Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers necklace

I don’t know about you readers,  but when I was little I remember watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and being mesmerised by Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers (a girl’s love for shoes starts early you see…).

Imagine my joy then,  when I came across this beautiful handmade necklace featuring the very same ruby slippers in miniature!!


This piece is lovingly handmade by Cat of Two Penny Lane jewellery, with the motto of jewellery made for people cleverly disguised as responsible adults : hey that’s me all over!

Cat is offering a special discount to my readers,  so if you’d like to grab yourself one of these beautiful necklaces,  or perhaps something from an alternative fantom I.e Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit or otherwise, then pay her a visit and use discount code 10percent! (I’m hankering after this particular piece,  which is Bilbo Baggins’ front door on a necklace!!!)

Find her on instagram here or visit her website.

ruby slippers necklace from two penny lane jewellery

ruby slippers necklace from two penny lane jewellery

ruby slippers necklace from two penny lane jewellery

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Bernese Mountain Dog

Lovingly Handmade handbag Charms by MisHelenEous

Cupcake charms

Hello all!

Very excited to share with you some beautiful and specially made hand-crafted items from the wonderful Mancherster-based MisHelenEous! Mascotted by Helen’s late beautiful border Terrier Whiskey, and now by the adorable puppy Heidi, MisHelenEous is about as British Handmade as British handmade gets. She’s a crafty one this one!

Are you a Radley lover? Ever felt marginalised because although you kinda like Scottie dogs you’ve always been more of a, say, Collie person? Look no further! Helen specialises in crafting bespoke pieces – handbag charms/keyrings of our favourite dog breeds. As a cat lover (and all round general animal lover really) Britain is a nation of dog lovers and we love our pooches than much that their iconography blends easily into our fashion and into our home furnishings!

I chose this Bernese Mountain dog charm, because I of the opinion that the bigger the dog the better – but if Beagles, Welsh Terriers or Chihuahuas are more your bag, she’s got you covered! These would make fantastic gifts for friends and family (sorry to remind you but Christmas is creeping up!)

Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog keyring
hungry dog!
burnese Mountain Dog
Have dog, will travel

If dogs aren’t your thing, then surely a GBBO lover would appreciate this adorable cupcake? or perhaps this beautiful hand knitted rose brooch?

2015-08-15 09.54.03 cupcake handbag charm


2015-08-15 09.55.28

I never tire of saying that supporting small businesses is really important to me – these people are the foundation stone of our economy and of Britishness itself!

If you like what you see, or want to explore her other items (Doggie clothing, bunting and much more) please visit her Etsy shop or contact her on the details below!

misheleneous contact details

Laser Cut wooden Brooches by TomSky

2015-07-21 19.10.00

2015-07-21 19.10.54 mouse

2015-07-21 19.09.16

Hi Everyone!

Very excited to bring you a new Etsy Spotlight feature today! This is where I feature items from a small business Etsy store to help them to get recognition for the awesome work they do and the beautiful items they create with their talented hands.

Martin Tomsky makes the most beautiful nature inspired brooches, laser cut from wood and shaded to give depth and texture to his pieces. The main inspiration is woodland animals that you might find in England – I couldn’t resist the rather handsome stag (House Baratheon from Game of Thrones, anyone?) priced at £15.00 and the adorable little mouse brooch, at £10.00. It makes me think of Beatrix Potter, books I loved as a child.

Martin’s store on Etsy also includes some pretty jaw-dropping one-off pieces that are far too intricate and beautiful for words.

He also makes beautiful necklaces (Check out this Owl hunting a mouse!) – going right onto my wishlist!

Continuing the Game of Thrones theme, if you’re more Stark than Baratheon, you could always get a Wolf Brooch instead!

In short, Martin’s creations are stunning, and a must have for any British Nature Lover or Brooch enthusiast. Support Small and shop on Etsy – you can also say Hi to him on Instagram!

2015-07-21 19.11.20 2015-07-21 19.11.05 July_24__2015_at_0758AM


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Hand printed Silk Scarves by Heidi Valkola

Afternoon lovelies!

I’m a scarf lover through and through – who doesn’t love brightening and mixing up an outfit with a fun and colourful scarf? I’ve blogged about scarves before ( Celia Gould silk Scarves here, and F+F nautical scarf here!)

I discovered the Somewhere Store, Etsy store owned by Finnish Heidi Valkola, on Instagram. I love the geometric symmetry of the scarves, with designs influences by nature- plants, birds and organisms of the sea! All things I absolutely love!

I chose the Jelly Fish scarf – you cannot get cooler than this! A mixture of blues and calming aqua, it chills out a summer outfit perfectly. I selected the smaller size which is more suitable for a neckscarf, headscarf or an additional to a handbag.

large jellyfishes silk scarf from Somewhere Store
large jellyfishes silk scarf from Somewhere Store 36x36inches
small jellyfishes scarf from somewhere store, 26×26 inches

Isn’t it amazing?!

