Larch Living

Anyone who has followed my blog for sometime now will know how much I love supporting small businesses. They may also know that I moved into my first home this September in Manchester, and naturally I had my eyes open for cute living items to make it feel like home.

Larch Living, a company I have been following on Instagram for a while now, really caught my eye with their eye catching Skandi-style homeware items in monochrome hues, as well as offering a delightful selection of Jewellery and miscellaneous gift items perfect for Christmas.

Who doesn’t love scatter cushions, I ask?

The Cloud and Raindrops cushion was  the one I fell for- shop it here. its a beautiful soft linen fabric, and although you can’t see in the photo, the reverse is patterned in tiny black raindrops!

Here it is in pride on place on the bed!

Seeing as I mentioned the jewellery, I thought I would show off what is by far one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery that I think I will ever own! A ceramic hummingbird. The quality of this piece is beyond what I was hoping for, with a delicate chain. The colours of the paint and the enamel glaze are really beautiful. Shop it here, it’s on sale at the moment too!

Visit their website as there’s not of items on sale right now so you can pick up a bargain in time for Christmas.

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Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers necklace

I don’t know about you readers,  but when I was little I remember watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and being mesmerised by Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers (a girl’s love for shoes starts early you see…).

Imagine my joy then,  when I came across this beautiful handmade necklace featuring the very same ruby slippers in miniature!!


This piece is lovingly handmade by Cat of Two Penny Lane jewellery, with the motto of jewellery made for people cleverly disguised as responsible adults : hey that’s me all over!

Cat is offering a special discount to my readers,  so if you’d like to grab yourself one of these beautiful necklaces,  or perhaps something from an alternative fantom I.e Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit or otherwise, then pay her a visit and use discount code 10percent! (I’m hankering after this particular piece,  which is Bilbo Baggins’ front door on a necklace!!!)

Find her on instagram here or visit her website.

ruby slippers necklace from two penny lane jewellery

ruby slippers necklace from two penny lane jewellery

ruby slippers necklace from two penny lane jewellery

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Dower & Hall bracelet

Dower & Hall Orissa Bracelet

Good Morning lovelies!

Today I want to share with you something a little more luxury than usual- beautiful jewellery from Dower & Hall. The lovely folks at D&H sent me this absolutely beautiful package and I almost didn’t want to open it – how lovely does it look?

Dower & Hall flatlay
I just love the combination of dark Indigo and mint.

The bracelet I chose was from the Orissa bracelet collection – with over 75 possible combinations there’s sure to be a bracelet for every birth stone, favourite colour and taste! Choose your metal (Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold or 18ct Rose Gold) and your stone to create a unique bracelet. I chose Rose Gold and white pearl for a classic look bracelet.

I have to say I wore this bracelet continuously for days after receiving it – it goes with everything I own and adds a classy touch to any outfit! I think it would be paired best with white or blush pink, though!

2015-08-16 14.40.49 2015-08-16 14.41.09

2015-08-16 14.47.26

2015-08-16 14.44.18

2015-08-15 09.09.55

It’s truly stunning and an item I am so pleased to have in my collection to wear for special occasions and everyday too!! What combination would you choose?

Find Dower & Hall on Instagram and Twitter!

thank you Dower & Hall!

A special thanks to Dower & Hall for sending me this bracelet. All opinions within this post are my own.

The Kitschenette – handmade Jewellery

I stumbled across Kirsty and her amazing shop Kitty’s Kitchenette on Twitter recently and was like,  ‘wow’. Cute, quirky cartoon based drawings turned into actual jewellery you can wear, and in whatever form you wish! Earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces and brooches!

Now,  I am a huge Gamer Geek to the extent that I obsessively play RPGs (role playing games) for hours – I can lose days if I’m not careful! I get so addicted to the story and absorbed in the characters!

Fallout is one of the universes which I’ve sank days work of game play into, and when I spotted this Nuka Cola bottle cap brooch (the wasteland’s currency, seeing as dollars as virtually worthless in the post apocalyptic 50s USA) I had to have it! Priced at £8 for the brooch and slightly more for a necklace.

Nuka Cola Cap Brooch from The Kitschenette! Nuka Cola Cap Brooch from The Kitschenette! Nuka Cola Cap Brooch from The Kitschenette!

I also couldn’t resist this ‘Raw Stone’ piece as a necklace, though it’d make an awesome brooch too! I just love the style of these designs.

Raw Stone necklace
Raw Stone necklace from the Custom Collection priced at ~£10

Raw Stone necklace

Go and say hello on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and visit her website too! You can discuss custom designs if there isn’t exactly something you would like!

the kitschenette
the kitschenette

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Laser Cut wooden Brooches by TomSky

2015-07-21 19.10.00

2015-07-21 19.10.54 mouse

2015-07-21 19.09.16

Hi Everyone!

