosie for Autograph.

2016-02-12 09.01.02

I was stalled by the Chanel-style packaging, glossy black with Rose Gold (I scorn Mac’s matte black and silver for this!) with a solid rose gold bullet for the lipstick tube itself. I immediately reached for Lady Rose, a neutral, brown-toned tea rose shade. It glided smoothly on the back of my palm, and a testy sniff revealed the same tell-tale scent of Mini eggs as Soap and Glory’s lipstick range.

If I had to wear one shade for the rest of my life, it would definitely be this.

2016-02-12 09.05.54

It wears well, applies smoothly, and I feel as if my lips are being nourished by the formula.

The one thing I would mark it down on, is the price. £14 to Soap & Glory’s £9-10 per lipstick (even that is a bit steep). I noted that in the range there are a number of other products, for lips, eyes and face! My positive experience with this lipstick means I’ll definitely be interested checking out the other items, namely the blushers and eyeshadow pallettes, encased in the lovely rose gold metal. Shop the collection on the M&S Website!

Because I would never review a lipstick without posting a photo of me wearing it, here you go! What do you think?

2016-02-12 09.03.40

me in Rosie for Autograph Lady Rose lipstick

2016-02-12 09.01.21
ignore my weird lip shape – you’re here for the damn colour!!!!

Rose Gold Nails

Hi everyone!

A short and rather indulgent post today for you all about one of my shameless obsessions : nail polish.

I’ve been coveting a really good Rose Gold for a while now, which is unusual for me. For a long time I veered away from metallic polishes all together,  convinced they didn’t apply as well and we’re outdated (clearly my perception had been poisoned by a few poor products from my younger  years).

Rose gold/copper had been hot on trend for a while now,  both in the home, in our stationary collection and now in the makeup we apply. Its beautiful, classical, and so flattering for I imagine most skin tones.

I selected this shade Gold Rose from Model’s Own, at £4.99 a bottle.


It applied gorgeously with only one coat (however I committed a lazy beauty sin and applied over the top of my existing nude polish so it had a good base).

The bottle isn’t a fair representative of the colour within but it is beautiful all the same.

I’m keen to experiment with more bolder Metallics now, but there definitely room for another rose gold shade in a deeper hue –  does anyone have any recommendations?


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What irritates me in Beauty Blogging

Good morning, or not, as it may seem for me today with this slightly ranty post.

Please take this post in the spirit in which it was written – we all love a good moan from time to time, and while I’m aware there are flipsides to each point I make below, it’s just a bit of fun and isn’t intended to upset anyone or refer to any individuals.

I get tired of seeing certain sorts of posts all the time in my bloglovin, wordpress and Twitter Feeds. This isn’t to say that I don’t like the bloggers who post them, but I feel they are either so overdone or so utterly pointless that if I see a post about these things, I never read them; or if a post that I read contains an annoying habit, I nearly always stop reading it.

Let me know if you agree, disagree, or have any annoyances yourself in the comments!!

1. MAC lipstick collections

Ok, everyone loves their lipsticks, including me. I own two – Chilli and Speak Louder. They’re great colours, long lasting, beautifully scented.

But who cares about MAC collections?! The packaging doesn’t really inspire, and we all know that MAC lipsticks are a little on the expensive side. So you showing your massive haul of MAC either means your flaunting your wealth or you’re just really irresponsibly buying overpriced lipstick!

2. Lipstick swatches on people’s arms

I get that it’s difficult showing what colours look like when it comes to eyeshadows. Palettes often contain more shades than you can ever wear at once. (While I’m on the subject, Colour Pop cosmetics get high marks in my books for swatching their eye makeup against 3 skin tones; pale, olive, and dark).

But Lipsticks being swatched on people’s arms tells me absolutely nothing. I WANT TO SEE THE LIPSTICK ON YOUR FACE! I can’t  count the times that I’ve clicked on a post reviewing a lipstick I’ve been coveting in the vain hope that the blogger who has similar skin tone to me will look good in it, giving me hope the lipstick will suit me and is worth buying.

More often than not there’s a pretty photo of the lipstick with some flowers, and a smear of lippy on a wrist.

I can feel my blood boiling in frustration even as I write this!!! I want to know if it will look good on me for crying out loud. It could be bright blue and look absolutely wonderful on your pale, elegant arm, but on your face? Nope!

3. Lush Hauls

see number 1. I adore Lush as much as the next person. I love going in and picking up all the same things I always pick up just to smell them and get my hands covered in glitter. I always end up buying the comforter bubble bar because it lasts me 4/5 baths.

