Beauty Review : Barry M daylight curing Polish

I absolutely had to try this out.  I’m a girl who is forever rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in,  so my nails always pay the price for it! 10 days of colour they promise.

We shall see…

I had to choose 1 colour because I’d already spent a bucket load on the speedy dry polishes.


I settled for the classic ‘Fushia Generation’,  a deep rich pink which appears darker,  more towards plum in the bottle and in certain blue-eyed lighting. 


I was instantly impressed with the application of this Polish.  I applied 2 coats for full coverage with 1 coat of the daylight curing Polish. I painted my nails at night so I supplemented the drying process a bit with my UV lamp.

It dried super quick and the end result is beautiful.



These are available for £4.99 each at Boots.

Have you tried these out?