Very excited to bring you a new Etsy Spotlight feature today! This is where I feature items from a small business Etsy store to help them to get recognition for the awesome work they do and the beautiful items they create with their talented hands.

Martin Tomsky makes the most beautiful nature inspired brooches, laser cut from wood and shaded to give depth and texture to his pieces. The main inspiration is woodland animals that you might find in England – I couldn’t resist the rather handsome stag (House Baratheon from Game of Thrones, anyone?) priced at £15.00 and the adorable little mouse brooch, at £10.00. It makes me think of Beatrix Potter, books I loved as a child.

Martin’s store on Etsy also includes some pretty jaw-dropping one-off pieces that are far too intricate and beautiful for words.

He also makes beautiful necklaces (Check out this Owl hunting a mouse!) – going right onto my wishlist!

Continuing the Game of Thrones theme, if you’re more Stark than Baratheon, you could always get a Wolf Brooch instead!

In short, Martin’s creations are stunning, and a must have for any British Nature Lover or Brooch enthusiast. Support Small and shop on Etsy – you can also say Hi to him on Instagram!

2015-07-21 19.11.20 2015-07-21 19.11.05 July_24__2015_at_0758AM


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Festival jewellery with LouiseMacJewels

I’ve blogged before about the beautiful simplicity of Scottish born Louise’s hand made jewellery.

Today I’ve got a new piece to share with you all,  absolutely perfect for festival season,  and to tell you where you can find Louise and her jewellery in person!

I wanted to do something a little different for you around alternative festivals and alternative festival fashion,  seeing as you can find some great posts already about what to pack for a festival (for the record,  dry shampoo and deodorant.)

This is the Dot ear crawler. Quite possibly the coolest piece of jewellery I now own!


It is worn tight against the ear to stay in place,  is lightweight and so pretty when worn!


How cute is that?! I got sent a matching stud in gold to wear on the other side for an assymetric look, however they would look equally amazing worn in a pair (no pun intended!) find both items here in her Etsy shop,  unless….

Louise will be on the road under the banner of LouiseMacJewels, and can be found at the Secret Garden party Festival trading in the Secret Emporuim Market Tent- a great creative platform for independant design talent.

the music festival Secret Garden Party takes place on 23-26th July!

Louise and her jewels will also be at Festival No.6 from 3rd- 6th Sept




If you are at one of these festivals be sure to keep an eye out for her!

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Etsy Spotlight : Midori jewelery


I’m forever amazed by the wonderful things you can find on Etsy these days. Why buy something everyone else has, when you can get something special and handmade! Not only are you unique, you’re helping a small business to grow.

In my day job I’m a business development manager so I guess that working with small businesses and showcasing them is in my nature!

Today I’m bringing you Midori jewelry,  an etsy boutique owned by Alyssa Harper in the USA. Her little shop started after she’d been inundated with requests to make pieces for friends and family. If that’s not home grown I don’t know what it!

I selected this ‘galaxy’ druzy bracelet to show off.




Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Go follow them on Instagram, to see their beautiful pieces,  or visit their Etsy shop to buy one of these yourself or browse the super cute collection.


Love x

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Etsy Spotlight : LouiseMacJewels

Hello readers!

I’m so excited to turning on my etsy spotlight once again to show off the cutest most delicate ring from another Etsy shop,  LouiseMacJewels.

I hope you are enjoying this series of posts as much as I am – if you want to see more or less of these,  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Scottish born,  London-dwelling Louise sounds like a rather busy lady – jewellery designer (all of her pieces are handmade), doing a BA in fine art of the Highlands while studying fashion at the same time.


I chose a rose gold dot ring to show off from her collection on the basis that I cannot get enough of rose gold – you can also choose gold or silver! The silver is robust yet delicate,  and I hardly know I  wearing it at all!





The package was cutely wrapped, though you did warn me Louise about being careful I was a bit heavy handed and managed to tear the edge! – doh!

This ring stacks wonderfully with rings from the same collection but also with some rings I blogged about earlier.


The earcuffs and the necklaces feature dots off the three metals,  and are just to die for!

Louise is also on Instagram and Facebook! Go and say hello!



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Etsy Spotlight : Simply Chic druzy wire ring

Hello lovelies!

Me again with another absolutely stunning etsy spotlight post. This time,  the light shines on Simply Chic Jewellery.

Simply Chic’s primary focus is druzy jewellery,  made into earrings,  bracelets, necklaces and rings! I was asked to showcase a piece from their collection,  so I chose this gorgeous rainbow druzy ring with rose gold wire. It arrived super fast from the USA, too! I think the price is really reasonable, at just over £10 for this gorgeous ring.

You can choose your piece in both the stone and the wire colour (silver, gold or rose gold).




I just love the way the druzy sparkles and changed colour as it catches the light. It fits be beautifully and I love wearing it!

Thank you Simply Chic! I love it!

2015-06-03 08.31.51

2015-06-03 03.40.05