My other favourites include the Secret Garden design, which is a livlier green colour palette featuring a cool insect geometric pattern, and the flamingo scarf – because who doesn’t love flamingos?! If you want to shop these two scarves, click the image!

flamboyance, flamigos, printed silk scarf pattern
The Flamingo Scarf
moth, insect, printed scarf, geometric pattern scarf silk
the Secret Garden scarf

The scarves are on sale at the moment, with a large one coming in at £42.00 plus shipping costs! Get yours at Heidi’s Etsy store!

Etsy Spotlight : LouiseMacJewels

Hello readers!

I’m so excited to turning on my etsy spotlight once again to show off the cutest most delicate ring from another Etsy shop,  LouiseMacJewels.

I hope you are enjoying this series of posts as much as I am – if you want to see more or less of these,  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Scottish born,  London-dwelling Louise sounds like a rather busy lady – jewellery designer (all of her pieces are handmade), doing a BA in fine art of the Highlands while studying fashion at the same time.


I chose a rose gold dot ring to show off from her collection on the basis that I cannot get enough of rose gold – you can also choose gold or silver! The silver is robust yet delicate,  and I hardly know I  wearing it at all!





The package was cutely wrapped, though you did warn me Louise about being careful I was a bit heavy handed and managed to tear the edge! – doh!

This ring stacks wonderfully with rings from the same collection but also with some rings I blogged about earlier.


The earcuffs and the necklaces feature dots off the three metals,  and are just to die for!

Louise is also on Instagram and Facebook! Go and say hello!



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Etsy spotlight :Studios71 stamped stacking rings

Hello lovelies! Today’s etsy spotlight is shining on Studios71,  a jewellery store all the way on South Korea.

Their etsy shop focused on stamped,  custom inscription jewellery,  and they have a variety of stone rings that are rather pretty.

These stamped rings particularly caught my eye and they kindly sent me two custom stamped to show off! I got one stamped with the initials of my husband and I, with the other stamped with our wedding date.


They are so delicate and understated,  but I love them!! At £16 each, too, they’re a steal for a unique gift for a loved one!



What do you think? Would you wear these?

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ClaynWire Etsy Store

Handmade Clay earrings from ClaynWire on Etsy

You might have seen that I’ve blogged about Etsy stores before – here, there and a bit here!

I really take my hats off to Etsy businesses and small businesses like them – these guys and gals work hard, either around their current jobs or full time, often out of their living rooms, box rooms and garages. They have a dream; they’re crafty and nimble fingered. They’re visionaries and dreamers and I support them whole-heartedly.

Today’s Etsy Spotlight on my blog shines on Kelly and her Etsy store Clay & Wire (Claynwire on Instagram).

Clay & Wire
Clay & Wire

All Kelly’s Items are handcrafted from polymer and clay, and were sent all the way from Portland, Marine, USA. I was really taken by her gold-tipped pink spike earrings when I went through her shop catalog!

She sent a pair especially to me, along with a brand new design of navy blue oblong diamonds with a gold stripe across them.

2015-05-27 19.51.45
2015-05-27 19.51.01 2015-05-27 19.51.09

I actually cannot decide which are my favourite! The pink ones are a really lovely pop of colour, and both pairs are very lightweight. I usually have trouble with earrings of this size being heavy, but it’s just not the case with these two pairs. The clay is very light!

2015-05-27 19.53.042015-05-30 10.51.40 2015-05-30 10.53.552015-05-28 08.02.112015-05-28 08.01.36

She has some other great items too, and the greatest bit is in my view the price is really reasonable for a really individual piece of lovingly handmade jewellery, supporting a small business to boot! Pop over and say Hi to Kelly- I’m sure if there was a piece you liked but in another colour she would be happy to make it for you!

Thank you so much Kelly For your lovely items, especially the new unique designed pair – I’m going to really enjoy wearing them and tell everyone where I got them!

I will style them on my instagram over the next few days too, so keen an eye out!



Thrifty Blogger Update

Hello readers!

Just a short post today to update you on what I’ve been up to and what I’ve got planned for you over the next couple of weeks.

I am very excited to announce that I will be working closely with Library of Fragrance UK, helping them with Pinterest and also in doing more fragrance combination style posts. Watch this space for exciting fragrance news!


I am also teeing up a number of etsy stores to work with,  which is fantastic news. You might have seen me working recently with Binky’s trinkets (@binkystrinkets on instagram) in promoting her items on my instagram account. This was really successful,  and I proud to support small businesses and etsy stores that are often the realisation of a dream for many. Keep an eye on my instagram for beautiful jewellery and one off pieces. I’m delighted to be able to bring them to the fore!


And lastly, a thank you. I’ve reached two milestones recently,  of 200 followers on WordPress, 400 on instagram (now it is rocketing towards 500 and nearly 500 on Twitter). I couldn’t have done this without you!

Mwah mwah xx

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