Prices of lush have crept up in the years since I started going there. So I feel aggrieved by Lush Haul blog posts/youtube videos. We all know what they sell, and they rarely launch new products. So why do I want to read about which bath bomb you chose?? (Lush posts are best confined to Lush addict Instagram accounts. That way ‘fans’ can perpetuate their own obsessions and not bother everyone else….

4. Pastel Filters

This one is specifically an Instagram-related irritation. I HATE these “Cute girly pastel” accounts that spring up, and although completely devoid of any photographic talent, have thousands of followers. Basically, take  photo of something with polka dots or floral paper in the background, whack up the brightness and turn down the contract ridiculously low, so it looks like the person’s bedroom is pervaded by a thick fog.

It hurts my eyes, and p***es me off that accounts which don’t put any effort in get more followers than other lovely accounts (including mine of course…!)

5. Really Unhealthy Breakfast

Lastly, and probably again Instagram specific….

WHAT’S WITH ALL THESE BLOGGERS EATING ABSOLUTE CRAP FOR BREAKFAST?! Dougnuts? Candy? Are you SERIOUS? If your waistline is anything to go by then probably you’ve just taken the photo and actually you were munching muesli; Or you are blessed with a fantastic metabolism (for now at least…).

I do not condone the eating of high sugary foods for breakfast, though a little treat in a while is fine.

6. Apologetic posts about not posting

We know you have a life. You have holidays, family, friends, partners. Stop grovelling for our forgiveness. The sad reality is people probably didn’t even notice you were gone, such is the fickle world we live in. Stop apologising to people you don’t know, about not typing up some words about makeup on a blog.

I blog in my spare time (when I get any), fitting it around my full time job as a business development manager. I work hard! I go to the gym, I spend nights working away, or spending time with my husband. I will never let blogging feel like an obligation, and the second it does, I won’t do it.

7. Emtpies posts

Would *you* like to see the inside of my recycling bins? No? WELL WHY THE HELL DO I CARE ABOUT YOUR EMPTY BOTTLES?!?! WHY IS THIS A THING?

and…. breathe.

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w7 cosmetics review

w7 Cosmetics Mascara – Dupe Alert!

I’ve posted about why I don’t shop with Benefit anymore before, both on a point of there being better and cheaper alternatives, and because morally I have felt sidelined by their marketing tacts.

This post falls into the former category, as I write about two products from w7 Cosmetics.

I wanted to give credit to the lady who reviewed this and made me want to buy it, but I can’t find her to credit! Whoever you are, thank you!

Finding a great dupe is a great way to save money on your makeup purchasing each month. This Absolute Lashes Mascara cost me £3.25 from eBay and took 2-3 days to arrive, versus £6.95 from the w7 website… if you want to buy it from there, you can shop it here.


Now in terms of the packaging alone, it’s a great dupe for ‘They’re real… Honest!’ mascara, but what about the brush and the application, I hear you ask?

Well some have taken photos of the brushes side by side which you can look at here, but as I did not wish to part with nearly £20 for a mascara I did not have Benefit’s on hand! From my point of view, the brushes are near identical, lots of bristles but not too close together so the lashes aren’t coated too thickly. It applies as well as Benefit’s too, and i was completely ecstatic with this product for the price – my makeup bag will never go without it!!!

w7 absolute Lashes

w7 absolute Lashes

Now onto the Brow Parlour kit. This was another eBay purchase, at £3.87 inc postage. The packaging is adorable and would make an excellent addition to someone’s Benefit/Soap and Glory collection based on that alone!

Now, I have forked out before for Benefit’s brow products, and they are good don’t get me wrong. But Boot’s 17 range does the best value for money brow kit out there. This Brow Parlour kit just doesn’t quite cut it. The brushes are useless (not to it’s detriment as I never use kit brushes), and the powders don’t transfer as well. The clear brow wax though is actually a pretty good idea. I stuck to using my 17 kit and my Makeup Revolution brow brush.

2015-08-07 07.19.16

Do you have any great dupes you always go back to?

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Bath & Body Product Review – Dead Sea Salt & Shave Gel

Spa Products at home

Hello readers!

The wonderful folks at the Spa PR company sent me some bath & body products to review and share with you all.

I bring you Dead Sea Salts, and Organic Lavender Shaving Gel today, two simple and honest ‘what it says on the tin’ style products that for me have been drastically overlooked over the years.

Dr Bronner's magic shaving gel!

