Puntastic Greetings Cards by NYC-based Alacarde

puntastic greetings cards by alacarde etsy

Happy Saturday all! Hope you’ve got some exciting things planned for the weekend! Today I’d lvoe to introduce A La Carde to you, a small business based in NYC founded by Nova and Hea-Mi, two fantastically talented artists. I could NOT resist these cards when I saw them; I mean puns are great at the best of times, but these are food related puns! Double win!

I did a short interview with Nova and Hea-Mi about their A La Carde. You can shop their items in their Etsy shop!

A La Carde Contact card

1. What is the main inspiration behind alacarde & tell me about yourselves!  

We met at Parsons our freshmen year and have always looked up to each other’s superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Throughout our college years, we have always made each other handcrafted cards. Also, both of us love food along with sharing a slightly quirky & dorky sense of humor. We went to the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade hosted by Etsy New York a few years back, and we were instantly inspired to start our business. We were confident in our skill sets and felt both of us shared the passion and dedication. 

Tying the Knot pretzel Card

2. How are you inspired to create new designs?  

We look through Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Etsy, basically any source you can think of. We do several sketches for each pun and then pick out the ones we feel are strongest. 

3. How long does it take to create a unique design from sketch pad to print?  

HeaMi: It takes about half an hour to sketch and measure the coordinates for each design. Each card takes a different amount of time depending on the food but usually no more than half an hour.  

Nova: Half an hour sounds rather lengthy but we handcraft each card and sleeve and that makes each card very special. 

4. Future exciting plans for alacarde? What goals are you aiming towards?  

N: Totes magotes! I’m just saying that because we will be selling punny totes soon. Shh, it’s still a secret! But it was something we mentioned during our initial brainstorming process and we’ve discussed about extending the variety of our products. 

H: Sell at stationary stores, craft fairs, and hopefully one day having our own workspace!  




Nice to Meat you greetings.thank you card
Nice to Meat you too!

Massive thanks to Nova and Hea-Mi for taking the time to speak with me about their amazing cards Рcheck out the rest of their range on Etsy or give them a follow on Instagram @_ALACARDE.