Fossil Sydney Tote handbag

By rights I should totally avoid Cheshire Oaks Retail park because undoubtedly I will come home with something…

This time was no exception –  you might recall last time I went I came away with a Mulberry dress!

This time I popped into Fossil – I love their simple,  colourful and beautifully designed handbags. I’ve been hoping for a medium sized tote in a pretty colour to bring me into summer,  and this baby was right on the button, as well as being a complete bargain at £65.00!

fossil handbag flatlay
What’s in your handbag?

I absolutely loved it on sight – powder blue is such a versatile colour too. I couldn’t wait to get it home and style it for an instagram photo! I was really keen on the bright red tote but this one was not in the sale. They also had a lovely powdery lime colour.

Hope you’ve had a great restful weekend.

Fossil handbag baby blue

jasper James brogues shoes

Leather Brogues by Jasper James

My favourite kind of special finds are those you weren’t even looking for in the first place. You might remember I blogged about my new Clarks handbag a few weeks ago, and ever since I have been keeping an eye out to find some shoes to pair with the bag, that weren’t dark and oppressive for Spring.

I wandered into my local TKMaxx on an alternative mission to find my husband some jeans and found these gorgeous flats made from real leather, for £39.99.

(Update September 2015 : I bought some more – click here to see them!)

jasper james brogues shoreditch shoes

jasper james brogues shoes flatlay

jasper james brogues shoes flatlay

jasper james brogues shoes flatlay

jasper james brogues shoes flatlay

jasper james brogues shoes flatlay

I cannot find anything out about the brand  Jasper James of Shoreditch online, so if you know anything let me know – I’d like to be able to give them recognition for such beautiful shoes! Also they tend to be small sizes, these are a UK 8 and I normally take 6.5-7! That said, the leather did soften after some hours of wear, and they are my go-to shoes for throwing on with almost any outfit – probably the most comfortable and versatile pair of fashion shoes I own!

Fossil Sydney tote monsoon skirt with jasper james leather brogues
here they are styled with my Fossil Tote (Click here for blog post!!!) and pink Monsoon Skirt.
Heidi Valkola Scarf with Jasper James Brogues
and here they are with my Heidi Valkola Scarf –Click here to read about it!

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I’m forever browsing Etsy.  Its such an exciting online marketplace which allows me to create lists of the things I love and follow amazing shops selling handmade items from all over the world.

Mostly I favourite stunning or unusual jewellery,  though on my list you might find handmade leather shoes, satchels,  or things for the home.


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My new holo bag!

Hello everyone,  hope you had a fabulous Guy Fawkes Night!

While many of you were no doubt out enjoying bonfires,  fireworks and other seasonal treats,  I was stuck in. I made the best of it though,  by watching  Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  and writing a new blog post!

Last weekend during my long overdue shopping spree,  I headed over to Thunderegg in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  I had one item in mind and that was those really cute holo shoulder bag!


It’s by LYDC,  and has amazing colours – I think of it as a mermaids tail, call me odd!

It was £24,  but you can get it online for a little under 20.


If you would like your own,  head to Thunderegg in Manchester (Oldham Street),  or you can buy direct from Ebay.


Happy shopping! X

Shopping in the USA! – My Honeymoon bargains

Me again, this time to share with you the great bargains I picked up on Honeymoon in the states!

I’ll start off by recommending that ANYONE who likes a little luxury and has a flight that departs from Heathrow airport should definitely pay for the use of the Virgin Heathrow Clubhouse. £50 per person might seem like a lot, but when you actually think about how much you spend on food in the airport anyway and considering you can get limitless champagne, food, and cocktails, not to mention a complementary treatment in either the spa or the hair salon- it’s pretty much a bargain!

I coughed up the extra to get a haircut too – an experience I recommend whilst sipping champagne! I was so happy to finally get rid of all my hair after the wedding! Here’s a before and after shot.


Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I picked up at the Florida Mall. I did spend a few hours on fifth ave in NYC but many of the beautiful things there were either way out of my price range or would have taken up most of my budget.

I was after a handbag from Michael Kors and had a particular colour in mind – in the end I couldn’t find the colour I wanted (a bright primary green incidentally), but I found this beautiful turquoise Kate Spade tote from the outlet store in Florida mall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While I was in NYC I did pick up this super cool Formula X polish from an amazing store called Sephora- if you’ve never heard of it it’s basically a store that JUST sells makeup and polishes, but from awesome brands that you don’t necessarily stumble across in the UK, such as Marc Jacobs and this particular brand.


In Florida I also picked up some essentials – two pairs of levis, the staple black converse and some tourist souvenirs from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure and a Marvel Heroes t-shirt! Oh, also a belt from Levis, for $4!


A bit of a turquoise theme, hope you enjoyed!

Jessica J