When I first started shaving my legs as a teen, I had enormous trouble with nicks and cuts, hence the move to guarded razor blades (but for some reason no razor blade is ever as good as your husbands!), and I experimented with various soaps and shaving lubricants i.e. foams. Soap was a little drying, and Shaving foam was impractical to use in the bath (swathes of stubble filled white foam bring back any memories?) and forget it using in the shower.

Dr Bronner’s Lavender Shaving gel is the first foray into a proper official shaving product in years. Firstly, this is BUAV approved – no animal cruelty – and it’s organic. Ticks the ethical box then. Secondly, it smells GREAT. Calming and soothing lavender in the form of a cool purple gel applies beautifully to the skin, doesn’t lather too much so as to spoil your bathwater, and it honestly left my skin feeling soft and soothed after shaving.

These are currently on offer on the Dr Bronner Website reduced from £7.29 to £5.29.

2015-08-01 21.53.23

Now for the Dead Sea Salt.

I came across something about putting magnesium into your bath as this is great for muscle recovery and for reducing tiredness and fatigue. These contain a high content of magnesium, and are good for sufferers of eczema and psoriasis. Being an occasional sufferer of eczema, and prone to fatigue/tiredness, I was keen to try this out.

I didn’t notice a difference in how I felt to be honest. Maybe you need to use for a prolonged period of time  (I usually shower all through the summer months as its too hot for a bath, so perhaps I will get the most out of these when it’s winter and my eczema flares up!) however I will say my skin was left feeling really soft. I used a couple of handfuls of salt (@~150g) but you can use up to 500g-1kg for a treatment bath and soak for 20 mins (that’s up to two bags!!) For a 500g bag, it’s only £3.99.

On a separate note, It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks;I’ve hit 1k on my Twitter, 1k on my Instagram, and I’m nearing 300 WordPress followers, and getting close to a hundred on bloglovin – you can follow me by clicking any of the social media links to the right! Thank you so much to everyone who follows, likes and leaves me comments! I read and reply to every single one of them.

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I Am Fragrance Review

I am Hot i am good I am free

I am Naked

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m bringing you a review of a selection of fragrances from I Am Fragrance, a US based business that explores scent a little differently. Their scents focus not just on the olfactory side of things (as any perfume brand absolutely should) but on the memories and emotions that are inextricably tied in with scent in our lives. A nice idea, I have to say.

For me, the perfume business is just as guilty of misrepresentation as the beauty&fashion industry – their advertisements are abstract ideas usually, a segment of a story, that attempts to evoke an emotion that you will tie with the scent – predominantly this tends to be lust. Take Eros or Invictus for example – wear this, look like him, and attract droves of elegant and impossible beautiful woman. If we believe all this, we’ve not moved on in the slightest from the Victorian market peddlers promising tonics to cure all ills and Love Potions!!

I am Fragrance feels different to this somehow. Each scent is names after an emotion or mood (always positive ones of course – who wants to smell Angry?), and the bottles are color coordinated to match. I have to say, the bottle design is adorable. Each bottle of scent comes with its own mantra; They’re all about the power of intention,pairing positive affirmation with the memory-power of fragrance. What a way to psyche yourself up in the morning!

I received the following fragrances in adorable little roll-on minis, priced at $22 (approx £15,able to ship to UK). The range extends to include Eau De Parfum, Hand wash and skin care products – shop them all here, on I am Fragrance’s amazing website. You can read all about each fragrance, each one having it’s own image mood board- beautiful!

I am… Naked

Ylang Ylang and Violet are the predominant sweet powdery notes in the scent. Sandalwood and Oak nestle beneath, with Bergamot, Wild Berry and Geranium. A lovely light, and femimine scent.

I am… Blessed

This is gorgeous and zesty, with Mandarin, Lemon and Jasmine to blend together. Musk and precious woods complete this lovely summer fragrance.

I am…Hot

Spicy and Sexy with a hard hit of vanilla, amber and honey. Floral tea adds delicacy. Gorgeous heated scent, very evocative.

I am… Good

Honey, Jasmine, Mandarin and Mimosa make for a sweet and bright fragrance. It made me thing of cider apples and blossom, and sunshine.

I am… Free

Bergamot, Peach and Cinnamon characterise  this liberating scent. I think the sandalwood could be more powerful to tone down the sweetness, but it’s a beautiful scent all the same, with notes of vertiver.

I am…Peace

This scent is a blend of the white blossom flowers Tuberose, Jasmine and Peony, with a dash of sandalwood. To me, it smells of pears, warm fresh cut grass and daisies- a pretty good dupe for Jo Malone actually…. I’m going to be wearing  this a lot!

I am… Me!

For all you monochrome lovers out there, I am Me, has the coolest bottle! Melon, tangy apple and exotic flowers somehow blend to create something that takes me to being on holiday sipping a freshly made Mojito. It’s bright and floral and amazing – definitely my stand out favourite of the collection I’ve tried so far!

I am fragrance wheel

Well, that’s all folks! As well as browsing their website, you can follow I am Fragrance on Instagram!

I am me

I am Peace & Free


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Wilko Fruits Bath & Body Range

I don’t know about you, but in my family we don’t always buy our recurring beauty/cleaning groceries in our standard weekly shop – we often do a Wilko run! They’re such great value and always have better offers on.

I was wandering into Wilko to actually buy some candy – I was going to watch Antman at the cinema (awesome film by the way) – when my attention was caught by the super bright and fun Fruits range. I mean, look at how colourful and beautiful they are!

Fruits body care and skin care range at Wilko

These are available in the following scents, some novel and others rather familiar:-

  • Coconut and Vanilla
  • Lime and Ginger
  • Blueberry and Grape
  • Lemon and Black Pepper – I bought the Shower Gel
  • Strawberry and Pomegranate
  • Passionfruit and Melon – I bought the Soap
  • Orange and Pomelo – I bought the Shampoo
  • Rhubarb and Vanilla – I bought the Bath Foam

In each fragrance range there are a whole bunch of products for your skin and your hair:-

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Hand Soap
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Butter
  • Soap
  • Bath Bomb
  • Face mask
  • Lip balm
  • Body Scrub

You can also get matching shower puffs for your favourite colour! Not all of these products are always available in store, a rather helpful person told me on Instagram, but you can get them online! and a 95p each per item (Yes, that cheap!) and using sustainable palm oil, you can feel guilt-free!

Look how they can add a splash of colour to a white bathroom. The Rhubarb and Vanilla Bath Foam smells exactly like it’s candy counterpart, and I absolutely loved using it! My skin was not irritated at all by the formula and it was a delight to use!

Wilko fruits range
the shampoo was really pleasant smelling and left my hair nice and clean!
Fruits body care and skin care range at Wilko
Rhubarb and Vanilla smells absolutely divine!

Fruits body care and skin care range at Wilko


chocolate eyeshadow pallette

Makeup Revolution Chocolate eyeshadow pallette


So makeup Revolution really have got me sold on their eye pallettes. Not only are they super affordable, but actually the quality of the pigments is way better than  one would expect of a brand that doesn’t charge over the moon!

At £7.99 they are perfect dupes for the Too Faced Cosmetics equivalent, which comes in at around £32!

There are 3 to choose from within this range – milk, white or dark. I’m going to swatch the
milk chocolate pallette!





Aren’t they the most amazing nudes and chocolates you’ve ever seen? Looking at the pallette makes me feel hungry too!

Have you tried makeup Revolution yet? You can order directly off their website or they are stocked in Superdrug if you’re the sort of person who likes to try before they buy makeup!

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Model’s Own Polishes for tans review


Good morning lovely readers,

Last week I was contacted by Models Own on instagram as they liked my feed and wanted to send me some polishes! I was blown away! Now there’s a brand with good taste,  ahem!

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So they arrive very yesterday in the post and I opened up for a peek!


They sent me 5 shades, from left to right they are ; turquoise sea, malibu pink, cocktail hour, sarong wrap and beach hut.

Now normally I wouldn’t buy these. The real reason being I’m not naturally inclined to tan,  though I made a concerted effort last week to get me some vitamin D.


Beach Hut is a super bright fluorescent orange. It’s cool,  but probably not the shade I was destined to wear,  even with my love of orange.  Pictured here with  coats. The formula is quite a bit thicker than;


Cocktail Hour! A really fun fluorescent pinky red. This is more my shade or pink/red. Thinner in formula and pictured with two coats.


I love this bubblegum pink colour,  and would happily wear this daily and to work. Two coats but probably needed a third here and there.


I’m not normally one for yellow and this did nothing to change my mind. It doesn’t beat the yellow shade from the Barrym speedy quick dry collection (previously swatched here). I did two coats but perhaps could use 3. Not keen on the formula.


Turquoise Sea might be my total favourite from the 5. Formula is amazing and I got great coverage with two coats. I left this on afterwards and was really impressed with the shine and finish.

I’d be keen to try some more polishes from this range,  though the formulas are somewhat hit and miss.

Thanks for reading, what do you think of the colours?


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